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Chapter 478: Blizzard+1

Chapter 478: Blizzard+1
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The restaurant wasn’t spacious, and the elite monsters inside were split into teams of three or five.

Lu Li was careful when he pulled these monsters, and tried to gather them from the outer ring without attracting the other monsters. Although these monsters weren’t strong or high-leveled, they were still quite scary.

If he was Feared, he would run around and if he ran into a pile of monsters...

That would be an amazing scene to watch.

Of course, under the usual circumstances, this situation wouldn’t occur. Not only did Lu Li have his Shadow Cloak, but he also had his badge which disabled crowd-control effects.

Lu Li was only careful because you could never be careful enough when you attempted a dungeon alone.

Before the arrival of Arugal, these spirits were the original dwellers of the keep.

It seemed as if they were unaware of their death; they still drank and chattered amongst themselves. Players sometimes even heard their laughter, which combined with the spooky environment, made this a frightful place.

When Lu Li attacked them, they became angry and viewed him as an intruder.

Besides the spiral staircase in the food court, Lu Li saw the original owner of this keep, Baron Silverlaine.

He was a middle-aged man with a bald patch on the top of his head and a brilliantly-shiny forehead. Perhaps he had been handsome when he was young, but now he was just average-looking.

He was originally an unnoticed lord, but after the arrival of Arugal, he stepped into the history of Dawn as a minor.

Now, this cursed spirit summoned Worgens to punish the intruders of his home.

"Why do I not see evil in your eyes, young one? Why do you have to act like an intruder." After those who had served him in his previous life died one by one to Lu Li, he opened his eyes.

He spoke innocently, as if he was about to give a quest, but Lu Li ignored him.

While Baron Silverlaine read his lines, the Thief had already snuck up behind him and stabbed him in a frenzy.

Sometimes, delicate interactions would bring you surprises, but it was a bad idea to interact blindly. If the system left you with a chance to attack, it would be wise to immediately seize it. After all, at the end of the day, problems were always solved with a fist.

By the time Baron Silverlaine had finished his lines, Lu Li had already dealt a few thousand damage points.

"Dirty Thief," Baron Silverlaine spat as he spread his hands towards Lu Li.

"Shroud of Shadow!"

Black mist shrouded Lu Li and dealt around 150 points of damage to him. It also applied an effect on him which reduced his received healing by 50%.

This status didn’t bother Lu Li much; he was doing the dungeon alone and had no healer with him anyway.

Lu Li only needed to focus on dealing damage, and needed to kill this monster as soon as possible before it summoned an Ancient Worgen.

After his health dropped below half, Baron Silverlaine finally began to summon the Ancient Worgen.

Summoning was a skill that required a cast time, but it could not be interrupted.

While the Boss casted the spell, Lu Li took the chance to drink an Advanced Healing Potion, and his health began to slowly rise again.

After the Worgen appeared, it immediately pounced towards Lu Li.

The difference between doing the dungeon with a team and doing it alone was that in a team situation, Lu Li could take the time to kill the summoned monsters. There would be someone else to tank the Boss and heal him, and he would also have his team members to help him deal damage. However, in a scenario where he was doing the dungeon by himself, he needed to consider his sustainability.

Boss damage wasn’t something to be underestimated, and even with Lu Li’s current equipment, he wouldn’t be able to last too long.

As long as the boss didn’t die, the Ancient Worgen would be summoned endlessly.

However, if he didn’t kill this Worgen, a new Worgen would be summoned and more monsters would crowd around Lu Li.

He was now stuck between two choices. He could either kill the Worgen first while he took damage from the boss, or focus on the boss while the Worgen attacked him.

Since he was doing the dungeon alone, it would be unwise for him to attack the Worgen.

Baron Silverlaine was the easiest boss in the dungeon, but he was the hardest boss if a player was soloing him.

Lu Li ignored the Worgen and focused on dealing damage to the boss.

Energy Shield, Pollution, Arugal’s Gift – he activated all sorts of different special effects. At the end of the fight, he even used the healing skill from his necklace and barely managed to kill Baron Silverlaine.

Even though this was Elite difficulty, Lu Li silently prayed for a bit and reached out his hands towards the boss.

Silverlaine Emblem!

This was a level 30 Silver ring and the attributes were average, but it had a special effect – Blizzard+1.

This was an exquisite item for sure...

Blizzard+1 – this was too important to Mages for leveling up. If they already had a level 5 Blizzard, it would become level 6 with this item and the damage would be crazy.

Lu Li had heard of people purchasing this item at a high price in the past.

Some even said that Sorrowless had an item like this, or else there was no way he would be able to level up so fast.

Who said that Shadowfang Keep didn’t drop anything good? It was definitely dependent on luck.

With this ring, Lu Li wouldn’t even mind if all the other items dropped were terrible.

The way this ring would be used was simple – it would be rented to trustworthy members of the guild. Lu Li would set the time frame and once the time was up, it would return to the storage.

This was a tactical equip, so Lu Li didn’t specifically plan to give it to anyone.

Whether he gave it to Lonesome Flower or Fat Monkey, it wouldn’t be fair regardless. It was easier to just place it in storage and set the usage requirement to be higher. Most likely, only a few of them would be able to use it.

Mages in the guild would be motivated too once they saw the ring.

This dungeon was now worthwhile with the dropping of the Silverlaine Emblem.

This also further confirmed the pattern Lu Li’s looted items followed – he always looted items that benefits others. It wasn’t that he couldn’t find good items, it was just that his good items were never usable by himself.

He followed the stairs, which were a part of the tower. There were only a few elite monsters along the way, so Lu Li went into stealth mode and avoided them.

After he circled around for a while, he arrived at the chapel. This was a small piece of land and the room was filled with Haunted Servitors and Wailing Guardsmen. These monsters all walked around in a small area and were rather troublesome to deal with.

Lu Li calmed himself down and carefully investigated the walking pattern of these monsters.

In the end, he decided to directly pass through them.