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Chapter 477: Shadowfang Keep

Chapter 477: Shadowfang Keep
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Rethilgore was a fierce looking Worgen. How do you tell? All Worgens look the same; you can feel the chill of death from his giant claws.

Two grey wolf mounts and another white-headed Worgen stood by him.

Lu Li was cautious; he brought out his Crystal Protector’s Crossbow, and an arrow landed onto the grass besides Rethilgore.

Only one of the grey wolf mounts was alarmed.

It bent its head in confusion and sniffed the arrow, as if it was attracted by the smell of blood, then raced towards the direction of Lu Li.

As soon as this grey wolf moved, so did the other.

So long as a player didn’t attack directly, many monsters in Dawn could be attracted this way. Lu Li was successful with his method – the small boss didn’t run towards him.

The two grey wolves couldn’t do much to Lu Li.

Using the same tactics, Lu Li quickly cleared out the other monsters and only Rethilgore was left outside the cells.

Lu Li didn’t go ahead to attack the small boss as there was another hidden monster on the left side of the staircase that most people wouldn’t notice. If you attracted the hidden monster by accident, you would have to deal with two monsters instead of one, which greatly increased the risk of the battle.

As long as the preparations were done correctly, Rethilgore would be quite easy to deal with.

Lu Li finished the battle with half of his health remaining. After all, this was a small boss that only had 25,000 HP and was also four levels under him.

If Lu Li had equipment with Lifesteal, it would make the battle even easier for him.

Unfortunately, his Supreme Ring had already lost the attribute during the previous upgrade process, and there was no guarantee that he would be able to obtain it again in the future. Perhaps he could ask the Keeper of the Grove if he could add it on with some special materials.

From what Remulos, the Keeper of the Grove, had told him, the development of the ring wasn’t a set routine.

Malfurion was on a journey as a Druid. As for Lu Li, he planned to become a king in the shadows.

Results were always determined by the amount of hard work put in. Lu Li was never a lucky person – Rethilgore only dropped a level 30 Silver equip and two level 25 steel equips.

The attributes were horrifying and most mainstream players wouldn’t be interested in them.

The boss dropped one and half gold coins, which was quite a good surprise. Some expert hunters would bring pets with defense attributes and do dungeons on their own for money. The amount of gold coins dropped was enough for them to earn a living.

Then, Lu Li saw two prison cells in front of him. One of them held an Alliance captive, while the other held a Horde captive...

The rest of dungeon section was relatively simple. Players who had too much time to kill would release the Horde captive instead of the Alliance one and would be faced with a tough battle.

Lu Li wouldn’t have any trouble winning against the Horde captive, but there was no point in doing so. A professional player wouldn’t be interested in doing pointless things.

After he pressed on the button on the wall, the cell door opened and the Alliance captive was released.

"I didn’t believe that I would be released someday. Thank you, Elf. The future ahead is filled with unknown danger – do you wish to continue?" the Alliance captive asked as he walked out of the cell.

"Of course. No matter how dangerous the future may be, I’m determined to continue," Lu Li replied.

This was a standard line. If Lu Li decided to turn back, the dungeon would end here. As long as the answer seemed about right, the captive would help you open the door so that you could continue.

"May the holy light be with you," the captive said as he took two steps back and disappeared in front of Lu Li.

On the other side of the door was an open garden, which was enclosed by a fence. The monsters were packed tightly together and five elite monsters patrolled the area.

Lu Li didn’t bother clearing out these monsters. Instead, he went into Stealth and snuck to the stable beside the garden.

There were three elite level horses there.

These weren’t monsters that attacked on their own – you could kill them slowly, one by one.

Some say that these horses might drop a mount, but this was a questionable story. Lu Li didn’t believe it and he wasn’t going to bother trying. His target was the treasure box inside the stable.

Lu Li had previously managed to find a Frost Nova skill book in a treasure box in the starting village.

After he cleared all the monsters that he might attract, Lu Li opened the treasure box carefully and reached for the two items within.

Jade Spider Web...

Even though this was a rare material, it was too already too common.

The second item was a level 25 steel equip. Lu Li hesitated for a bit, but still placed the item in his bag. No matter how bad it was, it was still worth some money. As long as he had space in his bag, it was important for him as a professional player to put everything he had into use.

At this stage, Lu Li could choose to move upwards or enter the kitchen on the left. If he moved up, he could fight two fewer monsters.

Lu Li chose to enter the kitchen.

All the Worgen monsters in Shadowfang Keep had a chance to drop a White Wolf Fang. Lu Li couldn’t give up on it, no matter how small the chances might be.

Butcher’s Slicer – this weapon dropped by Razorclaw the Butcher was fairly good, and many players would probably be willing to buy it.

Rows of maggot infested meat hung on the walls, and rotten grain was scattered in the corners. Together, these aromas combined themselves into a strange, pungent smell.

Most players didn’t like taking this route because of its environment.

Lu Li went into Stealth and snuck behind a human spirit. He needed to kill the two Spirit Slaves in the kitchen first. Doing a dungeon alone was no easy task, and it was best to get rid of any threat that he could.

Spirit monsters were immune to some magic attacks, but this barely made any difference to physical damage classes like Lu Li’s class.

After he killed the monsters, Lu Li took some time to recover before he fought the boss.

Razorclaw the Butcher wasn’t a hard boss, but he had a very disgusting spell – Eviscerate. This Eviscerate was different to the Eviscerate that Thieves could learn. It was a skill that applied a bleed effect and the damage was quite high.

Lu Li went into the fight prepared – he activated his damage reduction whenever a bleed effect was applied onto him.

The boss barely gave him any experience, or good equipment, and didn’t drop any rare materials either. Lu Li didn’t waste his time being disappointed; he quickly packed up and moved to the next location.

If Shadowfang Keep had a high chance of dropping rare materials, it would be way more popular.

There were many bosses in Shadowfang Keep, but most of them weren’t strong.

Only those players who wanted others to help them level up purchased scrolls for Shadowfang Keep. They would find someone who could repeatedly clear the dungeon for them.

Behind the kitchen was the food court, which was the restaurant inside the Keep.