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Chapter 486: Sneaking In

Chapter 486: Sneaking In
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"We have travelled a long way under the protection of the totems. There were only few of us left." Lu Li’s grim face and his dark horns won the Shaman’s trust.

In his last life, he had seen members of the Stonehorn tribe. They had dark horns and countless messy braids.

These travelers were one of the most complex Tauren tribes. They didn’t settle on Thunder Bluff and could be found in any corner of Kalimdor. The tribe’s flexibility made Lu Li’s lie even more convincing. The Deception Orb alone wasn’t enough to conjure up a convincing lie.

Dawn’s history contained a deep amount of information for every race – there was information even for the most trivial clans. This was the reason Lu Li could take so much advantage from rebirth.

"You can enjoy our food," the Shaman said as she nodded and gestured at the food by her side.

There was Mulgore Spiced bread, a honey drink and board ham.

Fortunately, Lu Li was a player and the amount that he needed to eat could easily be calculated in numbers. The food had a very rough texture in his mouth, but he still finished all of it.

After eating the food, he unexpectedly received +10 Strength.

Of course, this wasn’t a permanent addition – it only lasted an hour.

"I would like to rest here and repair my leather armor," Lu Li said as he wiped his oily mouth and rudely rubbed his mane. "If you have good centaur skin, I would like to buy it. Mountain goatskin is just too hot."

Leather that was skinned from centaurs, which was Grimtotem’s specialty, was thin, cool, could keep the user warm and was quite strong.

"Please, feel free." The Shaman was pleased that Lu Li liked their leather armor and opened the door for him.

Lu Li left the Shaman’s tent, which was being guarded by sentry A. He had gained the trust of these Grimtotem Tauren at least for now.

"Have you detected a dragon egg yet? I hope it’s not in that tent," Lu Li messaged Hachi Chan.

That Shaman was definitely a kind of Boss; it was at least level 50 and was probably the strongest being in this camp. If she had hidden the dragon egg in her quarters, then Hachi Chan would have to give up on the baby dragon.

"Not yet. There isn’t a reaction at all." Hachi Chan was puzzled.

"There should be a place that they are using to hatch the eggs." These kinds of eggs were more troublesome than normal and had more demanding conditions.

Following this line of thinking, Lu Li began to look through the stables.

Lu Li didn’t dare to leave Hachi Chan anywhere. Although he needed her detector, there was also the possibility of her being eaten by a Tauren. As such, he had to carry her around everywhere.

"Is it here?" Lu Li asked again.

"You’re so annoying; you’ve already asked me eight time. Let’s just go to the barracks." Hachi Chan was being uncontrollably flung around on Lu Li’s shoulders which was probably very uncomfortable.

"We only have 1 hour. If we’re discovered, then being flayed will be the least of our concerns," Lu Li threatened as he walked into the Tauren barracks. There were many young Tauren here being trained by professional instructors.

Although the entire race was basically made up of warriors, this was where most of the Warriors were found.

When Lu Li walked into the barracks, he felt weak.

However, he still seemed to have the trust of the Grimtotem, so the Tauren recruits didn’t pay much attention to his arrival.

"Wow, that young calf is so cute."

After seeing that they were being ignored, Hachi Chan started to become active again. She seemed to have no resistance against cute creatures.

No matter how ferocious a monster was, they were always cute when they were young.

"Shut up. They could bite off your head in one mouthful if they wanted," Lu Li tried to scare her as he looked around for the pound.

The pound was essential for any tribe.

If they had excess prey, they would be stored in the pound. Their domesticated animals, such as mountain sheep, were also stored there.

If the dragon eggs hadn’t hatched, there would at least be some space there saved for it. It would most likely be a small space with a nutrient tank, a hatchery, some food…

They finally discovered what they were looking for; it was just next to the blacksmith.

"Ha, young one, you have a nice Halberd," the blacksmith Tauren, who was carrying a hammer in one hand a big iron lump in the other, shouted at Lu Li.

Lu Li had to stop to talk.

"It was given to me by my father. Amethyst was added when it was being forged and its steel was crafted by a Dwarf."

Hachi Chan smiled to herself. She was slowly discovering how deceptive her leader could be. The lies were coming so naturally and he showed no signs of blushing.

It was clearly just a Silver Item that had dropped from the Scarlet Monastery, but he had to claim that it had a long history.

"Let me have a look, young one." The blacksmith dropped the iron lump in his hand and stretched his palm towards Lu Li.

"No, unless you can defeat me. The Stonehorn clan does not given away its weapons, and although I am young, it is the same with me." When he heard the little calf say this, the blacksmith was furious, but when he heard the second sentence, he could only hold back his anger.

The little Tauren forging a weapon next to him laughed.

"Go home and drink some milk, you damned calf." A blacksmith certainly couldn’t duel a minor Tauren.

Lu Li provoked him a little and even lifted his hoof but eventually left the blacksmith alone.

The pound’s NPC was an old Tauren male. This was quite common as the older members were more familiar with reproduction and thoroughly understood life. They had often also lost their strength and enthusiasm for combat, but that wasn’t a reason for them to be left behind by the tribe.

"How can I help you, young one?" the old Tauren asked impatiently.

"I’ve come to learn how to turn a Druid into a pet. As you can see, I caught a little Druid while hunting a Centaur in the woods," Lu Li said as he pointed at Hachi Chan who was still draped over his shoulders.

The girl’s hands and feet were tied, but there was a bit of the rope that could be pulled to free her. When she heard something about being made pet, she stamped her feet onto the rough skin on Lu Li’s back.

"I thought only a hunter would be interested in a subject like this," the old Tauren said as he smiled indifferently. "Cenarius is watching; please let the Druid go."

"But I always wanted a pet," Lu Li muttered with dissatisfaction. "Are there any pets here for me to see?"

"Maybe you can pick a Kodo for yourself. When it gets older, you can ride it and follow your tribe into battle." The old Tauren saw that Lu Li was just a young, ignorant calf and wasn’t that interested in him.

He then went back to napping.