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Chapter 476: The Book of Ur

Chapter 476: The Book of Ur
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Clearing an Instance Dungeon alone in Dawn was an incredible thing.

The player attempting it would not only be subject to the Boss’ attacks, but also its crowd control, skills, debuffs and other effects. Some Bosses could even transform or one-shot the player.

The reason why Lu Li dared to solo the Shadowfang Keep was because the Instance Dungeon Scroll that he had on hand was only for Elite Difficulty.

At his level of 34, he would likely be able to defeat Bosses that were level 30. This was not to mention that he was also quite familiar with this Instance Dungeon.

In his past life, he had run through this dungeon with a party. The rich party leader used a dozen Instance Dungeon Scrolls, which included not only a large number of Elite Difficulty scrolls, but also two Nightmare Difficulty ones. He had taken part in every strategy that could be used for this Instance Dungeon.

The Shadowfang Keep’s access level was level 25 and the monsters in it were level 28-30. The final Boss Arugal was level 30 in the Ordinary or Elite Difficulty. In the Heroic Difficulty, its level increased to level 32, and the Nightmare Difficulty Boss was level 35 with some extra skills.

The Shadowfang Keep absolutely could not be soloed, even if Lu Li had level 35 equipment.

With regards to Arugal, there was a quest related to him.

However, Lu Li couldn’t trigger it as he was on the Alliance – this quest was meant for the Horde.

In retrospect, the Shadowfang Keep was actually a rather strange place. There was a book that said Arugal had led the Worgen Spirit to attack the baron’s castle, which was on the hill outside the Burning Village.

After he killed Baron Silverlaine, he then occupied the castle for himself.

The originally magnificent castle was now covered in shadow and the stench of blood. Arugal was hidden away in the castle towers, continually expanding his armies in the hopes of one day ruling the continent.

His pet Worgen was kept downstairs and ate from the large amount of flesh that Arugal had stockpiled.

However, the saddest part was that Bardon Silverlaine, whose heroic spirit was still guarding the castle, didn’t know that he had become Arugal’s gatekeeper.

This meant that there were two types of monsters in the Instance Dungeon. There was the Ghost Corps led by Baron Silverlaine and the Worgen Corps led by Arugal. The former now unconsciously guarded the castle while the latter had taken over the castle.

As for what the Shadowfang Keep dropped, in addition to the two Rare Materials that Lu Li desperately needed, it also dropped one exquisite item.

The Book of Ur!

How had Arugal managed to summon the evil spirit Worgen? He had used ‘Ur’s Treatise on Shadow Magic’, which was also referred to as the legendary Book of Ur.

Ur was a Kirin Tor Mage skilled in summoning and shadow spells and had devoted his life to studying Worgens. Arugal was also a member of the Kirin Tor and had acquired the information that Ur left behind. This allowed him to find a way to summon creatures from the Worgen world.

In fact, Ur himself was very aware of the Worgen’s hostile temperament. The description of Worgen in the Book of Ur was ‘Cruel and Wicked’. There was a line inside that read, "Some Worgen have quite strong magical capabilities, but the strength of their magic implies their darkness and malice."

At first, Arugal had studied this magic with reverence and respect, but when faced with the strength that Ur described, he became corrupted by its power.

This equipment was ‘upgradeable’ and could be used to summon Worgens. It was one of the best items hidden in Shadowfang Keep.

Its powers were simply unheard of!

When he previously completed the Instance Dungeon at Elite Difficulty, the party leader was the one to loot Arugal’s body.

As per their agreement, all the materials dropped could be taken by the boss and compensated for. The only exception was the Book of Ur.

This was a special equip which didn’t take up an equipment slot. At first, it would be considered Silver grade, as this was an Elite Instance Dungeon and couldn’t produce anything higher than Silver. However, once the party leader picked it up, he went crazy.

When the boss came to take the materials, the party leader kicked him out and killed him.

After the boss died, the other party members were shocked; they didn’t understand what had just happened. The boss was a good player and no one doubted his leadership.

Then, they saw the Book of Ur for themselves.

Some say that humans are evil by nature, that they are loyal only while the payoff for betrayal isn’t high enough, and that they are decent only when they haven’t been sufficiently tempted. Lu Li learned a lesson in human nature that day.

In this life, Lu Li no longer teamed up with others. His teammates had also been with him for a long time. Azure Sea Breeze and Wandering had proved their reliability in his past life, and Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan were just silly little girls.

The standard that he was using to select his teammates was a little strange and quite unpredictable.

Of course, he didn’t plan on obtaining the Book of Ur from the Shadowfang Keep. The drop rate was just too low and he had only seen it after one year of the game’s opening. He was probably unlikely to change that.

As he tore open the Instance Dungeon Scroll, the entrance started glowing.

After Lu Li stepped into the light, he successfully entered Arugal’s domain.

Upon entering the Instance Dungeon, he clearly saw Worgens and Ghosts across the fence. Smart Hunters would start clearing them from this side of the fence.

However, Lu Li had no intention of doing so as these monsters provided no EXP for him.

Thieves were not a shooting profession, so killing the monsters like that was a waste of time and energy. As a Thief, killing these small monsters was completely unnecessary.

The Thief moved like the wind and struck only in crucial moments.

Lu Li turned right a saw a small door.

Behind the small door was a very narrow stairway that led up to the second-floor dungeon. Between each floor was a white-headed Worgen and a grey wolf.

On Nightmare Difficulty, these Worgen also had a chance of dropping Rare Materials, but this was only Elite Difficulty, so there wasn’t any hope for that.

Lu Li carefully avoided these level 28 Elite Monsters before going to the dungeon downstairs. Near the entrance was a small Boss – Rethilgore, who was responsible for guarding this crude dungeon.