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Chapter 512: Returning The Courtesy

Chapter 512: Returning The Courtesy
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"It’s already in your account," Water Fairy said as she sat down from across Lu Li. She didn’t seem to come to this place often and also had a veil on to ensure that no one recognized her.

Lu Li hadn’t brought his bandana. He kept a lower profile so not as many people recognized him.

It was probably also because he was a male and wasn’t handsome enough, so he wasn’t that popular.

This was the Southshore Tavern and it was always more relaxed as the day was getting late. Dawn had become a normal part of life, so most players treated it as such.

Those players that levelled crazily from morning till night weren’t normal people.

"You didn’t even give me any conditions before sending the money." Lu Li had to admit that this female tycoon really knew how to win the hearts of people.

"If you don’t pay it back, I’ll let everyone know," Water Fairy said with a faint smile.

"How much did you send?" Lu Li couldn’t remember how much he said that he wanted. He wanted to borrow money from Water Fairy because it seemed like she wanted to grow closer to him.

If she was so rich, then lending some of her wealth wouldn’t be a problem.

Come to think of it, if he had known this female tycoon in his previous life…

When Lu Li thought about that he couldn’t help but shake his head. At that time, Water Fairy was still Water Fairy, but he was just some ordinary Gold Miner.

"5 million. That should be enough." Water Fairy wasn’t worried about this money. Firstly, she trusted that Lu Li could pay it back and secondly, she believed that this would be a profitable long-term investment.

"Thank you, that is enough. I’ll return it as soon as I can," Lu Li nodded.

"You don’t have to be so polite; we’re friends." Water Fairy had never felt so relieved about lending some money. It felt quite nice to be Lu Li’s creditor.

She was the creditor of the number one player in the game.

It wasn’t much different normally, but if he couldn’t pay when the time came…

"Players will soon start to play in Zul’Farrak. What are you plans?" Tanaris currently struck fear into the players’ hearts, but as long as they kept levelling, they would eventually come to this part of the map.

Zul’Farrak was a little boring for an Instance Dungeon; the players would mainly fight Trolls there. It was moderately difficult, but Lu Li hadn’t spent much time there in his previous life so he didn’t pay too much attention to its strategies either.

As such, when they decided to try and take the First Clear, it would be no easy task.

"We have to wait until the Advanced Healing Potion gets more popular. There is only one person in our guild that can make them, so if something happened, we would use them up very quickly," Water Fairy said.

"True. We fought a Boss today, but it’s been a long time since we’ve done an inventory check," Lu Li agreed.

"Why did you ask about this? Is Ruling Sword going to take the First Clear?" Water Fairy asked.

"We might have to wait a bit more – at least until the Magic Cup is almost over. I’m still not in a great condition…" Lu Li shook his head.

"Tch, if Nonsense heard that you’re in bad shape, he would be pretty offended," Water Fairy immediately laughed out loud.

"Who’s Nonsense?" Lu Li thought that this name was very strange.

"Oh him," Water Fairy explained, "He’s a hideous guy who leads a Mercenary Group. He is often hired by guilds to deal with things and he has some leading ability. He was the one that led the coalition’s forces this time, but he didn’t even see your players before his entire army was lost."

"You say he didn’t even see me, but I can’t take credit for that." Lu Li didn’t dare to claim that he was completely familiar with the map.

"Oh, so everything is a coincidence. I don’t really understand – most people wish they had abilities to be envied by others. You, on the other hand, have it the other way. You’re obviously a very strong person, but you pretend to be weak," Water Fairy said, unable to wrap her head around this.

"I grew up in the Common District." Lu Li wasn’t his normal calm self and suddenly felt like pouring out his embarrassing origins.

Water Fairy was surprised to hear that Lu Li had been born in the Common District.

However, there was absolutely no feeling of contempt. Anyone who could get to where Lu Li was would be respected too.

His distraught past clearly showed that his life had not been easy, so most people would think that his rise was an epic story.

"The police don’t care about things there, but in order to suppress the people, a certain ranking would be released periodically. Those who were the loudest and most aggressive made it high on the rankings. These people would then be sent to labor camps, and when they came back a few months later, they would only be a shell of their original selves. But that wasn’t all – those who they offended in the past would come knocking and seeking retribution."

"So the reason you keep a low profile is because of this?" The truth seemed too simple to Water Fairy.

"Yes. The principle is simple, but most people don’t understand it," Lu Li said as he swiped the Shard of the Defiler with his index finger and felt its sharpness.

"Rubbish." Water Fairy rolled her eyes.

She was wearing a veil, so only her eyebrows were visible, yet the sight of her was still quite picturesque.

However, Lu Li couldn’t see her, so he finally moved onto the purpose of this conversation. "Do you think we could try this? We’ll put our potions together and form three teams of ten. We’ll then alternate teams. This way, we’ll definitely get the First Clear."

"Oh, that’s quite an idea, but in that case, who gets the First Clear?" Water Fairy had to admit that Lu Li’s idea was good.

After the fourth system update, Profession Skills became harder. Skill cooldowns were no longer visible and there was also the introduction of Stamina, which required eating to regenerate. HP regen also became a more complicated process…

With two players making the potions, they could produce enough for a big guild to consume while getting a First Clear.

"You can have it if you want, as long as we split the rewards." Lu Li knew what this tycoon wanted.

"Hrm." Water Fairy didn’t want to refuse; equipment could be bought, but First Clears couldn’t. Drizzle Court currently did not have a First Clear on the record yet. If they did get one, their popularity would be greatly improved.

Regardless, Lu Li had the disadvantage here.

Even without Drizzle Court’s help with the potions, Water Fairy estimated that Ruling Sword was likely to get the First Clear anyway. They would probably take more time, but they would ultimately get the items.

However, Water Fairy wasn’t without integrity either. Although she hadn’t payed for the Kodo, she immediately tried to help Ruling Sword with their crisis.

The same was true of Lu Li. In recognition of her goodwill and trust, he wanted to give her a chance to get a First Clear.