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Chapter 484: Grimtotem

Chapter 484: Grimtotem
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"Are you sure you need to deliver it here?" Lu Li’s expression was unconvinced.

"Grimtotem Camp – should be right," Hachi Chan confirmed as she nodded earnestly. She didn’t notice Lu Li’s irritated tone.

"Are you sure you need me to protect you, and that I’m not just here as cannon fodder?" Lu Li wanted to leave.

Hachi Chan suddenly realized what he meant and noticed Lu Li retreating. She stood in front of Lu Li and said, "You can’t leave! If you leave what will I do with the baby dragon?"

"This is the Grimtotem Camp; we’re both going to die." Lu Li was speechless.

Grimtotem was mainly active in the Stonetalon Mountains, Thousand Needles, Feralas and other places. Most of their members were Tauren Warriors, Shaman and Druids. Their goal was to destroy all of the Tauren’s enemies.

However, according to their criteria, the whole world fell into that category, so they had basically declared war on the world.

In his past life, Lu Li had a quest that taught him about the origins of this race.

The members of Grimtotem were Taurens from Thunder Bluff. Originally, they were just considered a radical group by the Taurens, but they were still accepted. However, news began to surface that they were killing innocent people.

Lu Li’s Tauren Druid colleague told him that although Grimtotem had a long history, its history as an organisation wasn’t long.

Magatha Grimtotem and her followers thought that Cairn Bloodhoof’s friendship with the Orcs was a huge mistake. In their mind, Kalimdor was Tauren territory and no other race had the right to meddle with it.

According to Dawn’s history, Grimtotem was attacking goblins, centaurs and Orc settlements. They even killed Tauren that lived in settlements of other races, considering them as traitors.

These activists were at least level 35 and were on average level 50. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a big Boss of level 60 or higher in their large settlements.

It wouldn’t be hard to understand if the Elf Dragon that Hachi was looking for had fallen into the Grimtotem Organisation’s hands.

It was said that Magatha’s father, an Elder Spiritwalker, had been listening to the angry cry of his ancestors for many years and finally fell into insanity.

According to some speculation, his father believed that their race had been killed by too many outsiders and decided that the other races needed to be exterminated. He passed on his madness and vision to his daughter, who took him as an example.

Magatha’s father stubbornly believed that a real Tauren Warrior should be able to ride a dragon and look over the earth…

Grimtotem’s leader – Elder Magatha Grimtotem – sat on the heights of the Thunder Bluff. In fact, even Tauren Chief Cairn Bloodhoof had doubts about her actions.

She didn’t dare to do too much, but she did order her disciples on the outside to catch any kind of dragon they could.

"I’m sure my dragon egg is in this camp. Big bro Lu Li, I beg you to help me get it back." Before she even got the egg, Hachi Chan had already decided it was hers.

Her anger was so real that Lu Li couldn’t help but have some sympathy for the Tauren at Grimtotem.

For the sake of her baby dragon, Lu Li’s brotherly responsibility had once again been summoned.

He just couldn’t help but provide support for those who depended on him.

"Let me think of a way."

Lu Li comforted himself that it was just Grimtotem village and not Thunder Bluff.

Although they didn’t have the strength to kill their way through the camp, coming up with a Stealth plan wasn’t too difficult.

"Otherwise, we could get the whole guild to come and flatten the camp," the little girl exclaimed as she jumped about, acting as if she could make such a decision.


Lu Li slapped the top of her fat quail head and scolded, "Don’t be so troublesome!"

Magatha Grimtotem couldn’t leave Thunder Bluff because she didn’t have a reason to do so, but surely an attack on her home was a reason? If she didn’t come herself, she would likely send a few hundred level 50 to 60 Grimtotem NPCs to the camp. Even the whole of Ruling Sword couldn’t stand up to that.

"If I can’t get my baby dragon, then I won’t leave," Hachi Chan mumbled and rolled up into a ball.

This girl was a senior high school student and was normally quite intelligent. As such, it was hard to get mad at her in a situation like this.

Lu Li could understand the depth of Hachi Chan’s obsession with the baby Elf Dragon as his Supreme Ring gave him a similar feeling.

He sighed internally as he really began to think of a way to do it.

They couldn’t just rush in as they had no idea where the baby dragon was hidden. If they were careless and aroused some suspicion, then they wouldn’t get a second chance.

If they used some strategy…

If Lu Li or Hachi Chan was a Tauren, that could be helpful, even if Grimtotem’s reputation wasn’t good amongst her fellow race.

A Tauren?

Lu Li’s eyes lit up. How could he not have thought of this before?

The Deception Orb that was sitting in his backpack was perfect for this.

This orb wasn’t limited to changing into the Undead as the description clearly said that it could make the caster a member of a hostile camp.

Because of Cairn’s friendship with Saar, this camp was part of the Horde.

"Stay here and don’t run around," Lu Li said as he gently kicked the girl, knocking her off her feet. "I’ll go get the dragon egg for you,"

"You’re a great person, Lu Li," Hachi Chan grunted.

"Ahem, you called me big bro before and I haven’t even gotten it yet," Lu Li laughed coldly as he shook his head. This strange little girl really was something else.

"Hehe, my mouth slipped. I want to go too."

Lu Li pulled her aside, and shook his head seriously.

"Don’t argue with me. If you want the baby dragon, you need to listen to me."

"I’m not arguing. Without this Dragon Detector, you won’t be able to find the baby dragon egg. What if they just give you a chicken egg? I don’t want a chicken to hatch from the egg," Hachi Chan insisted.

"What detector? Just give it to me," Lu Li said as he stretched out his hand.

The system prompted him that quest items couldn’t be traded.

It really was a Dragon Detector.

Hachi Chan truly was worthy of the title of ‘quest expert’ – she had come prepared.

Lu Li thought for a moment before coming up a strategy they could try.

"That’s okay. I’ll take you, but I’ll need to tie you up."