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Chapter 488: Exposed

Chapter 488: Exposed
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"Do you want anything else? You… you will need to feed this Kodo. I have a dozen exquisite types of fodder. I’ll sell them to you for 1 gold per bundle. How about 100 bundles?" the old Tauren asked as he stared greedily at the remaining 150 pieces of gold.

This damned calf was rich.

It would be better for the old Tauren to keep the gold, just in case the calf lost it to some foreigners and made them richer.

"How about you sell another Kodo to me?" Lu Li had taken out 300 gold with this intention.

There was a kind of player in Dawn called a Mount Manic. They occurred in varying degrees, and they wouldn’t be satisfied with a single mode of transport. They would collect a variety of mounts, even those that were only slightly different in color.

In fact, most players had such a tendency, but then again, most players also had the mental control to ignore it.

Water Fairy was one of Dawn’s most infamous Mount Maniacs. In his previous life, Lu Li remembered that the woman had collected more than 200 various types of mounts. Some of those mounts were individually worth thousands of gold.

If Lu Li sent her a Kodo…

Then perhaps, they could come together passionately…

Just kidding – Lu Li never thought about stuff like that. His brain was thinking about all the gold he could earn. Selling the 150 gold Kodo to her for 1500 gold wasn’t impossible.

"No. That is uncustomary."

The Old Tauren was confused; even he didn’t know why it was uncustomary.

"How about this: we’ll pretend you sold it to my Druid pet. That should be fine, right? No one will know anyway. You can just say one of them died." Hachi Chan shook her head as Lu Li said this.

"I want to die…" Hachi Chan was so ashamed that she just wanted it to be over.

Damned Lu Li. We’ll settle this when we get back. If you don’t pay me back for this, I’ll tell Remnant Dream.

The Old Tauren thought for a moment before getting out another poker. Lu Li had deliberately selected a pure white Kodo; it didn’t have any colour on its body at all.

The Old Tauren chuckled to himself as he thought about how the fool was buying a sick Kodo. He could already imagine Lu Li riding this white Kodo through the woods, and how striking he would be. He would then get shot down by a Centaur. It was just unfortunate that few creatures could eat these Kodos, even if they were killed.

Lu Li paid for the beasts with one hand and took the saddles with the other.

He suppressed the temptation to run away and slowly left the area. He didn’t know why, but he felt the surrounding Tauren eyes watching him, which made him feel guilty.

He knew that he didn’t have much time left. The moment the Old Tauren checked the dragon egg cabinet, he would find that the dragon egg had disappeared.

Perhaps the Old Tauren would have already discovered this, if he deposited his gold coins in that cabinet.

"Hey, kid, come here." They were almost out of the compound when they ran into Sentry B again. Lu Li didn’t know if he should laugh or cry as he turned around to see the sentry smiling arrogantly at him.

"What happened?"

"Why haven’t you changed your coat yet?" the Sentry asked with some contempt.

"I… I don’t have any money." The little Tauren looked a little distressed.

He let out a sigh of relief; they still hadn’t realised. These two sentries were Elites that were at least level 40, so it would be disastrous to fight them.

Hachi Chan spat onto Lu Li’s back. She never knew that her leader was actually an actor and had been deceived by his usual serious nature.

"Haha, sell your pet to us and we’ll give you a lionskin breastplate," one of the sentries tempted Lu Li.

"It won’t be easy for you to fight with her on your back. How about we give you a little bit of gold and you can go buy yourself something nice to eat to make yourself stronger," sentry B said affectionately.

"Uh…" Lu Li didn’t anticipate for them to take an interest in the Druid that he was carrying.

How could he give up Hachi Chan? She was one of his team members and was basically a little sister to him. He normally didn’t mind bullying her, but it was unacceptable to just leave her with a stranger.

"You don’t want to? It’s a dangerous world out there; are you sure you can protect yourself?" one of the sentries threatened.

"She is a Night Elf. If her tribe knows that she has been taken prisoner, the Sentinels will definitely make a move. The arrogant Elves will not care that you are a Warrior of the Stonehorn clan."

"I have never heard of anyone who could use Tame Beast on a Druid. Just give her to us."

These two sentries likely saw through Lu Li’s lies and wanted Hachi Chan to themselves. They could secretly sell her to some Goblins. They were not only interested in gold coins but also dealing in slaves.

"You…" Lu Li pulled out his halberd and roared, "You dare covet a gift of the Earth Mother! I want to fight you!"

The faces of the two sentries contorted.

The Tauren were generally considered a gentle race and in-fighting was forbidden, even within Grimtotem.

It was generally assumed that their prey were gifts of the Earth Mother and were their personal property. For that reason, no Tauren should try to contest another’s prey. Disputes were handed over to an elder to decide.

In addition, Tauren were banned from dueling under aged calves.

Lu Li was also worried that it would end really badly if he was exposed.

He was a Thief, so if he used any of his skills, he would return to his normal form. There were no Thieves among the Tauren.

Sentry A and B were secretly angry, but they couldn’t fight him. This was the camp gate, so if there were any scuffles, the others would run over.

The Shaman elder was very graceful; she was old and insisted on the tradition. In order to avoid a scandal, the likely result would be the death of both them and the calf.

Lu Li saw that they weren’t going to fight, so he cautiously retreated and slowly moved away from the camp.

As long as he could get to a safe place, he could channel his recall.

Suddenly, there was some commotion within the camp and Lu Li immediately started running.

Moments later, a javelin pierced the spot he was just standing on and the System prompted him that he had just entered battle.

There was a thunderous sound behind him as the claws of adult Kodos trampled the ground. That sound was followed by an old horn blowing, which meant that the Warriors were going into battle.

"Hide and look for a chance to return to the town. Please listen to me," Lu Li said as he pulled out a dagger and cut the ropes off Hachi Chan.

"I won’t go." Hachi Chan seemed to understand the gravity of the situation. Given the loud rumbling that they could hear, there was no way they could channel the 30 second recall in time.

"Don’t argue; I’ll lead them away."

Lu Li patted Hachi Chan’s head and pushed her into some bushes.

He didn’t try to escape. Instead, he ran straight towards the cavalry.

The Kodo cavalry was just about to hit him, but his normal small figure made it such that only a few of them could reach him.

Lu Li then instantly turned into a little golden leopard, and desperately ran in front of the cavalry, letting out a loud, continuous laughter.

Then, there was the sound of a javelin hitting the soil. The Tauren were so powerful that that javelin was an indispensable aid for their cavalry.

Fortunately, his smaller size made it even easier for him to dodge the general throw of a javelin.