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Chapter 495: Thinking Too Much Will Make You Lose As Well

Chapter 495: Thinking Too Much Will Make You Lose As Well
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"This guy…he’s just…" Square Root 3 was sitting in the stands and was speechless at Fat Monkey.

Fat Monkey hadn’t become more reserved despite the previous day’s loss. There wasn’t anyone in the team who could hold him back. He was like a crazy monkey, or as Square Root 3 put it, his tactics were just insane.

However, he didn’t mean this in an insulting way, as they were currently surprisingly effective.

The more he fought like that, the more Unforgetful Maple was suspicious of Lu Li benching himself.

Fat Monkey’s equipment was almost the same as Unforgetful Maple’s, but he was well-known for his fire attacks. At this rate, Fat Monkey and he were dealing the same amount of damage to each other.

However, he was pushing far too forwards, so the Hunter on Unforgetful Maple’s side was also attacking him. This meant that Fat Monkey’s HP was dropping faster and faster.

If he kept fighting a two-on-one, Fat Monkey would undoubtedly fall first, but Unforgetful Maple had to admit that it wouldn’t be before he had lost half of his HP.

He shouted loudly for the Healer to heal him.

It wasn’t worth trading HP with Fat monkey. If Lu Li came in the moment Fat Monkey died, he didn’t know if he could withstand his aggressive attacks.

This map wasn’t that large and they were fighting at Ruling Sword’s Return Point, which meant that a substitute could immediately join the battle.

If he retreated now, Fat Monkey would be left on 30% HP, and March Rain could easily fill his HP back to full.

"You guys are so slow. If you kept up, we could have killed the maple girl." Not only did Fat Monkey not thank March Rain, but he was also complaining to his teammates.

Maple girl was Unforgetful Maple’s nickname.

There were five of them and they were all from Ruling Sword, but they were pushing him around.

Fat Monkey kept sticking to him and was fighting quite recklessly, which gave Unforgetful Maple a headache.

Fat Monkey was a fire mage and in a one-on-one, he didn’t have any reason to fear him. Everyone was long-ranged anyway, so the effectiveness of Freezes was limited.

"Mu Qiu is not bad," Square Root 3 said, admiring the 1.8-million-dollar star player.

It wasn’t that Mu Qiu’s performance was particularly eye catching. When compared with a group of amateurs, star players were just ordinary players that had received systematic training.

Someone like Moonlight, who seemed to have wild and spontaneous tactics, was not common among star players.

"Maybe he will be the next Tire Killer," Lu Li nodded in agreement.

"Memories is not as good. She’s too scared of making a mistake," Square Root 3 sighed.

"Some things can’t be forced. Right now, she just needs to make use of Bloodthirst, and the rest is up to her." Lu Li didn’t demand much and just said what needed to be said.

People played the game for different reasons, and not everyone was in a rush to make money like he was.

Not all players wanted to enter professional competitions and take championships either. Most people just wanted to casually play the game for the experience.

"What about Moonlight?" Square Root 3 was curious as to what Lu Li thought about him.

"He’s a fighter," Lu Li said as Moonlight rushed into Majin Temple, then let out a sigh of relief. "The game has been won."

Fat Monkey’s frenzied attacks disrupted Unforgetful Maple’s rhythm, allowing Moonlight to take advantage of him.

Sakura Memories heard Moonlight’s command and casted Bloodthirst. They then cast all their skills at the poor hunter…

The only exception was Fat Monkey, who was still staring at Unforgetful Maple. He clearly wasn’t going to let his guard down until Unforgetful Maple was dead. Fat Monkey had brilliantly demonstrated the firepower of Fire magic today.

If Fat Monkey was an Ice Mage, Lu Li wouldn’t have wanted him.

Even without Lu Li, Ruling Sword had managed to defeat Majin Temple. In terms of strength, Majin Temple’s veteran Unforgetful Maple clearly made them tougher than Purple Lunar Paradise.

After the match, Lu Li went back to levelling.

Right now, he couldn’t properly focus on doing anything so he just kept training. He was becoming so powerful that the system’s monsters weren’t able to keep up.

"Hello? I see you’ve come online." Lu Li’s communicator sounded. Only one of Lu Li’s few friends would dare to interrupt him like this.

"I’m here. Are you guys fighting the Star Moon Guild?" Lu Li responded instinctively.

"Yes," Water Fairy said with displeasure." Without Square Root 3, they’re in a mess. They actually dared to contact me and tell me about having compassion."

Lu Li was throwing his daggers so aggressively that his trajectory was a little off.

He regained his composure and reassured himself that he hadn’t done anything wrong to this tycoon.

"They were just like flies and we easily swatted them away." Water Fairy didn’t seem to want to talk about that anymore and changed the subject, asking, "Why didn’t you join the competition? You guys lost yesterday."

"Something came up at home. A loss is a loss. You can’t win if you never lose," Lu Li joked.

Speaking to someone like Water Fairy was always refreshing; she wasn’t a competitor and it felt more like a friendship.

After having helped each other so many times, Lu Li finally accepted the feeling of being friends.

"Sounds quite serious – you were offline for almost 2 days. You didn’t join the competition today either and you won by some luck. Maple girl is smart, but he made a mistake," Water Fairy said, understanding everything quite clearly.

At the very least, she understood Lu Li. She knew that he wouldn’t use these matches to train his team members.

The reason was quite simple – the first and second place winnings were very different. If money was involved, Lu Li would be very serious, so it was unusual that he had been absent in the last two matches.

She was so curious that she took the initiative to contact him about it.

"…" Lu Li hesitated, as there was no need to make his sister’s affairs public.

"If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine," Water Fairy quickly added.

After she said that, Lu Li didn’t feel too good about keeping it from her either. "My sister is sick and she was admitted to the hospital. I’ve been accompanying her…"

"Oh, its Lu Xin. She was fine the last time I saw her; how did she suddenly get sick?" Water Fairy asked. When she previously brought Mu Qiu to talk to Lu Li, she had seen Lu Xin playing with some other kids.

The impression that she got was that she was very beautiful, spotless and without blemish.

Obviously, Lu Li had been protecting her very well as she was so carefree. But how did she suddenly get sick?