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Chapter 505: Pretty Girls are Unreasonable

Chapter 505: Pretty Girls are Unreasonable
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There were areas in every city that only certain people were allowed to enter. These included places such as the Temple, Government Hall, Noble Mansions, as well as houses, mansions, manors and ancient castles…

Water Fairy’s own ancient castle was located at the North-West end of the Mage section near the Institute of Magic in Storm Wind Castle. For many years, this institution had been considered one of the best alongside the one in Dalaran.

Here, there was also one of the largest gardens in Stormwind which was more beautiful and detailed than real life. Because of the great location, the price of land here was extremely expensive and only few players were able to afford it. Water Fairy, known as the game’s most notorious pay-to-win player, obviously bought the most expensive and luxurious estate available.

Water Fairy was returning home from a day of training. She took off her battle-scarred armour, had a shower, then put on a set of orange equips.

This had been exchanged with candy from the Halloween shop during the event. She managed to collect a handsome amount of candy, but instead of exchanging it for equips that would boost her stats, she decided to exchange it for a new set of pretty Halloween event clothes.

She strolled around on her mount in her large and white living room, preparing for a night of relaxation.

If she had to get around on a mount in her living room, one could only imagine how big the rest of her castle would be. Compared to Lu Li’s island, Water Fairy’s castle was only be 2000 gold cheaper.

Her mount was a tamed White Kodo.

Water Fairy really liked white and was instantly attracted to this rare Kodo mount. Her mount was larger than Lu Li’s, which meant there was more than enough space for a little girl like herself.

"Are you really going to help?" Falling Star sat on the sofa in the living room with a glass of Plum Wine in her hand.

"The other major guilds didn’t ask us for help to gang up on Lu Li, so it’s probably the best for us not to get involved," Water Fairy said as she lay on the Kodo’s wide back; this was more comfortable than her own bed.

"I meant help Lu Li, not to gang up on him as well." Falling Star was mad.

"No one has ever been more disrespectful to me than Lu Li. He’s done it so many times as well. I’m…" Water Fairy raged. "He’s lucky that we’re talking via message. If it was in person, I probably would’ve stabbed him by now."

Falling Star couldn’t help but remind her, "But you can’t beat him."

"Drizzle Court has several thousand players alone. With the other guilds, that’s millions of players ready to hunt down Lu Li," Water Fairy shot back as she sat up on the White Kodo.

"But you still can’t beat him one on one…"

"Oi, who’s side are you on!?" Water Fairy puffed up her face and yelled.

"I can’t deal with this anymore!" Falling Star placed her cup onto the table and said angrily, "Need me to remind you who gifted you the mount that you’re on right now? Plus, we’re still in an alliance."

"Gift?" Water Fairy spaced out for a second before she clapped her hands. "I’ve decided, haha…."

Falling Star was confused as to what conclusion she had come to. She watched as her friend rode the White Kodo around the living room like a maniac.

Meanwhile, Ruling Sword was in trouble.

The level 42 Captain would be a piece of cake if they were at a higher level. However, for the Elite Team of Ruling Sword, which had an average level of 33, it proved to be quite difficult.

"Get the second team to come help," Lu Li’s commanded as his heart dropped. He was beginning to feel the pressure.

They had invested too much at this point to give up. Thirty or so players from Ruling Sword had suffered an EXP loss.

Their second team was currently on standby. They only had 70 or 80 players in the team, but each and every one of them had been carefully selected and was fully capable of being an Elite.

Sesame Rice Ball followed the orders and acted accordingly.

"Lu Li…" Water Fairy’s voice sounded out on the voice chat.

"I’ve decided not to give you money," she said while holding back a laugh.

"Uh… what do you mean?" Lu Li wasn’t sure what she was talking.

He decided to ignore her and focus on fighting the boss as she seemed to be trolling him.

"The mount you gifted me – I’m not going to pay you for it. Hehehehe,"Water Fairy was living in her own bubble and thought that this would make Lu Li mad.

"Why?" Lu Li was confused.

"Oh nothing, because it makes me happy." Water Fairy imagined Lu Li being extremely pissed off as she said this. She knew that Lu Li cared a lot about money.

"Whatever floats your boat," Lu Li said calmly.

He tried to remain calm and acted as if he didn’t care. However, deep down he was pissed off because a pure white mount would’ve costed thousands of gold.

He channelled his anger onto the boss and the Pirate Captain was abused.

Another cannon ball was sent their way and Lu Li didn’t react in time to command his team. However, they were already prepared since they had already experienced this and knew what to do.

"But, I’m not an unreasonable person." Water Fairy felt like she had gone far enough with her trolling and began talking about real business.

Lu Li recalled a scene from Wuxia Novel where a mother warned her son, "My boy, when you grow up, remember to be careful of women. The prettier they are, the more likely they are to scam you."

Since Lu Li didn’t have a normal childhood, he learned a lot about life from these Wuxia stories.

The words of warning from the mother in the story were more relatable than ever at this point. Pretty girls not only scammed people, but they were also extremely unreasonable.

"Your guild needs help right now, right? I can send you 500 Elites from Drizzle Court that will be under your command." Water Fairy said decisively.

A team of 500 Elites was more than enough to solve Ruling Sword’s current predicament.

This would minimize their losses, but more importantly, it would show the other major guilds that Ruling Sword was strong enough to stand their ground against them.

"Actually…" Lu Li said quietly, "I’d rather have the money."

"…." Water Fairy was quiet. She would probably faint from being pissed off at any point.

"Scarlet New Moon, report your status in the guild chat." Lu Li decided to ignore her, returning to the guild channel to send out orders.

Scarlet New Moon was currently situated in Gadgetzan and had 1300 men at his disposal.

"Boss… it’s happening." Scarlet New Moon’s voice was course and trembling.

As he activated video chat, hundreds of Sandworms could be seem devouring players and burrowing into the ground.

The large-scale operation of the Major Guilds had finally attracted the Sandworms.

It was a massacre!