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Chapter 473: Small Fry Killer

Chapter 473: Small Fry Killer
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Lu Li didn’t have to wait for too long. After two to three minutes, someone called Old Kidney Pain asked to join his party.

Lu Li had heard of this guy; he was a typical Treasure Hunter. His level wasn’t very high – he was currently only level 28 – but he was definitely Dawn’s most unpredictable Thief.

"I’ve brought 50 stacks of the best bread. Someone else has also entrusted me with 20 bottles of Advance Healing Potion. You haven’t died yet, so shall I inform the person that I don’t need to use Revive?" Old Kidney Pain stood in front of Lu Li, who was sitting cross-legged between some bushes, and curiously looked at him.

Lu Li was not in Stealth, but Old Kidney Pain had strong enough detection that he had found the legendary Lu Li on his first try.

However, it was a bit of long shot to call Lu Li ‘legendary’ at the moment. He was surrounded by a morbid, dark red mist, and because Old Kidney Pain was in Lu Li’s party, he could see a -300 appear over his head.

Even so, Lu Li seemed to be in high spirits. His calm and deep eyes looked at Old Kidney Pain as he walked close by.

"I am only level 28; I can’t fight you," Old Kidney Pain reassured him.

"Just give me the bread. How much money do I owe you?" Lu Li asked, confirming the details of the transaction.

"The employer has already paid for it," Old Kidney Pain said, then, unable to resist his curiosity asked, "What happened to you? It looks quite serious. Do you need another service?"

"Oh, what can you do?"

"Kill, destroy, write a love letter, pretend to be a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you can conceive it, we can do it," Old Kidney Pain proudly said.

Mercenary Groups were not the same as a small group of 3 to 5 players. There were some Mercenary Groups that had tens of thousands of players. They did extensive business, but did not participate in the interests of competitions between guilds – they just worked for whoever paid better.

"Hrm. Will you be able to find someone who can remove curses?" Lu Li tore a piece of bread and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Can you reveal who hurt you like this?" Old Kidney Pain probed.

"You’re quite curious, aren’t you?" Lu Li frowned but continued, "I’ll give you a warning. Don’t hang around Silverpine Forest in your free time; the Son of Arugal is not fun to deal with."

"Son of Arugal?" Old Kidney Pain instantly tensed up. "Did he appear here? Wait, how are you alive?"

"I’m alive because he’s dead. How long will it take for someone to remove this curse?" Lu Li really didn’t like the feeling of this curse on his body. Not only could he die at any moment, but his equipment was also being damaged. This was estimated to be the longest curse a player had experienced so far.

Old Kidney Pain had just seen the body of a huge Worgen not far behind.

"Did you actually kill it?"

"I got lucky," Lu Li modestly answered.

Old Kidney Pain didn’t think that it was a fluke. Among his social circle, many of them had received requests for Mercenary Soldiers to kill Hogg or the Son of Arugal out of anger.

Just because those players seeking revenge were weak didn’t mean they were poor. They were rich second-generation kids who were unhappy after being killed and were eager to spend money to get revenge.

At first, they weren’t aware of the dangers, and many Mercenary Groups accepted the quest. Although they had organized quite a few fights again the Son of Arugal, the outcome was obvious. Since then, the Son of Arugal has been a Mercenary Group taboo.

Old Kidney Pain was an Alliance member, so he didn’t come to the Silverpine Forest often, but he knew about its dangers.

He then realized that Lu Li was incredibly strong. He also regretted not arriving a little earlier – perhaps he could have caught Lu Li in the middle of the fight. They were both Thieves, so he could have learned something.

After leaving all his bread behind, Old Kidney Pain left.

Lu Li had to find a way to defend himself, so he periodically moved from place to place to ensure that his coordinates changed. He endured the curse and finally survived after an hour’s time.

During this time, he also got to look at what the Son of Arugal dropped.

The Son of Arugal only dropped two items. One was an Engineering blueprint – an Aquadynamic Fish Attractor which increased the fishing attribute by 100 points and increased the probability of catching rare fish by 20%.

It was quite a good item.

More and more seniors had started to join Dawn. They were seldom willing to join the fighting and mainly engaged in relaxing or recuperative activities.

However, as they explored more of Dawn, more and more old people discovered that they liked fishing. They couldn’t experience this same kind of fishing in real life.

Although this item could only be used for 2 hours, it would sell for almost 70 gold on the market.

The second was a piece of equipment. Unfortunately, the rare material that Lu Li was looking forward to had not appeared.

However, when he saw the properties of this equipment, his disappointment immediately disappeared.

Raider’s Leather Pants (Gold): Armor 32, Agility +16, Constitution +12, Special Effect 1: Critical Hit +10%. Special Effect 2: Son of Arugal’s Arrest: attacks have a chance of stunning the target for 1 second. Special Effect 3: Son of Arugal’s Curse: Curse a target causing it to lose 100 HP every 5 seconds for 300 seconds. 30 minute cooldown. Equipment Requirement: level 35. Durability 64/64.

There was a small inscription on the pants: You are a small fry killer.

These pants combined two of the Son of Arugal’s most disgusting skills.

The first effect was bonus critical hit, which was normal for exquisite equipment. The second effect was just like son of Arugal’s stun, but the probability of activating it wasn’t as high. Lu Li still had a lingering fear of that ability. As for the third effect, that was clearly much worse than the Son of Arugal’s version.

Even though it was worse, the effect itself was still very strong.

If a player didn’t do anything about the curse, they could lose a total of 6000 HP. There wasn’t a single player with that kind of HP at the moment.

Lu Li’s current pants were already quite good, but they were nothing compared to the Raider’s Leather Pants.

Although it was a dire situation, the items that were dropped brightened Lu Li’s mood. Even so, if he encountered the Son of Arugal again, he would always choose to run first.

He had managed to kill he son of Arugal this time, but he couldn’t discount the fact that some luck was involved.

After the curse on Lu Li ended, he quickly arrived at the South Stream Coast. This was a very quiet place; there was the Burning Wood Village on one side and the Shadowfang Keep wasn’t far away.

There was nothing unusual about this place, nor was there anything special about it.

Lu Li came here to fish, as he wanted to catch a Southern Grouper. If he cooked that, his sister would probably like to have some.

Additionally, there was also a sick squirrel that spawned here and was a rare pet.

Most wild monsters couldn’t be tamed without the Hunter’s Tame Beast. However, these squirrels, which were on the verge of dying, could be tamed by bringing them to a veterinarian.