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Chapter 498: Gold Treasure Chest

Chapter 498: Gold Treasure Chest
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The Wasteland Forces were annoying because they would kill anyone that went to the ruins.

In a certain sense, Lu Li’s purpose was contrary to theirs, so meeting them would result in certain death. Lu Li was currently only level 34, so fighting level 40 monsters would be quite difficult. It was best for him to avoid them.

These ruins made the normally flat desert terrain quite complex, so Lu Li had to be even more careful.

It was hard to say whether there were Wasteland Forces hiding behind a wall. These monsters were basically gangsters and wouldn’t reason with you.

There was also a decent chance that a level 40 monster could see a Stealthed Thief that was 6 levels below them.

Lu Li felt a decaying shell scratch the bottom of his foot; who knew why there was a shell here in the middle of the desert? However, not far away, a Wasteland Tracker dropped a flare at his feet.

The Hunter’s flare was a Thief’s worst nightmare.

Under these circumstances, Lu Li was unable to keep up the Stealth. A Wolf tooth flew and hit him in the knee, dealing over 300 damage.

The level gap was so wide that a normal monster could deal 300 damage to him with a single attack.

What was worse was that he had nowhere to go. He was surrounded by monsters, so he would run into one no matter where he ran. The longer he waited, the more gathered, so dying to these normal monsters was an actual possibility.

Lu Li could only brace himself now.


His Shadowstrike with a Skill Completion above 85% only resulted in a double-digit amount of damage.

Lu Li never realized how difficult it was to fight a monster that was much higher-levelled than he was.

Fortunately, he could take potions and had a large number of crowd-control skills. He had lost half his HP, but he finally killed the monster that discovered him.

After fighting for more than 10 minutes, he managed to kill five Wasteland Forces monsters. Lu Li still hadn’t found the Gold Treasure Chest from his memories, but it still had left the strongest impression in his mind.

It had to be around here somewhere. Although the refresh point was not fixed, it was bound to be somewhere in the area.

Gold Treasure Chest…

Lu Li looked across the golden yellow earth for the Gold Treasure Chest. Could it be that he needed to do some digging? Perhaps the chest had been buried under the sand?

No, that was simply nonsense. Not only were the ruins so big that a player wouldn’t find it after searching for years, but digging around in the sand would also disturb the Sandworms.

Sandworms had no vision or hearing, so their perception was solely based on vibrations.

Lu Li had no choice but to try and fight some monsters to pass the time. His targets were the Wasteland Forces that were roaming around, but fighting them was quite difficult. He had even tried to Pick Pocket them, but the level 40 monster’s detection was so high that they knew he was there before he even got close. Then, the difficult fight would begin.

The worst part was that despite fighting monsters that were 6 levels higher, he didn’t gain much EXP.

At least the drops were a consolation, as these desert monsters were quite rich. It seemed like these Wasteland gangsters were good at doing business.

They were actually dropping Silver items. These were the first non-Boss monsters in Dawn to drop Silver items.

However, after 30 minutes, Lu Li still hadn’t achieved anything.

Lu Li planned to keep looking for another 30 minutes, otherwise, he would go and kill the Southshore Sea Pirates. Those pirates were equally hard to kill, but they could drop some really good items.

One such item was the ‘Stealth Potion Recipe’, which allowed non-stealth players to go into Stealth. The effect was far weaker than that of the Thief or Druid, but there was a big market for it.

To complement that item, the corresponding potion was the ‘Elixir of Detect Lesser Invisibility’. That item was even more incredible.

If you took that Potion, you could detect nearby Stealthed targets for some time. Of course, like the Stealth Potion, it wouldn’t necessarily work on Stealth experts like the Thief or Druid.

However, there was still a large market for it, as having a bottle of the anti-stealth potion would force Thieves to be more careful.

There were also 16-space Troll Backpacks, Giant Strength Potions that gave 15 Strength, a variety of Blueprints, exquisite equipment and so on. The Southshore Sea Pirates were able to drop such good items because they were pirates.

Killing them also had a chance of dropping a treasure map part, and collecting all three parts enabled the players to create a treasure map. They could also drop a Captain’s key which was necessary to open the treasure.

The most crucial part was that this treasure map could be repeatedly farmed, which meant that you would also gain a lot of EXP from this area.

Right now, no one other than Lu Li knew about it.

He could monopolize everything. He would be the first to open the treasure and enjoy its benefits. It was just like when he had gotten the First Clears on the Bosses.

However, the Gold Treasure Chest was still a large temptation, and one of the regrets of his past life. A big reason for him choosing to play Thief this time was because of that.

His luck with Treasure Chests seemed to be particularly good. He had found a lot of high-grade chests, but he could only watch as others opened them.

After giving it some thought, he reasoned that the treasure chest couldn’t be buried under the sand. After all, this was a game and the game company would design it such that the players would benefit.

Burying it in the sand would make it very difficult for the players.

Following that thinking, Lu Li began to pay more attention to the corners of the map.

Tanaris didn’t have a daytime. The sky was always starry and was complemented with a bright moon. As such, the yellow sand was permanently stained in silver.

Under the moonlight, Lu Li glimpsed a metal sliver in the corner of his eyes.

A chest!

He had finally found the Gold Treasure Chest under the totem of a Viper.

It definitely had not been easy to find.

The golden totem, golden sand and golden chest was all unified with a layer of moonlight. If you didn’t look carefully enough, you would never notice it.

In his past life, he had found the Gold Treasure Chest of the East Moon Ruins because he had carelessly run into it.

However, this time, it had taken him more than an hour of wandering around in the East Moon Ruins.

System: Sorry, your Unlock Skill is not strong enough. Please continue to work hard.

The cold system prompt doused his enthusiasm in icy water. Fortunately, he still had one Skill Point left, otherwise, he would have cried his way home.

He added a point to the Unlock Skill, upgrading it to level 3 and enabling its use on Gold Treasure Chests. Although this was likely not the first Gold Treasure Chest discovered in Dawn, this was the first that Lu Li had seen.

The channel was slow but steady and his heart finally let go of his sister’s condition as he waited for the game in anticipation.