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Chapter 513: Critical Strike and Burning Effect Playstyle

Chapter 513: Critical Strike and Burning Effect Playstyle
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After a brief chat, the hostess finally got rid of a bunch of other players. She saw that Lu Li and Water Fairy were sitting together and was quite surprised, but she immediately returned to her normal expression before anyone caught her.

As an assassin of a higher-level, Water Fairy’s mask was non-existent to her.

There was also a common skill in the game called Detection that could be learned by any class. This skill gave a certain chance of detecting masked, transformed and Stealthed targets.

Of course, the drop rate for the skill book was ridiculously low; Lu Li had only heard of it in legends.

"What would you like?" the hostess asked.



They both chose wine and responded at the same time.

The hostess’ gloomy expression finally lifted a little; she was the one who made the wine.

She liked the choice made by these two players and the tiny bit of unhappiness from being tricked completely disappeared.

A man who liked drinking wouldn’t choose wine as it wasn’t strong enough. A classy girl wouldn’t choose wine either as it wasn’t classy enough, and also had a strange, grassy taste to it.

"What was wrong her?" Water Fairy asked softly after the hostess left to pour the drinks.

"She’s a bit upset. She probably noticed that I was the one who brought you into Assassin League." Lu Li was paying close attention. After all, the hostess was the one who gave him his quests. Any details of their interaction could be linked with an important quest.

"No way, she… she’s just a-" Water Fairy was surprised.

"Yeah, there’s plenty of them like that in Dawn." Lu Li didn’t think there was anything wrong with Water Fairy’s way of thinking. At this stage, all of the players were still stuck on the same level of thinking.

After they come into contact with more of these NPC, they would begin to discover that the design of these NPCs was sometimes even more complex than a human.

"Now what?" Water Fairy wasn’t afraid of any players, but she was afraid of upsetting an NPC.

"Say thanks for the wine. How come you like this wine too?" Lu Li figured that their threat had already passed.

The hostess wouldn’t take revenge on them, and they could find some accessories to regain their reputation.

"Because it has the taste of grass. No one played with me when I was a kid, so I liked to lie down in the garden and sometimes fell asleep there. Mum and dad spoke to me about it multiple times, but I couldn’t get rid of the habit." Water Fairy seemed a bit lost as she recalled her childhood.

The wine was quickly served and Lu Li picked up the wood cup, gently running his fingers under it. A note was in his hands.

Water Fairy picked up on his action, but was stopped by Lu Li before she made a sound.

"What’s this?" Water Fairy followed Lu Li’s actions and also received a small note.

"Have you received any quests from Assassin League?" Lu Li asked.

"No… the hostess never bothered to talk to me. After I completed the entrance quest, she ignored me." Water Fairy was a smart person and quickly realized, "Was this how we were supposed to receive quests?"

This was worse than not being given any quests at all.

"Sh. This is a secret, so don’t let other people notice. Look at the quest after you leave," Lu Li said as she placed the note inside his bag and began to drink his wine.

"You know so much." Water Fairy’s wasn’t judging; she was impressed.

In rising to her current position, her background was only one aspect. Otherwise, she would be no different from any other rich, second-generation child. What was most important were her abilities as an individual.

Lu Li was one of the rare people who impressed her. At some point during their interaction, her subconscious had told her that this was someone with abilities. He was like her, and was worth her time as a friend.

"There’s barely any time left; let’s talk some other time. If the quest is hard, you can consider my help," Lu Li paused, then added, "but my price isn’t low, so be prepared."

Water Fairy was stunned as she watched Lu Li walk out, most likely returning to Darnassus.

After a while, she held her forehead and sighed; he just never stopped thinking about money. She began to question if she had become uglier and even spent more time in the morning looking in her mirror.

However, Lu Li’s persistence for money wasn’t the kind that people would hate.

He didn’t steal, rob, or trick others for money, and followed the rules of the game and society.

A man with a goal was always attractive.

There was still some game time left, so most players were still leveling up or battling in dungeons. Players who were tired spent their time improving their trade skills. Lu Li, on the other hand, just wanted to sit outside his sister’s hospital ward.

He left the game and sat quietly on the couch outside the ward.

He had spent millions, so the location that the hospital had provided him was quite decent. Lu Li could see what was going on inside from the small window.

Lu Xin lay on a giant bed, her fragile face pale and with different kinds of tubes attached to her.

Lu Li felt like there were two kinds of unbearable pain in this world.

One was hunger, and the other was watching his sister suffer.

Unfortunately, there were just some things in life that couldn’t be avoided.

There was an extra five million dollars in his account which was from the loan money. Lu Li was worried that something might happen and that he wouldn’t have the time to borrow money. With this extra sum, he wouldn’t have any worries.

On the second day, there was another small surgery that was required to take place. Lu Li was worried and didn’t go online for the whole day.

According to his landlords, Ruling Sword had lost another round in the morning to Seventh Heaven. Lucky Southern Persian led the team and showed off his famous, but shameless planning.

He used Fat Monkey’s impatience and baited him to dive deeper into the enemy team’s line, then killed him when he was too far away from his team members.

They didn’t lose the other round in the afternoon, mostly because their opponents were quite average. Most people didn’t understand how The Great Qin Empire Union had made it into the round of 16.

However, after this, their luck ran out. Fat Monkey, who was quite upset, forged a name for himself in this match.

His positioning and lineup of skills caused a lot of trouble for the Warrior and Thief that he was facing. They became a target for Fat Monkey to show off his technique.

Fat Monkey’s Critical Strike and burning-effect playstyle consisted of a few burning skills with high damage, a pair of shoes with high movement speed, a set of equipment with high Critical Strike chance, and if possible, a special effect that could create distance. Apparently, all of the fire Mages on the stage were very emotional because they had finally found their position in PVP.

Lu Li wasn’t surprised by this result; gold was bound to shine wherever it went.