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Chapter 475: Lu Li’s Fishing Friend

Chapter 475: Lu Li’s Fishing Friend
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Lu Li had only made six Aquadynamic Fish Attractors. Currently, he was using one, and he had also sold one to the old man. Now, he only had four left and had to split them among the rest of the old men.

"There’s no way you don’t have any left; this is such a good item," said an old man who hadn’t spoken yet as he stared at Lu Li.

This was a good item for them, but for Lu Li, only gold and equipment could be good items.

"Based on the way it works, it can probably be created. We will make an order and you can make a batch for us." Another old man had taken out a magnifying glass and seemed to be analyzing it.

This old man was probably from an engineering background, but everything in the game was just data. How could he tell?

"These are made with Engineering, but I’ll need materials. I don’t have any at the moment, but when I’m free…" Lu Li countered weakly.

"Materials are easy. I’ll send them immediately."

At this, their eyes lit up and they immediately started handing out instructions. They were probably accustomed to being in control; these old men were quite overbearing.

While waiting for their materials to arrive, they continued talking together, mainly about fishing. Lu Li would also occasionally share his experiences, which left them astonished.

When Lu Li gave his name, an ordinary player would be bursting with excitement as he was Ruling Sword’s leader, the Champion of the Shadow Cup and had acquired countless First Clears…

However when these fishing enthusiasts heard the name ‘Lu Li’, they were completely indifferent. They obviously had no impression of him.

"It’s you…" Lu Li was surprised to see Old Kidney Pain bringing the old men’s’ materials.

"Hehe, how else do you think I got the bread to you so quickly? These are my other customers; I see that you know them," he said, looking at them with envy. A lot of money could be earned from these old men.

Fishing was one of the most ordinary activities and was almost purely recreational.

In the real world, only those who didn’t have to worry about survival would do it. Otherwise, they would choose to do something that would at least net them at least a little bit of profit.

"I don’t really want to associate with them," Lu Li said quietly. He was just trying to catch a few fish so that his sister could taste fresh fish.

"Hey, young man, this is it, right? Use whatever you need," Zhao said as he rubbed his hands together and smiled at Lu Li.

Well, at least that’s how Lu Li interpreted it.

"There’s too much material. I still want to fish, and I’m a battle player. My time…" Lu Li weakly protested; the amount of material he had been presented with was quite daunting indeed.

"We will pay for your labor according to the amount that you charged me. It’s not worth the actual material value anyway."

Old Zhao and the others discussed for a moment before they added, "We also have five groupers; we’ll give them all to you."

"You want to give me the fish...Have you caught anything else?" Lu Li didn’t understand.

"Don’t you understand?" the old man asked, expressing his displeasure at this superficial young man. "What we enjoy is the process of catching fish. What is the pursuit of good food compared to that?

"I still can’t make that many. I can give you half an hour at most; you can pay however much you want." Lu Li took the groupers, but he wasn’t ungrateful.

"Alright, I’ll take up your offer. What’s your name again? Lu Li, right? How vulgar." Old Zhao sent him a friend request before hearing that the System had stopped him. He sheepishly laughed before saying, "Let’s be friends."

His name was vulgar?

The old man’s name wasn’t that much better either; it didn’t suit his elderliness.

Old Kidney Pain was standing nearby and Lu Li noticed his discomfort. This was the first time he had heard someone say that Lu Li’s name was vulgar as well.

However, what was even more vulgar was the fact that they hadn’t even heard of Lu Li’s name in Dawn. It was typical of these casual players that didn’t care much about the world around them.

Lu Li didn’t hesitate to confirm the requests of each of their friend requests. Otherwise, they would just keep bothering him.

"I suppose you’re not an ordinary player." Given Old Kidney Pain’s reactions and the friend request block he had on, the old men had already guessed this. "We can’t help you much in game, but if you have any problems in real life, we can solve them. Just let us know."

"Definitely," Lu Li said insincerely.

Lu Li then became an engineering machine. Fortunately, the Aquadynamic Fish Attractor was quite easy to make and could be completed in a few seconds. These old people weren’t too greedy either; they were content after receiving two each.

Lu Li obtained a total of seven groupers, which satisfied his needs. He hadn’t intended to make any money for this anyway.

After organizing the next meet-up time with the fishermen, Lu Li left the South Stream Cost and crossed the Burning Village to the destination of his trip – the Instance Dungeon, Shadowfang Keep.

In fact, there were quests to be accepted in the Burning Village, which was one of the most unique villages of Azeroth. It was located between the Silverpine Forest and the Shadowfang Keep, and its residents turned into fierce Worgens in the evening. Many players knew of this, but few knew why.

Of course, Lu Li knew the reason.

The Silverpine Forest’s appearance had changed completely after it was mercilessly corrupted by the Undead Scourge. The trees were rotting, and there were countless ghosts and Worgens wandering around.

The villagers of the Burning Village lived every day in fear and looked toward the local lord – Baron Silverlaine – to protect them from the wild wolves of the forest.

However, Baron Silverlaine had not been there for a long time. Instead, they were just given a bracer by a Dalaran Mage that told them it would protect them from the beasts.

This Mage’s name was Arugal, a former member of the Mage organization Kirin Tor.

After Arthas led the Undead Scourge and captured the Great Mage Antonidas, the members of the Kirin Tor went in search of greater strength to defend themselves. In their defeat and fear, they supported Arugal in summoning an ancient spirit beast.

With the book – Ur’s Treatise on Shadow Magic – they summoned an aggressive and fierce spirit Worgen.

The Spirit Worgen’s immense strength quickly cleared out the nearby Scourge, but it also started attacking the Kirin Tor Mages. Arugal discovered that as long as the Spirit Worgen’s appetite was satiated, it was easy to control. However, he also discovered that it could use magic to convert humans into Worgens.

Arugal then directed the Spirit Worgen’s magic onto the villagers of the Burning Village, turning them into Worgens!

The Burning Village’s Worgens – this was a very important quest.

However, triggering this quest was difficult. Priest players needed to have a certain amount of reputation in the main city of their respective race. Lu Li had already been thinking about how to trigger this quest.

Once they succeeded with it, March Rain would become much stronger.

This quest would give a Priest-exclusive skill that Lu Li, a Thief, could only enviously desire.

For now, he was going to go to the Instance Dungeon where Arugal was. He was going to take advantage of the fact that he was a Thief and dive into the depths of the Instance Dungeon. There was even the possibility of killing the Boss in the process.