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Chapter 508: Fortunes Rise and Fall

Chapter 508: Fortunes Rise and Fall
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Water Fairy was also very curious as to how such a big force sent by the coalition had lost to Lu Li.

However, deep down, she felt like this was a natural string of events. When she recalled his calm execution of plans, it seemed like he was confident in doing all things.

She had once again gotten to see Lu Li for who he really was - a seemingly average person shrouded in mystery.

With Commander Nonsense’s statement, Water Fairy and Heart of War slowly understood what had happened. They hadn’t even seen Ruling Sword before the force had given up.

"Nonsense, this isn’t our first time working together," Heart of War said angrily. "How did this happen? You better have a good explanation."

The complete failure of the operation was one thing, but he had also planned to show off in front of Water Fairy. Who knew that his expectation would be so far disconnected from reality.

"We were too careless this time," Nonsense sighed, "but this task was also too difficult. We just kept facing one disaster after another. Some of our brothers are now too scared to even log on."

Doing quests could result in psychological damage. Nonsense was a veteran professional player and had seen it several times in his career.

"Someone mentioned that a monster was pulled towards you. Was this Lu Li’s doing?" Heart of War suspected.

He never believed in coincidence and always thought there was meaning or intent behind every event. Nonsense wasn’t a foolish commander either; he had been trusted with many quests by large guilds before. Even Peerless City had suffered several losses at his hand.

"Lu Li’s doing…? President Heart, aren’t you a little obsessed?" Water Fairy mocked.

In reality, she also slightly believed that it was true, but she wouldn’t say that out loud. If that really was the case, then Lu Li would be in even more danger.

If that happened, those who were looking for trouble wouldn’t be these small fry.

Once you got past the hypocrisy of it, large guilds could unrelentingly suppress players.

There were players that specialized in killing whatever you were trying to farm. This was considered a lighter version, but the suppression could extend to bribery in real life.

As an ally, Water Fairy thought to lend Lu Li a bit of help seeing as it didn’t hurt her. She definitely was going to pay for this White Kodo now.

It was given to her; she didn’t buy it.

"I feel like other than that Boss, the other things weren’t planned," Nonsense said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead and thought about what had happened. Given the evidence, it seemed like they had just sent themselves into the Sandworms, the Sunroc and the Rattlesnake King…

As for the monster that was led to them, he thought about it, but there was no real way to tie it to Ruling Sword.

"You can think of something. I’ll explain this to everyone else." Heart of War couldn’t bear to say anything more in front of Water Fairy in fear of her sarcastic remarks and dryly ended the call.

One could only imagine the dumbfounded look of the guild leaders’ faces when they discovered what had happened to their forces.

Their hearts would be unwilling to accept it, but they didn’t have much choice. Lu Li was just casually taking the Boss and had not even sent anyone to intercept, yet the combined forces of the coalition couldn’t even get to them.

Water Fairy was in her excessively large lounge; it made her seem a little lonely.

She then decided to give Lu Li a call. "Lu Li, I’ve spoken on your behalf and the big guilds have decided to let you off. Feel free to keep taking the Boss."

Her opening words were elegant and well intentioned. Water Fairy felt a happiness that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

When she thought about Lu Li’s puzzled face, she was pleased with herself.

Her mentality was that if he had anything he was displeased with, he would say so.

"Wow, thank you so much," Lu Li said through his clenched teeth. He had slowly begun to accept that this woman wasn’t going to pay him back.

He just couldn’t have imagined such a famous person being so stingy with her money.

For a stingy person like Lu Li, there was nothing more saddening than this.

"I’m curious about how you managed to transport your people to Lost Rigger Cove. Would you be able to tell me?" Water Fairy was very content with Lu Li so far and continued the conversation.

"Nah," Lu Li replied dryly.

Why would he tell her? She was supposed to be cold, proud and had no regard for money.

Of course, he didn’t hate Water Fairy, nor did he like her because of her beauty. Lu Li just didn’t have the ability for those kinds of feelings within him; he just thought that he could earn some money from her.

Water Fairy had done some stuff for him, but he didn’t need these favours.

"You must have some kind of item that can send 100 players somewhere. Is it some kind of Engineering item?" Water Fairy was very curious, but suppressed the urge to offer a price.

"It’s a skill, a Warlock skill." Lu Li suspected that no one probably had the skill anyway.

In his past life, this portal skill hadn’t gained much popularity, but large teams made use of its convenience.

Sesame Rice Ball’s skill book came from Blackfathom and was the product of a special circumstance that couldn’t be replicated. It was probably the first one in the game.

"Well… can we borrow your Warlock? There’s a boss nearby that we want to fight, but it’s hard to get to it," Water Fairy asked a little sheepishly.

How could she ask for help already? It hadn’t been that long since she was being smug with him.

"Haha, he probably won’t do it. He’s shy when it comes to girls, and probably won’t even be able to cast the skill." Lu Li was in an unusual mood, not because he couldn’t think of a better excuse, but because he had to use such a bad one.

Sesame Rice Ball was a little shy, but he probably wasn’t so shy that seeing a girl would cause him to be unable to cast his skills.

"That’s ridiculous. We’re allies, remember?" Water Fairy was a little angry.

"You’re the one who just took my mount," Lu Li retorted.

"You sent it to me and didn’t say anything about money. I thought you gave it to me," Water Fairy said smugly. "There are many people who do that for me."

Normally, she wouldn’t accept these gifts and after three days, they would be returned to the sender.

"…" Lu Li was speechless. Why was she suddenly seeing him as a fan, someone who would be willing give up money for her?

"I couldn’t give it back to you, even if I wanted to. How much do you want for it?" Water Fairy asked, deciding to yield to Lu Li.

The White Kodo was her favorite colour and its back had enough space for a big cushion. She could comfortably lie on top of it.

"It’s not that I don’t want to give it to you; just lend me some money," Lu Li said after a moment. He had still be directing the fight and hadn’t paid much attention to this conversation until now.