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Chapter 499: Wirt’s Third Leg

Chapter 499: Wirt’s Third Leg
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Would it be Gold equipment?

For most Treasure Hunters, the thing they probably didn’t want to see the most was equipment.

Equipment like bracelets and earrings were very rare and highly sought after. Some players had opened hundreds or thousands of chests without even finding a single one.

However, they would still prefer rare materials or Trade Skill Blueprints to appear in treasure chests. They would also take Skill Books as well, although Skill Books like the Warrior’s Charge were already worthless.

If it was a Steel Treasure Chest, the equipment dropped would only be Steel grade. Right now, even exquisite Steel equipment was not worth much money.

As such, the Gold Treasure Chest would drop a Gold Treasure Chest. As long as the attributes weren’t too bad, the item would be worth a decent amount of money. Gold equipment was still in short supply at the moment.

Lu Li only had a few pieces, let alone the ordinary players.

However, if there were other items in the chest, they would probably be more expensive.

The skill channel didn’t actually take that long; it soon completed and a ‘kacha’ sound could be heard. The Gold Treasure Chest slowly opened.

Lu Li took a breath and reached into the chest.

The item that he touched felt cold and a little tough. When he took it out, he realised that it was a pair of shoes.

Lu Li sighed internally; his current shoes were the Tempest Leather Boots.

Tempest Leather Boots (Silver): 25 Armour, All Stats+10, Movement Speed+5%, Special Effect: Escape. After activating, you instantly appear at a location within 15 feet. Cooldown Time: 180 seconds, Equipment Requirement: LV25. Durability: 50/50.

They increased all attributes, gave a 5% move speed buff and even had an escape effect.

They were simply perfect.

Even though they were only a level 25 Silver, Lu Li could probably use them until level 35. Of all the level 30 Silver or Gold equipment, he had not seen any boots that were better.

He had many reasons to love them – they had a beautiful appearance and were comfortable…

Now, he had received another pair of shoes, but they were just leather shoes. Lu Li was quite disappointed.

Rebirth hadn’t changed his luck; he was still very unlucky. After all, he was just an ordinary person and didn’t have supernatural luck like the System’s daughter Hachi Chan.

His equipment wasn’t that Heaven-Defying either. It was just a little better than that of the top players, so there was much room for improvement.

If a player always found great items, but they were always shoes, then their strength would be limited. Even if they traded, they wouldn’t be able to get the best items.

Regardless, he had a look at the items properties.

Wirt’s Third Leg (Gold): Armor 35, Agility +20, Constitution +12, Movement Speed +8%. Special Effect 1: Fade into the shadows and appear behind a target. Increases movement speed by 80% for 3 seconds and increases damage done by the next spell by 20%. Reduces Threat by 50%. 120 second cooldown. Special Effect 2: Wirt’s Fake Leg, Instant Cast, bound forward or backward by 8 yards. 120 second cooldown. Equipment Requirement level 35. Durability 82/82.

There was also a long inscription on the boots which described Wirt’s unhappy childhood. When he was young, he and a group of other villagers were kidnapped by a Dark Mage and experimented on.

After a few years, he was fortunately rescued by a passing hero. However, Wirt had already suffered a lot of torture and had lost the ability to walk. As such, the hero gave him a pair of magical boots which were called Wirt’s Third Leg, otherwise known as Wirt’s Fake Leg.

After his ability to walk was restored, he followed this hero and gradually became an Epic Thief. He then successfully killed the Dark Mage that had gone into hiding.

Lu Li decided to take back what he had thought previously.

The Tempest Leather Boots weren’t perfect. They were a little weaker than Wirt’s Third Leg.

The Tempest Leather Boots added 10 to all attributes, but the only useful attributes were Agility, Strength and Constitution, in that order. Wirt’s Third Leg added 20 points to the most important attribute, Agility. As such, it clearly had the best properties.

Wirt’s Third Leg also had 3% more Movespeed.

As for the special effect, the Tempest Leather Boots only had one escape. It was very useful, but it was a bit awkward because it sent you 15 yards in a random direction.

If the environment was complex, Lu Li wouldn’t dare to use the effect, especially if he was near a cliff edge, a deep ravine or a volcano. If it placed him in a bad spot, the effects could be disastrous.

Similarly, Wirt’s Third Leg also had an effect called Wirt’s Fake Leg.

This only moved him by 8 yards, but he could control whether he wanted to move forwards or backwards. It was useful for both chasing and escaping.

Additionally, Lu Li also thought that its first effect was very strong.

It was almost the same as Shadow Cloak, and perhaps was even stronger.

It included a 10% speed buff for 1 second, increase damage and decreased Threat by 50%. That was really good for Bosses, no matter how high your Threat was.

He should have retired the Shadow Cloak a long time ago, but Lu Li had been reluctant to because of its effect. However, with Wirt’s Third Leg, he could now find a new cloak. The clear increase in strength when changing from Tempest Leather Boots to Wirt’s Third Leg made it easy.

The only issue was the equipment level requirement. Suddenly, Lu Li felt motivated to level again.

Unless if they were levelling maniacs like Sakura Memories, most players were like Lu Li. They couldn’t just keep on levelling forever; the human psyche just couldn’t stand it.

However, with a goal in mind, anyone could enjoy the boring levelling process.

Tanaris was not suitable for levelling, as the lowest-levelled monster was level 40.

Before Lu Li left, he intended to take a look at the Southshore Sea Pirates.

In his previous life, that place had quickly become a contested land and turned into a bloodbath between competing guilds. Later, negotiations arose and the decision was made by the strongest.

He didn’t know the specifics; an average player like Lu Li wouldn’t know about this kind of thing.

He had always heard about the Southshore Sea Pirates, but he hadn’t killed a single pirate from there before.

Right now, no one knew about the Southshore Sea pirates, so there was no one stopping him from farming.

There were several camps of Southshore Sea Pirates, but the most important one was called the Lost Rigger Cove. This was the pirate’s base camp, and was the filled with elite monsters.

Lu Li spent a tremendous amount effort just to get to this place.

However, he didn’t have a choice; his level was low, so any monsters he fought would take a long time to kill. If he ran into any groups of monsters, he would have no choice but to run away.