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Chapter 507: Operation Failed

Chapter 507: Operation Failed
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The Desert Rattlesnake King’s name was Taniya. It was more feminine, had a small head and looked rather cute.

However, no one was underestimating it, as its Poison Fog was a high-level skill that couldn’t be dealt with by their antidotes. In order to defeat Taniya and get to Lu Li, they needed to purely rely on their strength.

Currently, there were no Main Tanks who were strong enough, no DPS players that could deal enough damage and no healers that could heal enough.

As the poison fog continued to spread, players kept dying.

The commander sent out another group of 100 players, instructing them to attack the snake as frantically as they could. They needed to provide safe passage for the main forces.

Information was crucial here as he would soon realize that the Desert Rattlesnake King would attack the largest group of players.

"How is it? Have they been attacked by the snake king?" Lu Li estimated the time and sent Scarlet New Moon a message.

"Yep." Scarlet New Moon was still in shock after being instantly killed.

In fact, he wasn’t really instantly killed. He had been poisoned and died on the second tick of the poison. He looked at the System record which told him that he had been poisoned for 1200 damage.

The poison fog dealt damage every second and seemed to have an indefinite duration…

"How is the situation?" Lu Li was quite curious. It was his idea of getting them attacked, but he had no clue as to what the consequences would be.

"I don’t know Boss; I died instantly. There are so many other players who died as well."

Scarlet New Moon had returned to the nearby cemetery and was numbly staring at the increasing number of players that were appearing.

The battle was likely quite one-sided as players were choosing to revive at the cemetery rather than waiting for a healer to revive them into battle.

Players who revived in the cemetery lost 10% EXP while those who were revived by their teammates only lost 5%.

The guild coalition’s battle was quite drawn out as the Snake King was chasing and killing them. There were also various smaller monsters along the way that were being poisoned and killed.

Water Fairy didn’t know what was happening in the desert.

After her temper had subsided, she decided to talk to the players in the guild coalition and mediate.

Heart of War received her contact; the president of Gangnam Royals had met Water Fairy on a number of occasions, but they hadn’t really had the opportunity to talk directly. She was a person of wealth while he was just a working-class citizen.

"Water… Big Sister, why did you suddenly decide to contact me?" The phrase big sister was rubbish; why was a 30-year-old man calling a university student ‘big sister’?

However, that was how it was in real life; it wasn’t uncommon for older people to call younger people in leadership by older titles. Sometimes, they even used Master or Lord.

Water Fairy had also been born with a golden spoon, so people like Heart of War didn’t dare to insist on their own way.

"Don’t make me out to be so old. President Heart… I hear your organisation is looking for trouble with Ruling Sword." Water Fairy was a little offended by her title and struck back appropriately.

"Haha, why do you think that?’ Heart of War obviously was going to just admit it.

"We, Drizzle Court, are a big guild. We are usually part of the coalitions, so why have we suddenly missed out?" Water Fairy asked bluntly, ignoring his deception.

"Uh…" Heart of War had nothing to say.

He wanted to slam the table. Who was this woman, and how could she be so arrogant?

She had already formed an alliance with Lu Li; they would be foolish to talk about cooperating with her.

It wasn’t even the first or second time she was helping him either; did she take them all for fools?

"I’ll pay for all the expenses of this operation. How about we settle on that?" Water Fairy seriously proposed.

"I can’t do that…" Heart of War didn’t want to refuse, but he didn’t want to offend Water Fairy. Even so, that didn’t mean he would give up on his principles.

Weakening Ruling Sword was good for their guild.

"You’ve sent 1300 players, and they are a mix of both good and bad. I’ll work out how many you need to defeat the monsters," Water Fairy said sweetly. She didn’t seem to feel like there was something wrong with working with the opposing guild coalition.

Drizzle Court was really strong as they were ranked seventh, but they were still quite a few ranks lower than the Gangnam Royals.

Of course, Water Fairy wasn’t working aimlessly. She was simply a rich person and had fewer reservations than the other guilds.

"Well, of course I believe that Drizzle Court has the strength," Heart of War said with a dry chuckle, "But it’s too late. They have probably already started fighting."

For over 1000 players to clear the way from Gadgetzan to Lost Rigger Cove would take about 20 to 30 minutes.

"Actually," Water Fairy paused but didn’t seem angry at all, "I don’t think this task will be that simple. Lu Li is not someone who would willingly suffer a loss. I’ve known him for quite some time, and he’s never suffered a loss."

Well, with the exception of the White Kodo, because she wasn’t going pay him for that.

"No one is willing to suffer a loss," Heart of War dismissed with a grin.

He thought contemptuously of them. This relationship between them was growing as they were not only cooperating, but were also trusting each other.

Alas, the pretty flower had fallen into cow dung. Who knew how many heartbreaks she would cause? Water Fairy was infamously the dream sweetheart.

For some reason, he was also affected as well.

At that moment, another call came, which for a president was quite common. However, when he saw that the call was coming from the commander Nonsense of the operation, he maliciously said to Water Fairy, "I got some news from Tanaris; do you want to listen in? You seem very concerned…"

"I’ll listen," Water Fairy responded.

"It’s me, Heart of War. How’s the situation?"

"Shame on you Brother Heart; we’ve failed and couldn’t claim the reward. I’ll be seeing you personally about this." The voice was hoarse; it sounded like he had just directed a fierce battle.

"What?" Heart of War felt like he had heard wrongly.

"Almost the entire army has been annihilated; there are only 500-600 players left and we are returning to Gadgetzan." Nonsense had also died once, but he immediately commanded a revive and a retreat.

The Desert Rattlesnake King was really powerful, but killing over a thousand players wasn’t easy.

In fact, those that were commanded to break the defensive line were few in numbers, but they found that the snake king had stopped attacking them. This was exactly what they wanted and they all promptly ran away.

No one was willing to lose their own EXP.

"How could we lose half of our units if Ruling Sword only had 100 players?" Heart of War simply couldn’t understand how the troops dispatched by the coalition didn’t make it.

Where there were 1300 players against 100, they would still win, even if they just randomly threw their skills.