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Chapter 504: Surrounded by Troops

Chapter 504: Surrounded by Troops
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Ruling Sword was taking down a level 40 wild Boss.

The news spread around in a small group, but the impact was way more than it seemed because this small group represented the major guilds.

Unlike the situations in the past, this information wasn’t kept as a secret.

This was Ruling Sword.

Every group somewhat rejected intruders, even if the group had their own fights between each member. Peerless City had been around for three years and had the foundation that they needed to talk with the major guilds on the same level, but they were still often a target.

These major guilds had never found a chance to target Ruling Sword.

Their original form was just a small mercenary group of ten. However, this small mercenary group took down many First Clears, including all the First Clears of the public dungeons.

Ruling Sword was also built upon the championship of Shadow Cup. At that time, the major guilds didn’t even have the courage to show their faces.

Whenever a minor dispute arose, countless bystanders would spite them. They said that these guilds didn’t deserve to be ranked in the top 100, that they had been destroyed on the competition ground and could succeed by playing dirty.

Now was their chance.

Taking down Bosses in the wild was dependent on everyone’s skills and tactics.

This was quite standard in the gaming industry; it was normal for them to try and steal the Boss away from Ruling Sword. No one would be able to point out their fault.

Soon, a dozen guilds had reached the same conclusion. Gangnam Royals was the main leader; these guilds sent a large group of strong players and quickly formed an alliance.

Approximately 1300 players participated in this event.

They were mostly elite members and were responsible for these kinds of dirty missions. Although the guild master of Gangnam Royals, Heart of War, wasn’t in charge of any teams, he still gave specific instructions:

Ensure that the elites from Ruling Sword all drop 10% experience.

They had bought information about Ruling Sword killing a Boss, but at the same time, Ruling Sword had received information about the action of these big guild too.

The price of sending messages was low. With a small amount of money, you could purchase any information first-hand.

Compared to the trade in real life, the information trade was much harder in the game.

"Lu Li, we’ve received information; they’re coming. If we really can’t do this, I suggest that we come back later," Square Root 3 messaged Lu Li.

"Why are we running? If they come, we’ll make sure that none of them will be able to return." Lu Li wasn’t moved; the daggers in his hands danced like shadows as it continuously dealt damage to the captain.

"But..." Square Root 3 was worried – this was 13 teams of 100 players that they were up against.

"Shellfire incoming. Ready... defend." Lu Li’s attention clearly wasn’t on their attackers; his command cut off all the words that Square Root 3 was about to say.

A row of plated classes, mostly defense classes, held their shields as they blocked the three warships.

The shellfire landed on these iron shields and exploded into texts of damage.

The first row lost a great amount of health, but none of them died.

Ruling Sword’s resources were all used on these 100 people which made them much stronger. After they had received the guide from Lu Li, they had also been to Scarlet Monastery. An average small guild wouldn’t be able to set up an iron wall like that.

Square Root 3 shook his head and returned to his position.

"With me as the center, Elite team five and six, help teams nine and ten clear the refreshed monsters on the left. Shamans, pay attention to the mana regeneration of the teams. Everyone, don’t hesitate to use potions either," Lu Li said as he calmly distributed these tasks.

"Boss, a big group of players suddenly appeared in Gadgetzan. We estimate over 1000 players," someone from the guild reported.

"Got it," Lu Li replied in the guild channel.

"Do we need to stop them?" The other players in the guild were keen since they couldn’t make it into the elite team or participate in this quest.

"No, don’t leave the safe zone. Those with spare time can go level up." Lu Li couldn’t bring himself to say anything harsh to these people. After all, these people just wanted to help the guild.

If he was too harsh with his words, it would reduce the passion of these guild players.

Gadgetzan suddenly became rowdy, as not only did groups of unidentified players appear, but there were also some Ruling Sword members.

Some people were just too passionate; Lu Li’s strict command didn’t stop them.

"Let’s go." The player responsible for the big guild’s alliance was a professional Paladin player. His ID was Nonsense and he led a mercenary group, often taking up similar quests.

As he saw that the players from Ruling Sword were increasing, he realized that they weren’t dealing with a small group.

This guild also had thousands of players and if they were to attack at full force, even the major guilds will have to take them seriously. They needed to act quickly.

The 13 teams of 100 left Gadgetzan and entered the desert of Tanaris.

Lu Li strictly instructed everyone to stay in the safe zone; he was afraid to lose his players and had to use "kicking them out of the guild" as a threat in the end.

There wasn’t anything wrong with being passionate – every guild needed these kinds of members.

Perhaps it was because Lu Li rarely spoke so harshly, but the Ruling Sword players in Gadgetzan decided not to follow.

However, they still paid attention to the entire situation; this was their guild after all. A 100-man team from their guild had been left stranded in the wild and was being threatened by thirteen 100-man teams.

1:13 – this was a hopeless ratio.

"Melee players, stand back. Don’t deal damage in such a rush. How many time have I said this? Let me see who is still attacking," Lu Li yelled as he picked up the names of a few melee players and had their points deducted.

The boss had loss a third of his health. Besides the cannon attacks, the captain also began to use another skill as his Scimitar danced in a circle.

Players from all angles lost a great amount of health. The skill also had a bleeding effect, and a few players had already died to it.

Because of this, Lu Li decided on a more defensive approach for this boss. As soon as the boss was about to spin, he commanded everyone to stand back.

"Boss, those people are almost here. If we don’t hurry, we’ll be stuck in between our enemies," someone urged, trying to talk some senses into Lu Li.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to follow instructions – they were in a desperate situation and their enemies were surrounding them!

"What’s with the rush?" Lu Li asked as he slowly raised his eyebrows.

"Even if those people were to run here, it would take them at least half an hour. We might have already killed this Boss by then."