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Chapter 483: The First Victory

Chapter 483: The First Victory
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The Cherished Wish guild didn’t have any other options; they hadn’t managed to get a single kill on the monsters. So As such, they were emboldened to make a desperate play and mount a surprise attack on Ruling Sword.

Even with Lu Li’s vast experience, he still had to give them some credit.

They were weak, while Ruling Sword was a guild that had superb star players and had the experience of the Shadow Cup. Even though they added two new, strong players, they still couldn’t stand up to them.

Hence, they gave up on fighting the monsters and followed through on their only hope which was a surprise attack.

They just needed to kill March Rain and Lu Li, in that order.

As Lu Li attacked the Paladin and managed to crowd-control him, the Warlock that Moonlight and Fat Monkey had stunned casted Corruption and Curse of Agony.

In addition to a Warlock’s strong crowd-control, they also had very potent DOT (damage over time) skills. These were particularly effective against physical professions that had weak magic resistance.

Lu Li activated his cloak as soon as those skills were cast on him.

This weakened the damage he was taking and even prevented the curse entirely.

Lu Li continued to attack the Paladin, but everyone was wondering why a Thief was attacking a Plated Armor target. Didn’t he want to protect his healer?

With two players attacking the healer, even the strongest player would eventually fall.

If his healer fell, he wasn’t going to a stand a chance for much longer.

Everyone felt like the damage output of the two warriors had to be higher than that of one thief. Moreover, the former were attacking a cloth-armored Priest while the latter was attacking a plate armored Paladin.

In that moment, something happened that subverted everyone’s expectations.

Suddenly, Fat Monkey and Moonlight’s Fear was lifted. Moonlight casted Intervene on March Rain, helping her tank some damage while Fat Monkey started casting skills at the Paladin Lu Li was attacking.

No one knew when it started, but Lu Li and the others also now had the Bloodlust status.

Their Shaman, Sakura Memories, had not just been idly waiting.

The Paladin was the first to fall. He was facing Lu Li, Fat Monkey and Sakura Memories’ burst damage and their healer was too late to respond.

Moonlight was standing in front of March Rain, tanking the damage, but he was beginning to fight back.

In this one-on-two situation, they continued methodically attacking just like they had before.

There were fearsome attacks, followed by equally fearsome counter attacks. The spectators in the crowd had begun to stand up, their breathing heavy as they watched the battle unfold.

Those who supported the Cherished Wish Guild didn’t want them to do what they were doing, but they had no other choice. The guild they were facing was just too strong and no amount of scolding could help them.

The focus of attention was now on Moonlight and Fat Monkey.

How were they able to instantly remove the crowd-control? This was the key to their reversal – otherwise, Cherished Wish wouldn’t have fallen into this situation.

At this point, Cherished Wish had lost a Paladin, but they hadn’t given up. The target of their attack was still March Rain.

This was their last hope – other than March Rain, there was no one else they could kill to come back. They were in a weak position already, even before the Paladin died.

After Lu Li killed the Paladin, he targeted the Warlock.

Warlocks were way too overpowered. The Warlock was relentlessly throwing DOT skills at him which dealt insane damage. After his Shadow Cloak effect wore off, Lu Li’s health bar immediately began to plummet. If it weren’t for March Rain’s healing, Lu Li could have been killed by him.

Even the experts weren’t invincible. If a Thief and a Warlock were standing face to face, it was actually quite disadvantageous for the Thief.

The Warlock saw Lu Li rushing at him, but he didn’t panic. It appeared that he had expected this – he just waved his hand and threw a Fear right at him.

Lu Li was hit by the Fear and started to unconsciously run around. After March Rain used her skills to lift it, Lu Li immediately turned around and ran straight into the Warlock.


It was only after the Warlock was stunned that he commanded his demon to come save him.

Unfortunately, the moment he was stunned by Lu Li, he was assaulted by a storm of skills. It was like Lu Li’s stun was a signal for the other players to start attacking.

To put it in an extreme way, Ruling Sword was playing like a pack of wolves.

The moment the leader of the pack pounced, the others would quickly switch over and attack the target.

The method wasn’t particularly technical; it was rather simple and crude, but it was effective for dealing with those who just weren’t as strong as they were. March Rain’s damage reduction skills had until now only been used for her own protection.

The Warlock had now fallen.

The Magic Cup was a 5 + 1 event, which meant there were 5 players and one bench player. The players could substitute someone in if a teammate died or if a teammate voluntarily allowed for it.

The place where the substitute player entered the map was the starting location.

Cherished Wish’s substitute had entered the moment the Paladin died, but it was impossible for him to run all the way to the battle in time.

Ruling Sword had a triumphant first battle and gained a point. Their next match wouldn’t start until tomorrow.

Although they had defeated a guild that was a lower rank, Ruling Sword’s performance was still impressive and clean. They weren’t going to be a championship team that was short lived.

After the game, Lu Li discussed the successes and failures of the match with his team.

This was the first match for quite a few players, so Fat Monkey and Sakura Memories received some criticism.

Fat Monkey was too aggressive and was out of line with the team. When the Warlock Cheap Shot came, he was standing too close to the Warrior and caused both of them to be crowd-controlled. This was an elementary mistake.

"Reflect on that well. If we had faced someone like Peerless City, we might have lost."

Lu Li didn’t say much after that – they were all adults, and they all understood his points. He didn’t need to keep repeating himself.

There was still something else for Lu Li to do. He now needed to help Hachi Chan on her quest to get a baby dragon.

This girl had been running around all over the Azeroth and had almost been killed by an ogre. She had finally received some clues for her quest, but she needed someone to protect her.

After the match, Lu Li was free for the rest of the day and went to the agreed location.

"Why did you take so long? I’ve been waiting," Hachi Chan was in her recently acquired Quail Form. She ran a few circles around Lu Li which turned some heads.

"For the sake of an elven dragon, you didn’t even attend your own guild’s match," Lu Li scolded as he knocked her forehead.

"You guys will win anyway; it doesn’t matter if I watch." She wasn’t really interested in PVP; both her and Remnant Dream were both masters of falling asleep. They preferred to go shopping rather than staying in the audience.