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Chapter 490: Surprise

Chapter 490: Surprise
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"Yup, there’s a desert speedway in the Flashing Highlands of the Needlestone Forest. Quentin is located there; I’ll pass the egg to him," Hachi Chan said as she opened her quest board and read its content.

"That means that you won’t need me for the quest anymore, right?" Lu Li was slightly surprised by the difficulty-level of the quest.

Was it that simple to receive a Spirit Dragon mount? How come he had barely seen any in his previous life? Had his reincarnation caused a butterfly effect?

He was taking too much credit for himself.

This was a one-time quest, but the mount wasn’t a unique one – this was the only chance to receive the mount through this method.

At the same time, not everyone had an item like the Deception Orb. Even if you made it in, there was no guarantee that you wouldn’t be found, and even if you weren’t found, how would you steal the egg? Moreover, even if you stole the egg, how would you make it out alive?

Not everyone had the strength and capabilities like he had.

Hachi Chan was right about Lu Li deserving an Oscar. He had been raised in the lowest parts of society, and was both humble and strong, yet had the cunning edge that most people did not.

In Lu Li’s previous life, the one who had received the Spirit Dragon mount through this quest was Unforgettable Maple from Majin Temple.

In order to steal the dragon egg from the Grimtotem, Unforgettable Maple had hatched a plan. He led the Horde and Alliance players to the discovery of the Grimtotem and their horrible ways. With some deceiving words, he faked an event where players were skinned by the Grimtotem.

The enraged players formed an alliance to attack the Grimtotem.

Unforgettable Maple took his chance and stole the Spirit Dragon egg during the confusion. However, after he spent so much energy to get the mount, he was at a loss for words.

The mount was colorful and was perfect for a girl; there was no way he could bring himself to sit on it.

If he flew around on top of it for a while, he would probably return in shame. He was quite upset about the mount for a while, so the Spirit Dragon had been sealed away from then. This was also why Lu Li never heard about anyone having the Spirit Dragon mount; it had nothing to do with the butterfly effect.

There was only so much that a single person could accomplish. Although he had changed many things during his current life, the world still remained on track for the most part.

After Hachi Chan finished using Lu Li, she immediately waved him goodbye and left.

Lu Li spent the rest of his time leveling.

Even though he wouldn’t be able to reach level 35 before the competition, that wasn’t a reason for him to rest.

The Magic Cup was a competition on a smaller scale. Many celebrity players wouldn’t even show their faces, and everyone placed their attention on the large-scale competitions at the end of the year.

Water Fairy seemed to have found a better spot for leveling, so she stopped contacting to Lu Li to train with her. Lu Li was slightly annoyed about this.

While he was fighting in the mud of the Dustwallow Marsh, something on his waist vibrated. It wasn’t someone from the game; it was someone contacting him in real life.

He checked the number record and found that it was the old doctor from the hospital. Lu Li left the game without returning to the city, took off his helmet and immediately picked up the phone.

"Sir, this is Lu Li..."

"Don’t worry; it’s good news." The old doctor could understand Lu Li’s feelings and was quite touched by the relationship between the siblings, so he tried to keep his tone as gentle as possible.

"Sure, go ahead." Lu Li was slightly relieved; he found it hard to stay calm for anything that was about his sister’s problem.

He had never been so anxious, even when he faced the Tauren riders. His sister was the color to his life; she was extremely important to him.

"A donor has been found!" the old doctor exclaimed happily.

Lu Xin was only one of his many patients, but he remembered her. After going to the trouble of flying halfway around China, he had finally found a donor and contacted Lu Li as soon as he returned.

"Really? They’re completely compatible?" Lu Li couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

He was so overwhelmed by joy that he didn’t even know how to express it.

They had actually only waited for about a month, but his anxiety made him feel like he had waited for a year. Now that he had suddenly been told that there was a heart available, he nearly fainted from joy.

"We’ve tested, and the statistics basically match up to 92%. This is a very rare compatibility, and among all the transplant surgeries done, the longest survivor was an English boy. He did his heart transplant at the age of 13 and passed away when he was a 107 old. His compatibility was 96%..." the old doctor tried to explain as precisely as possible.

"Is it not possible to find a 100% match?" Lu Li wanted to give his sister the best.

"That’s not possible; a complete match doesn’t exist," the old doctor said. "In all honesty, as long as the blood types match, the transplant can be done. However, to find a match over 90% is very fortunate; you might not even see one over the course of ten years. Many people have lost their chance during the wait."

"I see. Would there be a strong rejection?" Lu Li was still worried.

"Of course there would be some rejection if it’s not your own; it’s just the difference in the level of rejection. That’s why we emphasized on the rehabilitation after the surgery. You’re very lucky. After the transplant is done, she will be able to live like a normal person after two or three years of rehabilitation. If the match was low, she would have to be accompanied by medicines for the rest of her life," the old doctor said.

He had placed in a lot of effort for this matter. Not only had he gone around to find a suitable donor, but he had also talked to the family members of the donor for their cooperation.

"Thank you so much." Lu Li was filled with gratitude. but he wasn’t good at expressing himself.

"She’s a very cute little girl; it would be a shame for her to finish her life so young. Not to mention, she also has a brother who loves her dearly."

"When can we proceed with the surgery?" Lu Li asked, trying to calm himself down.

"There are some things I have to put out there for you," the old doctor said strictly. "If you want to ensure the best chances, every detail of the surgery is important, and the cost will be very pricey."

"Don’t worry; I’ll be able to pay regardless of the price," Lu Li replied.

He had around $3-4 million in his bank account and could also transfer a section of the money from Ruling Sword. If that still wasn’t enough, he would sell himself to Water Fairy; money wasn’t an issue for her.

There was some friendship between them, so she would most likely be willing to help.