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Chapter 481: Legendary Equipment

Chapter 481: Legendary Equipment
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The Top 16 decider match for the Magic Cup Tournament was approaching soon. Lu Li and Square Root Three had to pick up their pace in collecting materials for the tournament.

Square Root Three did not know why Lu Li wanted these rare materials, however, he knew not to go against him during the period leading up to the tournament. Lu Li was as stubborn as anyone and all Square Root Three could do was to follow his orders, placing countless bounties and rewards for these materials.

Money could achieve all things; the rewards placed on these materials allowed him to quickly gather up the White Wolf Fang and Glutton Shackle. Both of these were from Shadow Fang Deep, which was a relatively easy dungeon to complete. As such, most casual players could easily defeat it.

As for materials that were much harder to obtain, Square Root Three had to use his connections to the major guilds to gather them. He was willing to exchange two rare materials for the ones he wanted.

In all honesty, Square Root Three felt much more tired at Ruling Swords than he ever did at Star Moon Union.

In his own words, he was as tired as a dog.

However, he did not complain at all. Instead, he felt like he was full of energy.

After two days of pleading, begging and hard work, he had finally gathered up all the rare materials requested.

He used three rare materials to exchange for two Vampire Fangs, then 1.7k gold to buy more than ten rare materials from East Sea Fleet. This selection included Voodoo Blood, which was required to upgrade Lu Li’s ring.

East Sea Fleet was ranked 18th on the Guild Rankings and had been on a downhill for the past few years. Their guild master was a gambling addict, had lost a large amount of money recently and was looking to sell off the guild.

The main players in the guild were pissed off and decided to gather up funds to buyout the ownership of the guild for themselves.

In order to store up funds, they sold some guild property, including several hundred pieces of rare materials. Square Root Three took advantage of this and it turned out to be a win-win situation.

As for Plagued Spring Water, Lu Li already had one that he had received from Water Fairy in exchange for a Gold Grade Weapon.

Gold Grade weapons were currently on the market, but the prices weren’t consistent for each piece. Weapons were the most important piece of an equipment set, and a high-quality weapon such as Lu Li’s Abyssal Poison Fang would sell for a crazy amount of money.

The second Plagued Spring Water was also from Drizzle Court. They must have found a way to farm this rare material and were likely hiding it for their own gains.

This time, Water Fairy did not charge him for it and simply gave it to him as a favour.

Lu Li would rather pay her than to owe her a favour because it meant that she could ask him to do anything at any time.

In his past life, although he had played for more than two years, he had never obtained a Legendary equip. Not only was he not in a strong core group, but he had also been extremely unlucky. The idea of obtaining a Legendary equip would have never crossed his mind.

And now, he was so close to obtaining one. He could almost taste its glory.

There were many high-levelled players in Dawn with overpowered equips in the game. Although he wasn’t sure whether this would be the first Legendary equip or not, he was certain that his upgraded ring would be the godliest item in the game.

Besides all this, he still needed a Dreadtusk and an Ancient Magical Eye.

As for the Gold Grade item that was needed for upgrading his ring, he already has one in his inventory. The stats on it were terrible, so Lonesome Flower and Sesame Rice Balls both didn’t want it.

This was convenient for him because it allowed him to upgrade his ring.

Now, he had gathered up the majority of the rare materials needed.

Lu Li had always followed the philosophy of being content with what you have. Rather than wasting time figuring out how to defeat Sargeras and Kil’jaeden, it was better to finish the task at hand first and upgrade his ring.

Dreadtusks were relatively easy to obtain and Lu Li had already contacted the seller. However, the Ancient Magic Eye would prove to be quite difficult.

After interviewing some Night Elves and gathering information from Ravenholdt Mansion, Lu Li realised that only Ogre Dungeons would drop this item.

The lowest level Ogre dungeon was Zul’Farrk

The good news was that the dungeon was opened to all players, but the bad news was that it required a minimum level of 35.

He couldn’t solo the dungeon alone because it was supposed to be a ten-man dungeon.

Public Dungeons in Dawn were catered towards the majority of the player base and therefore could not be too difficult or too easy. Lu Li planned on taking his team to run some dungeons that dropped level 35 gear in order to prepare for Zul’Farrk. However, based on the current progression, he most likely would not be able to upgrade his ring until after the tournament.

Ruling Sword was the champion of the Shadow Cup and had immediately qualified for a spot in the Top 16. Glory Capital and Drizzle Court were also granted the same privilege.

In the latest patch, PVP areas were changed drastically.

Not only could the audience see the players, but the players could now see and interact with the audience as well.

The arena now housed more than one million people.

The tickets for the battles that Lu Li and his team were in always sold out, which meant more profit for them.

There were more than 10,000 players from Ruling Sword alone, all spectating to support their own team.

They also had to buy tickets, otherwise, other players would be unhappy.

Spectating tournaments would mean less time for levelling up, however, this built comradery and developed a sense of pride for their own guild.

The map for the Magic Cup was quite unique. The terrain of the map was a woodland and there were even some monsters in it.

Killing the monsters in the map was optional. However, most teams would kill them because they granted some special buffs.

Common buffs included Strength +3, while rare buffs include Movement Speed +2% and the highest-tier buffs could determine the outcome of the game. These included Spell Cast +3%, Attack Speed +5% and even Attack +20%.

All buffs were temporary and didn’t last very long.

Lu Li was up against Cherished Wish Guild, a newly formed guild that had recently made it onto the 26th spot on the guild rankings.

They had always been a very lowkey guild and had managed to qualify for the Top 16 this tournament.

Unfortunately, their first opponent in the Top 16 were the reigning champions of the Shadow Cup. When their guild leader heard the news, he almost teared up from frustration.

He couldn’t argue or protest against this because the matchup was randomly assigned.

The tickets for this match were sold out almost immediately in 37 seconds. Thousands of players sat in the stands waiting for Cherished Wish Guild to be destroyed.

We can’t go down without putting up a fight!

This was the mentality of Cherished Wish Guild.