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Chapter 492: Unexpected Visitors

Chapter 492: Unexpected Visitors
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From the moment he received the call from the doctor, Lu Li lost his cool. Lu Xin was young and the situation revolved around her, so she was quite lost too.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Dou Jing Jing heard their movements in the house, perhaps they would’ve already packed and left.

Dou Jing Jing was surprised and quickly called for the other girls in the house.

"We’ve found a suitable donor; we’ll be heading off to Jinling for surgery now," Lu Li explained. He was determined to not let anyone stop him.

"How’s the situation of the donor?" They had never met the donor, so most of their attention was placed on Lu Xin.

The three girls had an average relationship with Lu Li, mostly because he didn’t care too much about the appearance of girls in general, and didn’t bother to spend extra time with them. Even basic communication wasn’t easy between them.

However, they had a great relationship with Lu Xin; all of them were like sisters.

"Very good. Doctor Don said that this is a rare chance." Despite Lu Li’s thoughts, he had to demonstrate confidence in front of his sister.

"We’re going too." Willow wasn’t the type to talk much, but she was always the one to call the shots.

"Why are you girls coming?" Lu Li just wanted to head off to Jinling as soon as possible.

Years back, heart transplants required the surgery to be performed within twenty-four hours of the heart leaving the donor. Once the time went beyond six hours, it would affect the results of the surgery. Over the years, technology had extended this time limit, but regardless, it was still best for the surgery to be performed as soon as possible.

"You’re a guy. What do you know about looking after Xin Xin?" Zhou Huan Huan retorted as she glanced at Lu Li and turned away to pack.

Dou Jing Jing and Willow drove the car; all three of them had their own cars.

The five of them took two cars to the hospital to pick up the old doctor and headed straight for Jinling.

After Maglev technology had been fully developed, China opened up a highway in the air. Its travel speed was almost as good as an airplane. Jiangnan was also very close to Jinling, so it only took them one hour to arrive at their destination – the biggest hospital in Jinling.

The arrival of Lu Li and the others didn’t make too much of an impact. Nobody paid attention to the little girl who moved into one of the hospital wards.

The time was already late and because there were a lot of procedures they had to go through, Lu Li and the others barely had time to catch a breath.

It wasn’t until the next day that they remembered they had to notify Square Root 3, since there were things in the game to be sorted out too.

It wasn’t necessarily wrong for Lu Li to give attention to the game at this point in time – Dawn would be the reason for his sister’s recovery and their happy lives after.

"Lu Li, what’s with you? You went offline without saying anything and didn’t come online today too. The competition is almost starting." Square Root 3 was just about to call Lu Li and began with a complaint as soon as he received the call.

"I can’t go online right now. Xin Xin is in the hospital and I have to watch over her," Lu Li spoke quietly as he stood outside the ward.

He understood the importance of the game, but he really wasn’t in the mood to participate in the competition. He also probably wouldn’t be able to perform up to standard in his current state. Lu Li wasn’t a God; he couldn’t close his eyes and dominate over everything.

"What happened to Xin Xin?" Square Root 3 remembered Lu Li’s sister, recalling her as a very cute little girl, especially when she laughed.

"Please let her be ok," he thought. Ruling Sword had only just been established; there was a lot that needed to be worked on.

Lu Li had to explain the entire situation. The two of them were deeply tied by both friendship and profit, so there wasn’t any reason for him to hide anything.

Square Root 3 first congratulated them on finding a suitable donor, then proceeded to ask if they had enough funds. After he received a sure answer, he then began worrying about the game.

"In that case, you won’t be able to come online for a few days?"

"I’ve brought my helmet. Once we settle things here, I’ll come online," Lu Li said.

Before they left, the girls had packed all their gaming helmets in the car, including Lu Li and Lu Xin’s helmet.

"I’ll let Mu Qiu go on instead," Square Root 3 sighed. He couldn’t force anything in this situation, and could only comfort Lu Li. "Stay focused on the most important things for now; don’t worry about the game. We’ll hold the fort until you’re back."

Despite his words, deep down inside, he began to realize the importance of Lu Li in their group.

Ruling Sword was like a dream that was almost entirely built upon Lu Li. He directed the First Clears for the dungeons and led the teams to win championships.

This day, Lu Li didn’t go online.

During the morning, he visited Helen Svalfod. She was woman from overseas, around forty years of age and spoke English, but Lu Li didn’t understand English.

Willow translated their conversation; she was a talented girl with good grades and was fluent in multiple languages.

Lu Li actually didn’t have much to say to the doctor; all he could do was to express his gratitude. Besides this, he also attempted to give her some bonus money, but his offer was declined.

The envelope contained a check for $500,000.

Although she had been through the situation multiple times in China, Helen Svalford still found it hard to understand some people’s thinking processes. For her to perform the surgery, she would at least receive two million dollars. Why would some people give her bonus money when she was already given such a high pay?

Since their conversation wasn’t really going anywhere, the legendary doctor soon waved them goodbye.

Lu Li thought that his afternoon would be free and that he could spend some time to comfort his sister, who was quite anxious, but they had some unexpected visitors.

"It’s here, right?" A few weak voices could be heard outside, but their words were clear. They had clearly received a good education.

"Yes, Mr Mei, they’ve moved in last night. Both of their parents have passed away; only the siblings remain." Lu Li was able to recognize the other voice; it was the head nurse.

Lu Li didn’t know many people and felt a sense of rejection to these visitors, but as soon as he heard the term "Mr Mei", he was caught by surprise.

"Lu, someone is here to visit you guys" the head nurse said as she knocked on the door and shifted to the side.

"Hi. Please take a seat." Lu Li stood up and pulled over some chairs as he looked at the man and woman that had walked in.

They weren’t young and there was some white hair on their heads, but they barely had any wrinkles. They must have looked after themselves well, but they seemed tired, as if they had gone through a great ordeal.

"This must be the little girl."

The woman went past Lu Li and looked at Lu Xin, who laid flat on the bed on her tummy.

Lu Xin was chewing on an apple and her cheeks were puffed like a hamster. She wasn’t sure if she should spit out her food or finish eating it. All she could do was to awkwardly stare at the visitors.

The man and woman were here to see Lu Xin and stared at her after they entered the door. They had a complex expression on their faces and it was hard to tell what they were thinking.