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Chapter 496: Consequences of Offending a Female Tycoon

Chapter 496: Consequences of Offending a Female Tycoon
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In the gloomy Theramore’s Fall, Lu Li pulled his dagger out of monster. The System prompted that he had received some EXP, but his EXP bar didn’t move. One monster wasn’t enough to make it budge.

The Ooze monster would explode before its death. It didn’t cause much damage, but it splashed ooze everywhere.

Normal players didn’t like these swamp monsters, so this big map only had a few thousand players currently in it. Most importantly, not many players were farming, so there were high amounts of EXP to be gained.

The same was true for Lu Li, but he was unlike the others. He was farming while listening to the sweet voice of a sister, who was also a beautiful woman.

"It’s nothing too serious." Lu Li didn’t want to get into too much detail about his sister.

"Then let me go visit her. I have some free time today after logging off." Water Fairy didn’t know why she made such a request either.

It had been a long time since she had taken to initiative to ask to visit someone.

"No, it’s okay, thank you," Lu Li refused, but then thought he was being rude so he quickly added, "She has just completed the surgery, so even I can’t see her. I also don’t know how far it is for you; I don’t want to trouble you."

"Peace talks my ass! Ao Jian, that idiot," Water Fairy said angrily. "He’s already offended me and he still wants to talk about it!"


"Sorry, I was talking to someone else," Water Fairy apologized, reverting to her normal tone. She just needed to vent for a little bit, but now she felt better.

The two top executives in Drizzle Court that had come to see Water Fairy had no idea that Ao Jian had offended their leader so badly.

It was also worth mentioning that the weather was getting cold, so she was probably becoming more impatient. The crafty Star Moon Guild had probably done something to offend her.

"Do you have trouble with Ao Jian? Do you need help?" Lu Li was still trembling after the tycoon’s show of aggression and thought it would be good to offer some help.

"It’s okay," Water Fairy said quietly. "Do you know what city I live in?"

"Uh…" Lu Li was dumbfounded, and his foot slipped, causing him to almost fall onto the floor. An Ooze took the opportunity to hit his face, which turned out to be a critical hit and dealt more than 200 damage.

Why was she suddenly asking a question like this?

Water Fairy was a celebrity in game, but the city where she lived was unknown. Lu Li didn’t know either – even rebirth couldn’t help him in that regard.

"It seems like you don’t know. How do you know it’s far away?’ Water Fairy wasn’t speaking angrily, but Lu Li could feel the chill in the air as she spoke.

Lu Li had only said that as a courtesy; why would she ask him that?

It was so uncommon for Lu Li to come across someone who didn’t follow formalities that he was speechless.

After all, they were both friends.

Well, perhaps they weren’t as close as he thought. Lu Li began to ponder the consequences of offending Water Fairy and Drizzle Court.

It seemed like Ruling Sword wouldn’t be able to hold up against them as they were still developing and were unable to keep fighting.

"Tell me which hospital is your sister in. I won’t bite her," Water Fairy interrupted Lu Li’s flights of fancy.

Lu Li answered honestly, "Nanjing First People’s Hospital, cardiology."

One reason he was so honest was probably because of his conscience. He hadn’t listened to it much in his past life. Water Fairy’s desire to visit was probably sincere, as she was a rich female tycoon that didn’t owe Lu Li anything. She was unlikely to have some other ulterior motive.

"Nanjing… haha…" Water Fairy made a sneering sound and then immediately hung up.

Lu Li was completely baffled; he had no idea what was happening to Water Fairy today.

There were a few days in a month where Lu Li would attribute Water Fairy’s unusual behavior to female physiology. He had raised his sister alone, so he wasn’t completely unaware about those things.

He had initially planned to be peacefully levelling up, but he had been interrupted by the call from Water Fairy.

His EXP bar was only at 70%. Lu Li felt a little displeasure at that, but he wanted to log off and go to pay a visit to the hospital.

He didn’t dare to call his sister as the phone might ring too loudly and scare her. Her heart was vulnerable at the moment and she needed to rest.

After another two days, Lu Li could see her in protective clothing.

Perhaps they had been informed by Square Root 3, but his teammates were aware of his situation and didn’t bother him. Even Hachi Chan had been asking someone else to help with her quests.

Lu Li thought for a moment and decided to open some Treasure Chests.

After the fourth system update, the Treasure Chest system had changed quite a bit. The most significant update was the drops being reduced from two guaranteed drops to one. However, the Treasure Chests would refresh more frequently now.

There were too many players, much more than the game company’s expectations. Many players who relied on Treasure Chests to make money were unable to find any and were complaining.

Additionally, a special Treasure Chest was added. It was officially called the Random Treasure Chest, but players called it the Lottery Chest.

There could be 3 to 6 things in this treasure chest, and these items were numbered accordingly. The players who found the chest could roll for a number and would receive whatever they rolled.

The chest didn’t need Unlock and also allowed many players to roll for it.

However, these changes didn’t improve the quality of the drops. Lu Li looked around Thermore’s Fall for a while and discovered three Treasure Chests. All of them were Steel – even in high-level maps, it was rare to find Silver Treasure Chests, but Lu Li didn’t dare to visit the Advanced Maps.

He could fly, so he had a unique advantage in finding Treasure Chests.

While the majority of players were still pursuing ground mounts, Lu Li was already thriving in the sky.

Well, Hachi Chan could fly too. She had received the Archdruid’s favor at the Howling Caves and could transform into a butterfly. Unfortunately, Hachi Chan still lacked control in the air.

Of course, there were more than three chests in Theramore’ Fall, but most of them had been opened. With the ability to transform into a crow, he could reach places that ordinary players couldn’t.

The three chests dropped three Steel equips, which were just a joke to Lu Li. After thinking for a while, Lu Li decided to go to a higher-level map.

He was still upset and needed something to distract his mind.