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Chapter 511: Technique To Grow The Elf Dragon

Chapter 511: Technique To Grow The Elf Dragon
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Wandering wasn’t dumb, nor was he some manic 10 year old girl. He was a smart person who easily realized that anything that could be commonly found was probably useless.

These treasure maps weren’t bad, but they were nothing compared to what Lu Li had.

There was no limit the number of maps that could be found in the Lost Rigger Cove. As long as they gathered all three parts and the key, they could follow the treasure map to find the treasure of their dreams.

The Treasure Map that Lu Li received was from an exceptional circumstance, but these maps were quite ordinary. They allowed regular players to experience the rush of finding treasure.

Of course, if that was the case, then there wouldn’t be anything particularly good in the chests.

However, nothing was absolute when it came to a luck-based mechanic. In Dawn, there were always rumors of new players being exceedingly lucky and receiving a really good item.

Lu Li was one of those people, as his Supreme Ring was created by the demigods.

There was a story that Lu Li had once heard. He didn’t know if it was true, but someone had apparently once found more than one Ghost Tiger’s card from Captain Andre’s treasure and sold it for a lot of money.

The Ghost Tiger was a mount that appeared in Dawn’s promotional material.

In one video, Grand Mage Aegwynn rode this mount towards Sargeras and defeated him. As a result, many players regarded this as the ideal for Dawn’s Mages and many female gamers treated her as their idol.

If you wanted the Ghost Tiger, you needed to collect six different Ghost Tiger cards and find Landro Longshot…

However, this was all in theory; Lu Li had never seen anyone with such a mount.

In his previous life, he had clung onto that glimmer of hope. He had come here to steal a treasure map in the hopes of getting a Ghost Tiger card. As long as one dropped, he could make enough money for his sister to see a doctor.

However, that experience taught him to never place his fate in fortune’s hands.

"You see, it’s not too difficult to complete the treasure map quest, so the items shouldn’t be too rare. But since the game company announced this to everyone, the items can’t be that bad either," Lu Li said, leaving everything else to Square Root 3.

He was just a commander for this event. Now that the event was over, he left the rest for him to deal with.

"Alright. Hey Lu Li, there are quite a few nice places in Dawn and quite a few girls who admire you. I’ll find one to help you relax." Square Root 3 didn’t object, but he was still concerned about Lu Li’s mental state.

His sister was in a hospital bed, but he was still playing games.

What was even more unexpected was that he was still playing so well. He had successfully led the guild to defeat a level 40 Boss on the first try and even held back the coalition’s forces.

It was said that several players who were part of the coalition’s forces had been sent to a psychiatrist after going offline.

The game company had bought insurance for every player. This kind of mental damage had costs that could be reimbursed in this way.

However, now that this had actually occurred, it caused an extraordinary effect.

The next time something was organized by a coalition of guilds, players involved would likely be more timid and their mental strength would generally be weaker.

This was consequence of their actions.

After having known Lu Li for some time, Square Root 3 knew that he wasn’t actually a genius like Wandering. He was just a little more cunning, ruthless, careful, and perhaps a little lucky.

However, all of this was enough to create the game’s most amazing expert.

"Lu Li, do you know how to make my Elf Dragon grow up?" Hachi Chan ran over and asked.

Hachi Chan’s dragon was very small and was quite timid. It was shuddering in Hachi Chan’s pocket while they were fighting. Now that the fighting was over, it had come out and was sitting on her head.

"Its fine like this too." Lu Li wasn’t trying to be mean.

Mounts and pets were a little similar, but not many girls were as interested in collecting mounts. They often preferred to keep a variety of cute little pets, so the prices of pets were much higher than mounts.

Appearance-wise, this Elf Dragon pet was impeccable. It was the most adorable dragon and could better-express itself than the average low-intelligence pets. It acted in all sorts of ways that were very cute.

"No, it’s too timid," Hachi Chan said as she took it down from her head and kissed it. "As a dragon, this is a little shameful, but maybe it will become braver as it grows up."

"Looks like you want to enslave it. Poor little guy." Lu Li recalled a few hazy details in his memory and gave her an approximate location.

Hachi Chan looked at him blankly.

"Keke, I think it’s best if you take her when you’re free," said Square Root 3, who was nearby. "Last time we sent her off, some guild members needed to go and escort her back. She’s hopeless."

"Why are you such an idiot? How many times do I have to tell you how to channel the return portal…?" Lu Li sighed.

This was someone who was in the core team, yet she couldn’t do something as simple as this.

"When you’re doing difficult quests, there are some maps that you can’t channel the return portal from. Do you see this level 30 Dark Gold Staff? I got this yesterday from such a quest." Hachi Chan didn’t care; she had been the object of worship for the guild.

Although she had managed to get a Dark Gold Staff from a quest, she was still as naïve as ever.

"Alright, I’ll take you tomorrow," Lu Li offered after remembering something he needed to do. It was also getting late, so he put it off until the next day.

"Thanks, big bro Lu Li," Hachi Chan smiled sweetly.

Lu Li didn’t care much for her but quickly added a disclaimer, "I only promise to increase the Strength of the dragon which should increase its size. As for any other effects, you shouldn’t get your hopes up."

Those players who weren’t involved with the treasure hunt had all returned to the city.

Lu Li then contacted Water Fairy to continue the unfinished topic; he refused to let that woman cheap out on him. If he wasn’t going to get a payment, he could at least get an interest free loan.

Of course, he also knew that Water Fairy wouldn’t really cheap out on him.

With the few interactions he had with her, he could see what her personality was like. As long as you worked well with her, she wouldn’t let you suffer a loss. Even if you did, she would reimburse you sometime in the future.

In fact, this was actually quite similar how Lu Li got along with Azure Sea Breeze and the others. He never took advantage of his friends.

Although Square Root 3 had said that Lu Li could ask him if he never needed money, Lu Li knew the guild’s financial situation better than anyone else. In addition to the large costs of developing the guild, the signing fee for Mu Qiu had almost depleted the 1.8 million dollars that Ruling Sword had.