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Chapter 502: Cleared Out

Chapter 502: Cleared Out
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This route was quite long, but it was relatively safe. Not only did they avoid two Sunroc nesting grounds, but they also bypassed the Sandworm spawn points.

The Sandworms didn’t like water, so it was rare to see this creature on the beach.

When the players became more familiar with the map, no one would travel directly through Tanaris anymore. However, there was still some skill involved with this path as they needed to travel through some crocodiles. The crocodiles on the beach were more ferocious. No one knew why they had abandoned the Swamp and decided to live near the sea.

"Right here - it’s a wide enough space," Lu Li instructed as he looked around before signaling everyone to stop.

"What are we doing here?" Cain’s Left Hand was puzzled. They didn’t have a composition that could fight monsters; they didn’t even have a Main Tank.

"We’re going to bring the players here. Rice Ball, open the gate," Lu Li said, not bothering to explain any further.

Sesame Rice Ball quickly explained to his teammates how they were going to summon a tall, magical portal on the sand. Players who were in his party could then be summoned by this portal.

It was quick and there was no cooldown time.

When this skill became more popular, player mobility would be greatly increased.

One by one, the elite players were summoned over. This piece of land was quickly crowded by dozens of players who were looking around blankly with the same puzzled face.

"What is this place?"

"I don’t know. We were summoned here by the Boss, so there must be something happening."

"Did you guys pay attention to how you got here? There was suddenly a prompt asking if I wanted to be summoned by Sesame Rice Ball, and I was immediately transported here when I accepted."

"Sesame Rice ball is our guild’s number 1 Warlock. He must be an expert, but this skill is just broken."

"There are so many players here; this must be a big expedition. This is the first time the guild has gathered this many players, yet no one knows what the boss is doing?"

"Kalimdor, Tanaris, Lost Rigger Cove… we’re actually in Tanaris. Haha, it seems we are going to be the first to explore this wasteland map. Looks like we’re going to fight a Boss."

As the players began to guess the reason for this dispatch, they started to become serious.

Ruling Sword’s current strategy was a slow growth. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to quickly expand, but they were afraid that it would cost them in the long run. The other guilds didn’t want to them to grow too quickly, so if they started something in open, they would definitely be suppressed.

Ruling Sword’s activities had always been private. Most of time, they were contained within the Stadium or an Instance Dungeon.

Given the isolation of this place, the big guilds’ undercover players had no idea what to do.

Lu Li divided the teams up. There were 110 players all together that formed 11 teams. The core team was his usual team of 10, which left the remaining 10 teams to be made up of the 100 elite players.

The divided players would also have their respective party leaders. Starting from the arrival point, they cleared out all the monsters in the nearby area.

According to Lu Li’s orders, if there was a pirate, they could not let it escape under any circumstances.

It was still a challenge for the players to fight level 40 Elite monsters, but fortunately, it wasn’t a one-on-one. They surrounded the monster and the fights were over within a matter of seconds.

All this came back to the saying that Dawn wasn’t a single-player game.

When Lu Li had first arrived, he was scared of fighting monsters and was avoiding the elites, but now that they had the numbers, the monsters didn’t stand a chance. Their high attack had no chance of killing the Main Tanks with the support of their healers. There were also six or seven DPS players dealing as much damage as they could.

Once the one hundred players were gathered, Lu Li spoke into the channel.

"Our goal today is to get the First Clear on a level 40+ Boss. It should drop some good items," Lu Li paused before continuing, "I know that some of you will report this fight because there is no loss you nor will you be found out. Moreover, that single report will probably be rewarded with ten to twenty thousand dollars which can help you live quite comfortably."

"But do you think you are only worth ten to twenty thousand?" Lu Li didn’t like making speeches in the guild, so this was a rare sight. The players were all serious now, and the air of fun and games had gone.

"Do you think you were born in the wrong time, or that you have been unable to realize your potential, or that the world is against you? But have you really worked hard to get it…"

"This guild isn’t mine alone – it is everyone’s. If you make that report for ten to twenty thousand, what do you take the guild as? What do you take yourself as?"

Lu Li was confident that there would be someone among the elite group that would sell the information.

In reality, this wasn’t limited to Ruling Sword – all big guilds were bound to contain undercover players.

There were special intelligence traffickers that relied on selling information for their money. The big guilds didn’t even have to come in direct contact with them, so they didn’t have to worry about exposing themselves.

Information about fighting a Wild Boss would be worth at least ten to twenty thousand dollars.

In particular, it was Ruling Sword that was fighting this Boss. If the receiver of the information was a large and rich guild, it would definitely be worth at least twenty thousand.

Twenty thousand dollars was more than a month’s income for a white-collar worker in the city.

If you were still a student, this was enough money to pay for one or two semesters.

The channel was quiet for a moment after Lu Li finished his remarks. Then, the overlapping sounds of the players declaring their innocence and loyalty could be heard.

They all understand that there was no permanent solution for something like this. The key was in taking real action.

However, Lu Li’s speech wasn’t completely in vain.

There were still many players who agreed with him. Lu Li was establishing that the guild belonged to everyone, and that everyone needed to be involved to propel the guild to glory.

The sense of belonging in a guild was accumulated in these small details.

"Go along the beach and kill all the monsters. The loot is to be picked up by the party leaders. The players in the party can then compete for it immediately, but otherwise, the items will belong to the guild warehouse."

Lu Li didn’t say anything else. He wasn’t in a good mood today and he had already said more than he wanted to.

In fact, even if someone leaked the information, Lu Li wouldn’t be too worried.

A part of him even hoped that someone would come and look for trouble. The more players came, the better. The Tanaris Desert would give those players a painful lesson to learn.