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Chapter 500: Calling Someone

Chapter 500: Calling Someone
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In fact, there was a huge Sandworm on the way.

This disgusting monster populated a large area of the Tanaris sand; this place seemed to be their spawn point. Lu Li, who had come along, didn’t know how many were here. He had accidentally stepped on one’s head and was almost swallowed.

Fortunately, he had the Tempest Leather Boots. This piece of equipment that he was about to replace had once again saved his life.

There were also groups of Sunroc, but fortunately, Lu Li knew how these monsters behaved. If he attacked just one of them, the entire group would retaliate. At the current level of Dawn’s players, even 100 players wouldn’t stand a chance.

At this point, there were monsters everywhere in the Lost Rigger Cove, so Lu Li didn’t dare to go inside.

He found monsters in the periphery to test, and discovered that monsters who could drop good items shouldn’t be underestimated. These pirates had a strong attack and could also buff themselves with a variety of potions.

They had an attack bonus, attribute bonus, move speed bonus, and Lu Li had even seen a Detection of Secondary Stealth potion.

There was already a level gap, so with the Stealth detection, there was no chance for Lu Li to sneak into the camp. If the Southshore Pirates had musketeers, they would definitely line up on Lu Li’s head.

Later, he ran into an Elite monster with high HP and was unable to kill it, even after a long time.

When Lu Li saw that his HP had dropped by two-thirds and that the monster was still on half HP, he decisively hit a Kidney Shot stun and vanished with Stealth to escape.

After this, whenever he saw an Elite monster, he would go the long way around.

The elite monsters were bigger than ordinary monsters, their amour was brighter, and the weapons they were holding were not pieces of scrap metal.

After half an hour, Lu Li had killed over 40 monsters and had gained less than 0.1% EXP. He was levelling at a snail’s pace.

As for equipment, he had received many level 40 Bronze and Steel equips that were all destined for the shops. He had also received quite a few cloth materials, but the drops weren’t as good as he thought.

Lu Li quickly gave up the idea of killing monsters in this area.

However, he wasn’t comfortable with just giving up and leaving either. As such, he used Sudden Thrust towards the seashore.

The Lost Rigger Cove was here, a natural occurrence along the seashore. There were three ships anchored in the cove and they were all relied on by the Southshore Sea Pirates. If an army came to siege them, they could also use the ships to retreat to sea.

In the vast sea, they were simply untraceable. As such, piracy was a very popular business in Dawn.

Lu Li jumped into the water and instantly transformed into a Seal.


The fish and shrimp were shocked by the sudden appearance of this monster and scattered in different directions. Only the carefree creatures like the eels continued to cruise around slowly. They were in a group and had good combat effectiveness.

Lu Li didn’t bother with these eels. He was going to grab one later to cook when he was leaving.

Instead, he moved along the coast and tried to find Treasure Chests near the campfire. There definitely would be one; the pirate camp was one of the most densely populated areas of the world.

He quickly spotted a chest, but it was only a Steel one. It was unlikely that it would drop any good items.

It was also surrounded by seven or eight pirates, and there were also two among them that looked like elites. It wasn’t worth the risk, so Lu Li looked for another target. If he could find a Gold chest, he would assemble a few Thieves from the guild to distract the monsters while he opened it.

In this land that no one had set foot on, the treasures of the Gold chest would be amazing and a worthy cause for other players to fight over.

After travelling a little further, Lu Li paused. His gaze was drawn to a tall, red-bearded pirate with one eye.

He was wearing a black captain’s hat, a necklace with large pearls, wielded a gold-handled knife on his waist and was leaving deep footprints in the sand.

It was a Boss!

Why was there a Boss here?

Lu Li remembered from his past life that this place should not have a captain Boss in it. However, he had heard of certain guilds trying to farm the pirates and warn that others should stay away for their own safety.

He had never heard of a Boss being killed in this area.

It was Andre Firebeard!

Suddenly, Lu Li realised the name of this Boss.

This was originally Lost Rigger Cove’s only Boss, Andre Firebeard. He finally remembered reading about this Boss from this depth of his memories.

The article he had read wasn’t about killing Captain Andre, nor was it about how a guild managed to steal the Boss – it was just a press release.

He had no recollection of when Andre Firebeard had been killed by single player.

He also had no recollection of what Andre Firebeard dropped.

Lu Li only remembered on thing – Andre Firebeard was not difficult to kill. In his previous life, a small guild had managed to defeat him, which was so sensational at the time that it afforded them some news coverage.

However, one thing was for sure – even if the Boss was easy to kill, Lu Li couldn’t do it alone.

If Andre called out some of his underlings, Lu Li would have no chance.

It was a strange sight to behold at the Lost Rigger Cove. There was a Seal holding up its upper body and staring greedily at the pirate captain.

He had to kill him!

It would be too disappointing if he didn’t.

It was a level 40+ Boss that could only be killed once; it couldn’t respawn. If the small monsters had decent drops, then surely the Boss would have good drops too.

And there was also the chance of it dropping a treasure map…

If he didn’t kill it now, was he going to let that random small guild do it instead?

He decided to immediately rally some other players to come and help.

Lu Li had given up on fighting the Boss alone and was calling his guildmembers for help.

"Make a group with all the elite players, but don’t mobilise it yet. Keep it lowkey and wait for my message," Lu Li messaged Square Root 3.

"Lu Li are you okay? Why are you getting the elite players?" Square Root 3 was puzzled.

Normally, Square Root 3 wouldn’t question the instructions, but today. he had to double check because his sister was on a hospital bed and couldn’t be visited. Lu Li wasn’t in a good mood and perhaps something was wrong.

"We’re killing a Wild Boss. Don’t tell anyone yet, just in case the information leaks," Lu Li said seriously.

"What Boss? Where?" Square Root 3 was interested the moment he heard the word ‘Boss’. He had organized the Star Moon Guild to kill a few Wild Bosses before. The benefits of Wild Bosses were usually lucrative.

However, Ruling Sword was currently too weak and in a phase of rapid development, so they didn’t have the strength to compete with the bigger guilds.