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Chapter 479: White Wolf Fang

Chapter 479: White Wolf Fang
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It was a risky move to pass through the monsters, but Lu Li didn’t want to waste too much time in this place. Even if he was caught by them, he could still make it out with the number of escape skills that he had.

After he figured out the moving pattern of the mobs, Lu Li stepped out.

He was currently level 34 with many items that boosted his Stealth effect. As long as he was careful not to directly bump into a monster, there was barely any chance that he would be discovered.

Some of the gaps were quite narrow, and Lu Li had to bend to prevent himself from touching them.

In the future, there would be a quest for all Thieves, regardless of faction. The quest would test their Stealth ability, and if they passed successfully, they would receive a Stealth+1 reward.

Some players focused on training these skills, especially treasure hunters in high-level maps.

After a dozen seconds, Lu Li managed to make his way to the other side. There was a boss called Commander Springvale in the room to his left.

He recalled some details about Springvale and gave up on trying to kill this Boss. Springvale had high attack attributes and even better defense attributes. Most importantly, he was an Undead Paladin and could use an immune shield to protect himself. Although the shield wasn’t too troublesome, he could also heal himself and shamelessly summon other monsters to help him.

Lu Li was a Thief, so he had limited time compared to other classes. Even if he dealt high damage, he didn’t have the ability to sustain himself in long fights.

Giving up when he needed to was also a part of being a professional player.

After he left the chapel and went around the room, he found a door that he could leave from. Outside the door stood an isolated wall.

This wasn’t the time for him to relax yet; there were many monsters on the wall.

A lot of people saw these monsters and charged in, but this often didn’t turn out great. If their team wasn’t coordinated enough, there was a chance for them to wipe here.

Someone like Lu Li, who had reincarnated, wouldn’t make such a mistake. He stood from afar and began pulling monsters with his Crossbow one by one and never got close to the Gargoyles that stood on top of the wall.

These Gargoyles looked more like statues.

After countless days of sun and rain, who could imagine that they were still alive?

Once you got close to these Gargoyles, they would instantly awaken. Lu Li’s Stealth had no use against them, as Bat-type monsters had an edge when it came to detection. They didn’t see things with their eyes.

If Lu Li didn’t clear the other monsters and pull the Gargoyles at the same time, he would face a tough battle.

The eight Gargoyles were linked with each other. As soon as one of them was pulled, the others would pounce over too, and all the monsters along the way would also be attracted.

That would be a total of around 30 monsters. No matter how strong Lu Li was, he would still have to run for his life.

To prepare himself, he first sat down and ate some bread.

When the fight began, the eight Gargoyles moved out of their statue form. It was a shocking sight to the eyes and would most likely frighten anyone.

Lu Li’s daggers pierced into the heads of these Gargoyles, dealing around half of their health bars in damage. The level difference worked wonders for him; it allowed him to maximize his Critical Strike attributes.

He tried his best to reduce the number of attacks that landed on him.

The Lifesteal attributes of these bats were too horrifying – as long as their attacks landed, there was a chance for them to recover some health.

The Lifesteal effect in the virtual game wasn’t too pleasant either; it felt like a cold wind down the spine.

After he killed the Gargoyles, Lu Li entered another building from the wall. This was the storage room of the Shadowfang Keep, and there were three bosses inside – Blind Guard Odo, Little Evil Bat and Blood Hunter. The two small bosses had less health and less damage, but they helped the big boss and were quite distracting.

Although the three of them were located in different sections of the room, they would all awaken at the same time, regardless of how you started the fight.

In a normal situation, an average team would kill the two small Bosses first before they fought the Blind Guard Odo.

This wasn’t possible for Lu Li since he was doing the dungeon on his own. He would probably die to the big Boss before he killed the small Bosses.

He didn’t need to kill them at all – if he stayed further away from the Little Evil Bat, he could make it through without being detected.

However, Lu Li couldn’t give up Odo. Besides the fact that it dropped an excellent weapon – Odo’s Ley Staff – it had also dropped White Wolf Fang twice in his previous life. It had a better drop rate than Fenrus the Devourer.

Without a bug that worked in his favour, Lu Li wouldn’t even think about attempting the dungeon by himself.

He quickly wiped out the other monsters, shot an arrow towards the Little Evil Bat and walked the three Bosses around the room.

The three Bosses didn’t move as fast as Lu Li, but there some distance between themselves. Soon enough, Lu Li had adjusted their positions so that the Evil Bat was in front, with the Blood Hunter behind it and Blind Guard Odo last.

He carefully pulled these Bosses and had to take a few hits to adjust them to the optimal position.

This took around three to four minutes. After this, the Evil Bat and Blood Hunter blocked the doorway and Blind Guard Odo was behind them outside the door.

Evil Bat and Blood Hunter were flying monsters, and hovered about one meter above the ground.

This height was enough for Lu Li to bend down and attack, while Odo could only stand behind.

This was the bug in Shadowfang Keep – the two bats blocked the door and because of their body structure, the more they intertwined, the more they blocked the door.

Blind Guard Odo couldn’t attack Lu Li, but Lu Li could deal constant damage to Odo.

Eventually Blind Guard Odo couldn’t take it anymore and began releasing a skill called Howling Rage. This was a buff skill that increased its physical damage by 10% for 20 seconds and could be stacked five times.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t attack Lu Li. Even if it increased its physical damage by 50%, it wouldn’t be able to do anything.

The only trouble that it caused Lu Li was with its spell – Blinding Shadow. This was a skill that dealt true damage, and reduced Lu Li’s health by around 500-600 points each time. If it wasn’t for the fact that Lu Li was high-leveled, half of his health would begone.

Lu Li calmly drank a health potion and his health slowly recovered. Due to his positioning, the completion level of his skills were horrible which dragged out the fight.

After around half an hour, he finally managed to kill the Boss. As for the other two, they weren’t too much trouble for Lu Li.

Once the battle had ended, it was time for him to loot the corpses. Compared to the previous times, he was much more anxious about looting now.

After all, only Blind Guard Odo and Fenrus the Devourer had a decent chance of dropping the White Wolf Fang.