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Chapter 474: The Old People That Fish

Chapter 474: The Old People That Fish
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Finding a squirrel required luck, but fishing could be done with pure skill.

The Aquadynamic Fish Attractor’s materials were quite easy to acquire. Lu Li had only farmed the humanoid mobs nearby for 10 minutes before he had enough Linen. After this, he caught some Nymphs in the Forest Wetlands. He already had a few spare Bronze Ingots and Gunpowder in his backpack.

Lu Li started the process in his hands and was soon notified by the system that he had received six Aquadynamic Fish Attractors.

One Aquadynamic Fish Attractor could be used for 2 hours, so six was more than enough for him.

When he got to the seaside, there were many players fishing.

When these people entered the game, they had chosen to do a Trade Occupation. The combat system was also based on the physical condition of these elderly players; the monsters would not attack them. Moreover, the monsters appeared cute rather than scary.

When a young man like Lu Li arrived, the old players were quite surprised.

They saw that the young man was familiar with the tackle. After tying a ring-shaped item to the hook, he threw it into the water and sat down crossed legged, waiting for a fish to bite.

A man beside Lu Li patted him on the shoulder and said, "Young man, you can find some worms in the woods or buy some from the Auction House. You can’t catch fish without any bait."

"Mm," Lu Li nodded, suppressing the urge to swing his knife at him.

Old man, you can’t just touch me like that without warning. Who knows what accident might happen?

"Kids these days…" The old man wasn’t angry at Lu Li, but was a little rude. He didn’t continue talking to Lu Li and complained to the other fisherman next to him.

"When he hits a wall, then he’ll learn. Old Zhao, you didn’t listen to anyone when you were young either."

The several old men had been sitting around casually, talking about the same repetitive topics.

The fact that a young man had arrived was interesting, but this young man was very foolish. He didn’t use any bait for fishing.

Yet, they simply continued on, confident that he would eventually come to ask for help.

In real life, other than man-made ponds, there were no other places left to fish.

"Hey, his bobber moved!" One of the old men was so shocked that he almost dropped the rod in his hand.

What he said caused some commotion – these old men were not used to something so exciting happening so most of them stopped fishing and ran over to watch how Lu Li was doing this.

"I think the ring he put on the hook might have confused the fish into thinking it was bait," one of them guessed.

Lu Li hadn’t spent much time fishing in his previous life, but he had managed to reach Advanced Fishing after two years. He elegantly pulled at the fish and in four pulls, revealed a light-yellow grouper.

A grouper!

"Wow! He actually got a grouper!" another exclaimed, as the original old man who had told Lu Li he couldn’t catch anything watched on with envy.

These people were happy with success but didn’t mind failure. They had come a long way in life and were now just taking their time with their food and hobbies.

This kind of Southern Grouper was a specialty of the south coast with its all natural-yellow color. After being cooked, it had a unique taste that could never be forgotten.

Unfortunately, it was quite difficult to fish for one – even fishing for an entire day couldn’t guarantee a catch,

Lu Li continued as if there weren’t group of spectators watching him. He removed the grouper from the hook and attached a second ring, not bothering to check the hook or attach any bait.

The players now all guessed that this ring was some sophisticated item.

"Ahem, young man, your fishing skills aren’t low, right?" They had thought that they were the experts, but it turned out this young man before them was a professional.

"They’re not high. Just basic level…" Lu Li said.

He wasn’t trying to be cold, but fishing required a calm state of mind. It was best not to be chatting while fishing.

"You’re only basic level? Impossible!" One of the old men was quite irritable and had a bad temper.

It was also ill-advised to shout while fishing. The grouper was a very careful fish that would escape as soon as there was any disturbance. They would only stop when they ran into the opposite sex.

"10 gold. Easy transaction. But if you keep yelling, I’ll leave," Lu Li said, as he immediately started dealing the Aquadynamic Fish Attractor.

The eyes of the old men lit up as they nodded and quickly offered ten gold.

This item actually added 100 fishing points – it was no wonder this guy was able to do so well. It also increased the chances of catching a rare species of fish.

This was probably why he had managed to catch a Southern Grouper. These people had been here for a while and quite a few of them were Advanced level, but they hadn’t managed to catch anything good.

"What is this item? Old Zhao, can you not hide it?" Some of the had dispersed and were paying attention to the Old Zhao. They were talking among themselves again.

"It’s nothing. I’m hungry, but I didn’t bring any bread so I asked this guy for some bread. This young man’s bread is quite good; it’s got a fruity flavor," Old Zhao said as he secretly tied the Aquadynamic Fish Attractor on the hook and started to test its effectiveness.

There was another fish on Lu Li’s hook. This time, it wasn’t a grouper, but a big, fat fish.

There was nice sunshine and cooling breeze on the south coast with the Silverpine Forest as a backdrop. The natural scenery was quite beautiful and the Southern grouper didn’t spawn in many other places, so there were many people fishing here.

Lu Li hooked another grouper, but it was smaller than the first one.

Even so, catching two groupers within 30 minutes was quite the record. Lu Li caused a shock throughout the fishing groups that was similar to when he had acquired the First Clears.

"Young man, reveal some of your secrets. We’re so old; we don’t do much else," the old men begged, trying to gain some sympathy.

These old men were 60-70 years old; it didn’t seem appropriate for them to ask like this.

"We’re not asking for free – you can set a price. We can’t fight to make money, but you definitely wouldn’t be making a loss."

These old men must not have known how to do business; they immediately opened by asking him to set a price.

"Hey, my granddaughter is almost as old as you. She is from Drizzle Court and is quite gorgeous; let me introduce you. I think you’ll pair well with her," another offered.

These old man were willing to sell their granddaughters for some fish! Wasn’t this too much?

However, Lu Li couldn’t think of an alternative besides selling the Aquadynamic Fish Attractor. He didn’t have much time and each could last for 2 hours, so he really only needed one.