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Chapter 482: Surprise Attack

Chapter 482: Surprise Attack
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Lu Li’s team was composed of a Warrior, Thief, Mage, Priest and Shaman, as well as Mu Qiu, a healing Paladin, as a substitute. They weren’t exactly sure what they were up against because Lu Li had never seen his opponent’s matches before. However, their team composition couldn’t be determined from past matches.

Cherished Wish Guild ran a composition of double Warrior, Paladin, Warlock, Druid and a Mage as a substitute.

Apparently, the guild had been established by a fan base of some celebrity. After years of development, the guild had recently become more solid.

In the past ten years or so, the gaming community had become much more popular and many guilds began rising to the top.

However, without a clear purpose and a capable leader, Cherished Wish Guild could not keep up and fell behind.

They previously had a professional Mage player who left for another guild. Besides a Berserker named Capable General who was their one and only star player, the rest of the team consisted of mechanically-skilled casual players.

Cherished Wish Guild had made it this far mainly due to luck, but they also had excellent chemistry with one another. However, even players who rarely followed the Magic Cup knew that they wouldn’t last long in the Top 16.

"Can I volunteer to go ahead? Let’s finish this quickly because I still gotta complete Warsong Dungeon," Fat Monkey said proudly while holding onto his newly-equipped level 30 Gold Grade Staff.

A couple of weeks ago, he was nothing more than a casual player. His equips and level were above average at best.

When he heard that Ruling Sword was recruiting players he applied. Even though he did not stand out from the crowd, he was promptly accepted into the guild.

He then made it into the Elite team and performed well while leading one of the Elite groups. Lu Li saw the potential in Fat Monkey and developed him into a starter for the PVP team. The rest was history.

"Do not rush. We should clear the monsters and approach them carefully. Sakura Memories, protect March Rain. I’ll lead at the front. Moonlight, you stay at the back of the group," Lu Li stopped him then instructed.

This was a tournament which involved millions of dollars in profit with more than a million spectators from around the world.

One careless mistake would cost them everything.

"Sigh. You’re lamem but I’ll listen to you since you’re the boss." Fat Monkey stopped and waved his staff around, immediately casting a fireball towards the charging Wild Boar.

Fat Monkey hadn’t experienced much hardship and trauma during his Dawn career. He was no longer the sharp and humble player that Lu Li remembered. Although he was impatient, he also radiated confidence and was full of energy and passion.

Lu Li remained unstealthed; he had spectated countless matches in his past life including ones that were on the same exact map.

The forest was divided into two sections. Players had to go to a certain point to attack each other. Therefore, there was no need for them to be cautious before they reached there.

After searching for a while, he finally found a Treant.

This type of monster gave a durability buff, which increased movement speed and attack speed.

The best part about this buff was that it was an aura. Players in a certain radius around the buffed player also received its effects.

Treants were difficult to deal with because of their high HP and defence.

However, with Lu Li’s capable team of top players, it would still be a piece of cake.

Dawn was a multiplayer game and success could not be achieved alone. This was something that Lu Li had learned from the moment he entered the game. As such, he treated his teammates well and was very genuine with them. Even in the toughest times, he put others above himself like a true leader would do.

Because he had earned their trust, Lu Li’s words had become a powerful weapon.

The moment Lu Li gave his orders, the three DPS players immediately jumped onto the Treant, dealing massive amounts of damage.

The spectators had to wait before they got to see the juicy PVP action. For now, they could only watch as the players killed monsters from afar.

Even though it sounded boring, everyone was still enjoying the tournament and focused on the action.

Many players bought tickets simply because Ruling Sword was in this match.

Some were from Ruling Sword or Cherished Wish Guild, some came as fans and others came simply to observe and learn their strategies.

Some players enjoyed PVP and some enjoyed grinding monsters. This tournament allowed these players to get the best of both worlds. Through the tournament, they were able to observe these top professional players managing their skill cooldowns, positioning and maximizing their DPS.

A mere 10 silver was extremely worth it for them to absorb and learn things from the best players in the game.

As such, the spectators were enjoying themselves and many wrote down notes in their notebooks.

The Treant fell and the buff appeared on Lu Li’s status bar

From now on, Lu Li wouldn’t attempt to take the final kill on any other monsters because the buff could be overwritten by other buffs.

However, this did not stop them from attacking other monsters. Lu Li just needed to make sure that he did not deal the final blow.

"This buff is truly powerful." Fat Monkey could feel his DPS increasing because of the attack speed buff. He admired how ‘lucky’ Lu Li was because he had chosen to kill a random monster and received such an overpowered buff.

"I received an attack +12% buff. I think we’ll end it here," Moonlight said, signalling the others.

This wasn’t their first Magic Cup tournament and everyone on the team had some idea of what to do. Everyone on the team had already done their research in terms of the best buffs that were the most suitable for each individual player.

"I have yet to find Spell Cast Speed +3%," Fat Monkey reported as he scratched his head, visibly discouraged.

He looked at Lu Li as he spoke, hinting Lu Li to tell him which monster to kill for the buff.

"Careful!" Lu Li’ shouted as his expression changed. He had already teleported behind the Paladin that was charging towards them.

Preparation, Ambush and Backhand Backstab. Not only did he protect March Rain from the surprise attack, but he also took a big chunk out of the attacker’s HP. Every piece of Lu Li’s gear was now Gold grade and above.

However, Lu Li only managed to stop one player, and the two Warriors that followed closely behind jumped onto March Rain. Cherished Wish Guild had completely given up on killing monsters and decided to surprise attack them before they were ready.

Fat Monkey and Moonlight were crowd-controlled by the Warlock and ran around like headless flies.

Even though the spectators knew the ambush was coming, many of them were still surprised when they saw it had worked.

Many of Lu Li’s fans, who were confident in his skills, were sitting on the edge of their seats.

Even though Ruling Sword was much more superior both in gear and mechanics, Cherished Wish Guild was still wearing decent gear and had the first strike on their enemy.

The Warlock’s Fear disorientated its target for a whole 20 seconds, making them one of the best classes in terms of crowd-control. As such, they were considered to be a top-tier class on the PVP tier list.

If they lost a player in a 20-second time frame, Lu Li’s team would be extremely disadvantaged.