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Chapter 471: Son of Arugal

Chapter 471: Son of Arugal
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Given that Lu Li was thoroughly explaining everything to Square Root 3, he didn’t really have a chance to oppose him. All the big guilds bought players like this.

Lu Li’s offer was also quite reasonable. It would only be insane if they financially crippled themselves for another player.

Square Root 3’s only worry was whether Mu Qiu would be worth the money. His performance had just been average and he hadn’t done anything particularly noteworthy. His character also had some attribute distribution problems.

In competitions, these attribute problems couldn’t be ignored.

Currently, in Dawn, there were no plans to allow for redistribution of attributes in a character, so once you put them somewhere there was no going back.

However, this concern wasn’t worth opposing Lu Li as he trusted him. He immediately prepared the documents and notified the gaming media.

No matter how you looked at it, Mu Qiu was a star player and was Ruling Sword’s first officially signed star player.

As such, a press conference was definitely necessary. Fortunately, now that everything had been virtualized, this was easy to set up without too much cost.

Ruling Sword had never held such a public event. Entertainment media groups, both big and small, were very curious about them. When information of someone joining Lu Li’s original team was released, Square Root 3 had no worry about any kind of backlash.

Although the 1.8 million dollar signing fee was quite significant, it was still a good price for Mu Qiu, so Square Root 3 didn’t object to that either.

As for public opinion, signing a less-than-perfect star player was going to be somewhat ridiculed.

However, public opinion was the same, whether it was good or bad. As long as they were still relevant and talked about, they could put that to use in the future.

Lu Li wanted an Instance Dungeon Scroll from the guild warehouse and planned to go to a small Instance Dungeon.

Shadowfang Keep was a level 30 relatively simple private Instance Dungeon. It could drop Glutton Shackles and the White Wolf Fang that Lu Li needed to upgrade his Supreme Ring.

Lu Li had posted a guild bounty with some of his guild points. This could be redeemed for points for the Instance Dungeon Scroll.

In the next few days, a few were dropped, but unfortunately, there wasn’t one at Nightmare Difficulty. There weren’t even any ones at Hero Difficulty. There were just three Elites and a few Ordinary scrolls.

There was nothing wrong with the Ordinary Scrolls; they could be used for farming and gaining some simple equipment. However, the Elite Instance Dungeon was necessary for the Rare Material drop rate.

He still needed a level of EXP to get to level 35, so there was no way he was going to achieve it before the Magic Cup.

Additionally, there were also quite a few quests and items he wanted to take from the Shadowfang Keep. No one knew about them yet, but he wanted to get them early and make use of his rebirth.

On the Southern Cliff overlooking the Silverpine Forest, the Shadowfang Keep stood like a shadow.

This was the level 30 Instance Dungeon that could only be entered with a Scroll. Its location was even more remote than the Scarlet Monastery and players had to travel very far to get here. Those issues in addition to the fact that the drops were quite ordinary meant that most Alliance players never ventured here.

Lu Li transformed into the Blood Raven and took off from Southshore. It took more than half an hour for him to see the massive Silverpine Forest.

He quickly landed as he reached the forest; the Undead’s aerial strength was comparable to the Orcs’. Their Batriders were notorious for their sense of smell, but who knew how these skeletons could smell in the first place?

The forest was filled with monsters that were level 20 or so, and were no threat to Lu Li.

When he encountered some bears with nicely-colored fur, Lu Li killed them and took their fur. The fur could be taken to a Tailor and made into clothes. It could also be used as a rug after being tanned well. The game was just like real life, and winter was coming.

However, in reality, most of these animals would be protected by law.

While skinning a helpless bear, Lu Li suddenly stopped. He felt a chill go down his spine, as if he had just discovered a cobra right next to him.

He was level 34, had exquisite equipment and had slaughtered countless Bosses.

If there was something that could give him this feeling…

It was the damned son of Arugal!

Other than the Gnoll Hogg, the other monster that could be considered the nightmare of Elwynn Forest was the Son of Arugal.

Most players who played as an Undead would run into Arugal’s son.

Those that ran into him were taught the meaning of being killed upon meeting. There were few who could escape this Elite Monster.

Silverpine Forest spawned level 10 to 20 monsters, so there were actually level 10+ players farming here. If those players ran into a level 35 Elite… they simply didn’t stand a chance.

Moreover, the Son of Arugal was much stronger than the Hogg and was not an ordinary elite at all.

The Silverpine Forest was a vast forest that stretched across the West coast of Lordaeron. It was the leveling place and quest map of the Undead. The Son of Arugal wandered around 80% of the Silverpine Forest; it was even freer than a Wild Boss.

Lu Li started sweating when he saw this monster, even though he was only one level below it.

Lu Li had killed countless Elite monsters, but the son of Arugal made him really anxious. He had immense strength, which didn’t come from his level, but his two overpowered skills.

Son of Arugal’s Arrest: Don’t go, my dear. Son of Arugal’s attacks have a chance to stun the player.

Son of Arugal’s Gift: Curse. Deals 300 damage every 5 seconds for 3000 seconds.

The first skill was the reason why players were unable to escape, and the second skill was the reason why players couldn’t beat him. With a curse that long, you were done for if you couldn’t quickly remove it.

Moreover, this curse couldn’t be removed with just any ordinary skill.

Gale Steps couldn’t even remove it for him, so Lu Li’s chances of beating the Son of Arugal were not very high.

Lu Li didn’t hesitate for long. He decisively transformed into a Cheetah and escaped as quickly as he could.

He wasn’t sure if he could beat this strong opponent, but he didn’t want to take the risk.

Suddenly a shadow appeared in front of Lu Li. A huge Worgen fell right in front of him, sending visible shockwaves out all around him.

Gale Steps!

Lu Li was a little frustrated. He had only just transformed into a Cheetah, but Gale Steps helped him avoid the shockwave and gave him even more speed.

He continued to escape and didn’t even think about looking back. He was going to take this chance while he could and didn’t want to risk losing EXP. The Son of Arugal’s skills were just too unpredictable.

For the time being, the Son of Arugal could be compared to the Bosses that could one-shot players.

There weren’t many of those Bosses, so the Son of Arugal put many Bosses to shame!