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Chapter 480: Glutton Shackle

Chapter 480: Glutton Shackle
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The Supreme Ring needed two White Wolf Fangs, and Lu Li was determined to get them, no matter how difficult it would be.

With the high expectations he had for the Legendary item in the future, Lu Li bent down and stretched his hands forward to loot to the boss. The first item that he picked up was a stick — Odo’s Ley Staff.

This was a very decent staff. Apart from Gold-grade equips, it was very hard to find a level 30 Silver staff that was better than this.

However, this wasn’t what Lu Li had come for. He unconsciously held his breath in an attempt to loot a White Wolf Fang. The fang was too important to him; it was simply priceless.

Not all things could be purchased with money.

The item he picked up didn’t feel like White Wolf Fang. Lu Li’s heart sank and he began to spite himself; he had been too greedy.

This was only an Elite mode dungeon – what were the chances of him looting the White Wolf Fang in one go?

Glutton Shackle!

After the attributes of the item appeared before his eyes, Lu Li was stunned.

Why was it Glutton Shackle instead of the White Wolf Fang? Did Odo bring the wrong items with him?

Of course, Lu Li didn’t mind this outcome at all.

He needed the White Wolf Fang, but he also needed the Glutton Shackle for his Supreme Ring.

Two White Wolf Fangs and two Glutton Shackles – both were items that could be dropped in the Shadowfang Keep. That was why he had purchased the Shadowfang Keep scrolled, regardless of its price. At the start, he thought the drop rate would be higher if he did the dungeon alone and almost died to Son of Arugal along the way.

He always thought that the Glutton Shackle would only be dropped by Arugal; he didn’t think that Odo had a chance to drop it too.

This dungeon didn’t drop many good items, but this was to be expected, as it was only Elite mode. The Bosses usually dropped around two to three items. As such, after Odo’s Ley Staff and the Glutton Shackle, nothing else could be looted from the Boss.

Just the Glutton Shackle alone was good enough. Lu Li didn’t want to waste his time in this dungeon and besides, he had also looted the Silverlaine Emblem.

Outside the storage room was another set of walls. The monsters here silenced players, so magic classes wouldn’t be able to use spells here.

However, Lu Li wasn’t a Mage and there were no bats on the wall. He went straight past the monsters and reached his next location — the Keep’s Basement.

He also ran into his old friend along the way – the Son of Arugal.

There was no need for him to be afraid, as these Sons of Arugal only looked like the Boss, but they were all just monsters. They were completely different to the one that wandered in the Silverpine Forest.

After the long hallways that led to the Alchemy room, Lu Li finally saw Fenrus the Devourer.

This Boss was average in terms of strength, but it had the best chance of dropping the White Wolf Fang. In Lu Li’s previous life, he had heard the White Wolf Fang being described as "a tooth dropped by a giant wolf devourer."

Fenrus the Devourer wasn’t a Worgen; he was just a giant wolf.

Fenrus, or rather, Fenrir, originated from the fearful giant wolf of the Norse Mythology. It was the child of Loki and Angrboda.

The Gods feared that the would destroy the Gods, so they decided to imprison him. They requested for the Dwarves to make the "Gleipnir", which was crafted from six non-existing materials – a cat’s footstep, a woman’s moustache, a mountain’s root, a fish’s eyelid, a bear’s tendon and a bird’s saliva.

After the War God Tyr sacrificed one of his hands, the Gods finally captured it.

During the Twilight of the Gods [TLN: also called Ragnarok], Fenrir escaped and was able to devour the sky and land. It devoured Odin, Father of the Gods, but was eventually killed by Vidal, the God of Nature.

Fenrir had two sons – Hatti and Skool. Hatti chased the moon, while Skool chased the sun. They chased the carriage that carried the sun and the moon and finally devoured them during the Twilight of the Gods.

During the second stage of fighting Fenrus the Devourer, it would split into two giant wolves. A Hunter could capture one of them as a pet and continue on with the battle without affecting the fight.

Hence, many Hunters were interested in this dungeon for the wolf pet.

Lu Li couldn’t capture any pets, so he killed Fenrus the Devourer. During the fight, he almost died and had to use Gale Steps to leave battle. When he came back, the boss had already returned to full health and he had to restart the fight.

Fenrus the Devourer didn’t drop the White Wolf Fang, and didn’t drop any good items either.

If he continued in the dungeon, he would reach the territory of Wolf Master Nandos. It was also a giant wolf, but Lu Li didn’t try to take it down and instead went past it.

This was a Boss that even an average team wouldn’t be able to take down, not to mention a lone Thief like himself.

Hachi Chan, Wandering, Remnant Dream and Sesame Rice Ball had already made their way here, so Lu Li didn’t complete the next dungeon scroll by himself as that would be a waste of time.

At the end of the dungeon was the Nest of Arugal. This was where Arugal stayed after he captured the Shadowfang Keep.

Lu Li killed the three elite monsters there and prepared to fight Arugal.

Arugal’s main skill was Shadow Bolt. If he felt like he was taking too much damage, he would turn the player with the highest-level of aggression into a Worgen to attack their teammates.

Under normal circumstances, this was quite troublesome, however, Lu Li was by himself, so Arugal’s ultimate skill was useless.

This was why some guides expressed that Arugal was a boss easy to kill by yourself, as long as you could tank its damage.

The best combination for this Boss was a healer with a strong DPS. Most of the teams that Lu Li encountered chose to fight the boss with less players; they would rather have less players fighting the boss than to have players killing each other.

When Arugal’s health became very low, it would use Flash to run around.

There were three platforms in the basement that it could teleport to.

Fortunately, this Boss had already been affected by the evil spirit Worgen. Besides devouring the corpse of players, it couldn’t regenerate any health on its own.

In this case, even if Arugal teleported away, Lu Li didn’t need to worry about it healing itself.

He could even sit down to regenerate his own health faster and continue dealing damage after Arugal teleported back to him.

After around half an hour, the weak Mage finally ended its sinful life.

Arugal wasn’t weak; this was only Elite mode. If Lu Li chose a harder mode and did the dungeon by himself, he would’ve already died.

Lu Li hadn’t seen the Arugal in Nightmare mode, but he had heard that even a five-man team of level 35 players had a tough time.

Ruling Sword couldn’t manage to find a Nightmare mode dungeon scroll, and the big guilds wouldn’t sell it anyway.

After Lu Li killed Arugal, there was no system announcement. This dungeon had already been cleared by other players. Private dungeons were dependent on scrolls, so there was no guarantee that you could get the First Clear, no matter how skilled you were.

Arugal dropped a spell book – Counterspell, which was a fairly decent spell for Mages. Unfortunately, the rare material wasn’t a White Wolf Fang or a Glutton Shackle. Instead, it was the Blood of Demonic Wolf.

This item was a rare material, but even after years into the game, players still hadn’t figured out what it was used for.

After his team members arrived, the dungeon became quite easy. The three scrolls were used, and in addition to the Glutton Shackle from before, Remnant Dream managed to loot a White Wolf Fang.

They had been quite fortunate, and Lu Li was now one step closer to his Legendary Supreme Ring.