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Chapter 489: Naive Tauren

Chapter 489: Naive Tauren
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"Hand over the dragon egg!"

"Carlos will tie you on a pole and make a blanket with your skin..."

"You damned calf! Stop right there!"

Lu Li was speechless. These Tauren were so naïve; they still believed that he was another Tauren.

His mission would have been perfect, if not for the old Tauren finding out that the lock had been broken, or the two sentinels holding him back...

It was a strange feeling for him to have his thoughts drift away while he was under pursuit.

More and more spears were tossed at him as the Tauren Riders soon thought of a way to deal with Lu Li. Not only did they aim at Lu Li, but they also began to throw their spears onto the pathway ahead of Lu LI.

Lu Li slowed down to prevent himself from running into the spears.

Clouds of dust were about to envelope him as the hooves of Kodos stampeded forwards. A miserable death awaited him, as he would soon be trampled into a pile of minced meat.

However, there was no way that he would actually be trampled into minced meat.

Lu Li wasn’t running blindly – he had run around so that the pursuers would chase him, giving Hachi Chan a chance to return to the city. Now that he had ran far enough, it was time for him to leave the main roads and head back into the forest.

The forest was never a friendly place for riders.

Lu Li’s sudden change of path enraged the Tauren; they gave up on their mounts and chased on foot behind this cowardly calf.

When they caught him, they had no intentions of killing him easily. They were going to pull out his horns and pour salt water inside, then strip his skin and pour honey on top.

The Warriors of the Grimtotem had locked in Lu Li as an enemy and began to imagine all sort of ways that they could torture him.

After they jumped off their mounts, the accuracy of their spears increased. One of the spears barely brushed past Lu Li and almost pinned him to the floor. The sharp blade dealt around 400 points of damage to him.

There probably weren’t any Tauren amongst them that were lower than level 40, and there were probably some level 50s as well.

Any will to fight had now disappeared entirely; he had sorely underestimated the difference between him and his pursuers. When there was a difference in levels, even a normal monster would be able to kill a player in an instant.

Without their mounts, how could they possibly catch up to a Druid with a speed buff?

Most of the Warriors and Shamans were left at the back, while only a few Tauren Druids turned into Panther form and were barely able to follow Lu Li.

Lu Li’s transformation wasn’t any average Panther Transformation.

Child of the Forest: Instant Cast. You turn into a cheetah, raising your Movement Speed by

50%, as well as your ability to climb at 45-degree angles. Allows you to use all skills available

to the Cheetah Transformation. The caster becomes immune to all Polymorph effects, and

fall damage is reduced. Transforming removes all Movement Restrictions on the caster.Proficiency: 1/5.

He was 20% faster than the average panthers and also had another climbing effect.

The climbing effect gave him more adaptability to his environment, to which the bumpy geography of the mountains was no exception. As long as the slope wasn’t greater than forty-five degrees, anywhere was basically flat land to him.

As the time began to pass, the Tauren Druids gradually lost track of Lu Li. A crow flew away from the forest, which indicated that Lu Li had successfully escaped.

It didn’t take long for the few Tauren Druids to track their way to his location.

They sniffed around the area that Lu Li had flown away from, but all they could do in the end was make a few angry growls.

"We’ve lost the Spirit Dragon. In the name of our ancestors, I’ll make the Wanderers and the Stonehorn tribe pay for this."

In the tent of the old Shaman, the captain that had led the pursuing team hung his head in shame.

He carefully bent over on the floor, not daring to set his gaze on the gentle face above him.

"Wait, that’s not right. He’s not a Tauren." The old Shaman held onto a mirror as a number of scenes unfolded on it. These scenes began from the moment Lu Li had entered the campsite, and extended until he flew away as a crow.

He knew how to unlock, how to transform into a panther, how to transform into a crow, and had also set his little prey free in the end...

All of this was beyond the knowledge of the poor, old Shaman; she couldn’t think of anyone who would be able to accomplish such things, unless...

"Damned adventurers!" the old Shaman yelled in rage as she stood up.

"As you command," the Tauren captain said as he bowed his head.

Soon, the riders from Grimtotem set out once again. Within a one-hundred-kilometer radius, which almost covered the entire map, they cleared out everything. Countless players in the area were killed.

They had no clue why everything had suddenly gone out of control.

Their actions had no impact on Lu Li; he had already arrived in the main city of the Night Elves — Darnassus. No one would be able to harm him here, let alone a single Grimtotem camp.

Hachi Chan sat at the entrance to his home; she stared at the end of the road and ran over as soon as she saw Lu Li.

Luckily, she was in human form, or else she might have wagged her tail.

"I’m not going to take anything that’s yours. What’s with the rush?" Lu Li pressed his hands on her forehead, keeping the little girl at arms-length.

"Lies. You’re not a good person and you’re the best liar I know. Even the Tauren were fooled by you," Hachi Chan said, suddenly feeling insecure.

"How ungrateful." Lu Li was speechless as he took out the Spirit Dragon egg and traded the item. This item was still an egg, so who knew how long it would take for it to become a mount?

He had no time for something like this. The Spirit Dragon was also a mount with a cute appearance, so it didn’t suit him.

"Hehe, thanks Lu Li." Hachi Chan held onto the container and gave the dragon egg a kiss against the glass, picturing the scene of her riding the mount and flying in the air.

"Do you know who can hatch this egg for you?" Lu Li was curious about Hachi Chan’s quest progress.

Even though he had reincarnated, he had no clue as to who would be able to hatch this egg. It would be unreasonable to ask a dragon to do this, considering that you planned to tame one of their own kind.

All the dragon mounts were only data, so they had no sense about their own kind.

The dragon egg was a different story. From being an egg until it hatched, this was the process of a life forming.

Although it seemed as though Lu Li looked down on Hachi Chan’s Spirit Dragon mount, no one else apart from him understood how precious it actually was.

Simply put, it was very, very rare.

Apart from Green Dragons, Spirit Dragons were the only ones who could freely pass between dreams and reality. They were also the first magic beings to enter the world of Emerald Dreams and come into contact with the Elves.

The source of theses eggs had always been a mystery. Dawn rarely had any quests or storylines about them and this limited the source of the mount.

If this dragon baby was to hatch, there was a possibility that it would be the only one.