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Chapter 472: Barely Escaping Alive

Chapter 472: Barely Escaping Alive
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The Son of Arugal’s long paw swiped at Lu Li, completely ignoring his state of invincibility and actually stunning him in place. The Son of Arugal’s Arrest must have had a high stun probability.

Lu Li really didn’t want to fight an Elite Monster with nearly 90,000 HP.

However, this was almost nearly unavoidable. It was no wonder why players rarely escaped this monster. If their level was lower than it, even a master would struggle for their life.

For 10% EXP, Lu Li would need to farm for half a day. As such, he was quite unwilling to lose it.

In reality, Arugal’s actual attacks were quite ordinary. He dealt about a hundred damage to Lu Li, which was normal for a level 35 Elite.

After the stun ended, Lu Li used a dagger and stabbed the Son of Arugal’s belly.


It seemed as though they were quite well-matched.

"Mortal, you have infuriated me. I will now repay you with my anger," the Son of Arugal said as he raised his two claws and brought them down. His claws were covered in a dark mysterious mist.

Dammit, you’re already using the curse, you cheater!

Lu Li quickly kicked the Son of Arugal in the chest and succeeded in interrupting his action.

The Son of Arugal grunted with dissatisfaction and continued to fight Lu Li normally, but it was only a few seconds before he started to cast the curse again.


A stun could also be used to interrupt, on the condition that the target was successfully stunned.

A few seconds later, he started to cast the curse again…

Shadowmeld, Stealth, Cheap Shot!

A few seconds later…

Kidney Shot!

Lu Li was quickly using up all of his crowd-control. Those other weak players who faced this monster were unlikely to have as much crowd-control, even if they were in a party.

However, the crowd-control duration was short, as these Elite monsters had a level of immunity against it.

Even after using all of his skills to interrupt the Curse, the Boss was still only at half HP. The only thing he could do now was helplessly accept the Son of Arugal’s gift.

Son of Arugal’s Gift: Curse. Deals 300 damage every 5 seconds for 3000 seconds.

This curse dealt 300 damage every 5 seconds, which couldn’t be reduced by skills or shields. What was even worse was its duration of 3000 seconds. Ever since Dawn had started, and even before his rebirth, Lu Li had never seen anything stronger than this monster.

However, in addition to the curse, the Son of Arugal would also deal some damage to himself.

Lu Li was currently at 2600 HP and had just used a crowd control skill. He quickly drank an Advanced Healing Potion; he hadn’t lost much HP yet.

Even so, Lu Li would need at least 40 seconds to kill the Son of Arugal.

Then, he could eat some bread to regenerate his HP, but he still needed someone else’s help as he didn’t have enough bread in his bag.

Lu Li didn’t give up hope; his dagger’s effect reduced the targets Armor and Speed by 25%. He swung his Shard of the Defiler and Corrupted Fang in a bloody melody.

"It doesn’t matter how you do it; find someone to get me potions. Preferably Bread. Coordinates: #####," Lu Li messaged Square Root 3.

"Alright, it’ll be five minutes at most. Be careful." Square Root 3 immediately started arranging the request without asking when he heard Lu Li’s solemn voice.

Lu Li estimated the amount of time he had left with the bread in his bag, and was slightly relieved when he heard that it was a 5 minute wait.

Of course, the most critical issue was killing the son of Arugal before he died.

If he couldn’t resolve the battle in 40 seconds, it might be worth it to find someone to Revive him. In fact, Square Root 3 had already placed a request with the Mercenary Club.

Ruling Sword was still small and there were very few players active in the Silverpine Forest. There was almost no one to help.

However, there were Mercenaries in this world – when Lu Li first started, he had also completed some Mercenary tasks and founded his own Xin Xin Mercenary group.

Square Root 3 had found a large, cooperative mercenary organisation, and had not only commissioned them for a delivery, but also specifically requested a Druid with a Revive skill to rush to that location.

He also told them that Ruling Sword was willing to buy back whatever Lu Li dropped at a high price.

The battle between the son of Arugal and Lu Li was at a critical juncture. In fact, Lu Li had less than 40 seconds now as the Son of Arugal was also hurting him with every attack.

Reducing the damage, avoiding… Lu Li had tried everything.

Thirty seconds later, Lu Li’s HP was critical, but the son of Arugal still had 20% HP left.

Shard of the Defiler (Dark Gold): 42-56 damage, +20 agility, +12 strength, Socket Slot 1(Enhanced). Special Effect 1: Attack speed +30%, Special Effect 2: Defile, active. Decreases target’s armor and movement speed by 25%, cooldown 360 seconds. Special Effect 3: Fatal Strike, when the target’s HP drops below 20%, chance to kill the target instantly. Requires level 40 (-8), Durability 120/120.

Lu Li never expected the third effect of the Shard of the Defiler to work.

As the curse damage was about to take effect, Lu Li activated Pamela’s gift.

Pamela’s Gift (Dark Gold): Accuracy+30%. Damage+10%. Special effect: Pamela’s Tea, activation required, instantly recovers 20% of health, regenerates 2% of health each second for the next five seconds. Cannot be interrupted, cannot be used on other targets. Cooldown 30 minutes. Level requirement 30, Durability 72/72.

He used the Pamela’s Tea effect and also used Kidney Shot with the five combo points that he had saved.

The Son of Arugal had been stunned.

He couldn’t allow the Son of Arugal to attack him; that was the only way he could regenerate HP. His HP slowly ticked upwards from 700 to 800. Fortunately, the potion cooldown had also just ended so he could heal just a little bit more.

He had bought himself a dozen more seconds to fight.

Lu Li’s anticipated fatal blow never came, but the Phantom Image from the Corrupted Fang was summoned. Only then did he narrowly finally defeat the Son of Arugal.

He had barely made it by the skin of his teeth!

Lu Li didn’t even see what the son of Arugal dropped. He immediately sat on the ground and started stuffing pieces of bread into his mouth.

He only had a hundred a bit of HP and he was about to be hit for 300 by the curse. The bread quickly regenerated his HP past that point which bought Lu Li some more time.

If he knew this would happen, he would have brought other people. He just wanted to farm a single Instance Dungeon.

It sounded quite arrogant and was totally unnecessary – he had almost gotten himself killed.

Currently, the regeneration speed of the bread was every 3 seconds. Lu Li’s character could also regenerate 200 HP during this time. Although it wasn’t much, he could use an advanced Healing Potion when the cooldown completed.

When his regeneration rate was quick enough, Lu Li went over to see what the son of Arugal had dropped. He then found a hidden spot and continued to eat the bread.

He had to be careful – in his current state, even a level-25-player party could kill him.

Lu Li was actually quite nervous as he had no way of escaping a robbery. He could only wait until he was full HP to return to the city. Alternatively, he could ask Sesame Rice Ball to open a portal and ask his teammates to carry him away.

Of course, that would mean he had to return to the city and waste more than an hour of travel time.