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Chapter 515: Exchanging Pieces

Chapter 515: Exchanging Pieces
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Substitutes weren’t required to enter through the tunnel like the main players. Instead, they got teleported into the match when necessary.

As such, nobody knew who stood would be the substitute player. This was one of the most interesting parts to the matches of Dawn. In the future, some guilds would even use the substitute position as their ace.

After Lu Li levelled up, he immediately changed two of his equips.

Wirt’s Third Leg (Gold): Armor 35, Agility +20, Constitution +12, Movement Speed +8%. Special Effect 1: Fade into the shadows and appear behind a target. Increases movement speed by 80% for 3 seconds and increases damage done by next spell by 20%. Reduces Threat by 50%. 120 second cooldown. Special Effect 2: Wirt’s Fake Leg, Instant Cast, leap forward or backward by 8 yards. 120 second cooldown. Equipment Requirement level 35. Durability 82/82.

With the special effect from his shoes, he could finally switch his level 15 Shadow Cloak.

The rating for the equipment in Dawn was very complex, but the special effects were always the most important. If a low-level equip had a good special effect, it would align with a level 30 Gold equip.

For example, Lu Li’s Shadow Cloak wasn’t just an ordinary level 15 equip.

It allowed Lu Li to teleport behind his opponent and go into Stealth mode. This enabled him to act aggressively and also gave him the upper hand.

The most troublesome aspect of combat for melee players was switching targets. Warriors could use Charge, but Thieves would have to run. A skill like Sprint usually wouldn’t be used for the purpose of switching targets.

After his Shadow Cloak was replaced, March Rain used a mold to make a level 35 Silver grade cloak for Lu Li. She was quite lucky; it was a fine quality equip.

Boulderfist Cloak (Fine Silver): Armor 40, Agility+16, Strength+8, Movement Speed+3%, Special Effect 1: Stealth effect +12%. Special Effect 2: Certain chance of reducing damage taken by 18%. Level Requirement 35, Durability 64/64.

The attributes were fairly decent and it was serviceable as a substitute, but it wasn’t the best.

From this point on, Lu Li had four Dark Gold items and three Gold items. He also had a perfect Silver dagger that was equivalent to a Gold equips. His items might not have been updated to level 35, but even if he fought against someone with a set of level 35 Silver items, they wouldn’t be able to beat him.

A good player’s equips should suit their own playstyle.

After the match began, competitors from both sides entered the map.

The map this time was quite strange; it was the battle map that players recalled as having a lot of unexpected surprises.

This was a kind of map with too many exterior factors; a player’s strength alone wasn’t enough to decide the outcome. Most competitors weren’t a fan of this kind of map.

On opposite sides of the map were the basements of each team. There was a small level 35 Boss located in the base and the objective of each team was to kill the small Boss of the opposing team.

Each basement would refresh and produce five level 35 soldiers every ten seconds. These soldiers marched towards the enemy camp and didn’t follow any commandments or suggestions from players.

There were also five arrow turrets along the way that the soldiers marched. They dealt 200 points of damage to all units and their attack speed was quite fast.

There weren’t any shortcuts for this map; all you could was to adapt to the situation.

Fat Monkey played his usual aggressive style. He hastened the tempo of the team and had already knocked out a turret before the Majin Temple team even arrived at the center of the map.

The price for this was him and Moonlight losing a sizeable portion of their health.

Unforgettable Maple and his team walked with their five soldiers and towards the middle point at a slightly later time. When he arrived, he saw that he had already lost a turret. Although losing a turret wasn’t a deciding factor for victory, Fat Monkey’s playstyle reminded him of his defeat last time and he felt embarrassed.

The collision of both teams was fierce; there was no testing of the waters at all.

March Rain and Mu Qiu quickly healed Fat Monkey, especially Mu Qiu. Although he often complained about Fat Monkey, he was very precise with his healing.

If they lost a team member too early, it could possibly cost them the match.

"Alright, let’s fight head on." Unforgettable Maple decided that he didn’t want to play safe anymore. He and his Hunter team member locked onto Fat Monkey, who still hadn’t fully recovered his health bar. They were determined to send Fat Monkey out first.

"****, why do you guys have to be so passionate?" Fat Monkey cursed as he flashed to dodge an ultimate spell.

Of course, it wasn’t his style to escape. His flash didn’t send him back; it sent him forward instead, right into the center of the Majin Temple players.

Frost Nova – Fat Monkey laughed as he crowd-controlled all the opposing players.

However, his life also ended at this point. Front Nova only snared people, but it didn’t stop them from casting spells.

Majin Temple’s ranged players worked together and killed Fat Monkey.

However, after Fat Monkey used Frost Nova, Moonlight had already charged in to cast a Whirlwind!

The Whirlwind skill of Berserkers had a large cast range, high damage and could not be interrupted. All the players caught in Frost Nova took damage from the entire Whirlwind skill.

The Hunter who was focused by Fat Monkey and Moonlight died, along with his pet.

Moonlight didn’t step back – instead, he chased after Fat Monkey. Sakura Memories casted a Bloodlust and followed into the battle. Mu Qiu’s damage was decent, but his main focus was healing. He needed to slow down the pace of the battle so that their damage dealers could take down the opposing team.

Perhaps it was under the instruction of Unforgettable Maple, but the players from Majin Temple fought as they backed away. Soon, they were back under their turret.

Moonlight, who was at the front, took damage from the turret first. One arrow took away 200 HP, which was far too much for his liking. He turned his head immediately and the opposing team started chasing after him. Their crowd-control skills almost took his life.

"Damn. He’s too good, but we didn’t lose either. We just exchanged players," Unforgettable Maple said, thinking that this was a satisfactory result.

Fat Monkey died and they had lost a Hunter.

This result wasn’t too bad. Fat Monkey was one of their main damage dealers; even Unforgettable Maple didn’t dare to look down on his burning damage.

Warriors were a strong centerpiece and one of the key damage sources of a team. They could attack their opponents directly or even control and disrupt the opposing players to mess up their positioning.

Mages made up the frontline – they directed their own team, suppressed their opponents and focused on a target.

Thieves played on the sidelines – they played an important role in certain situations, whether it be in attacking or supporting.

Paladins and Shamans were capable of everything, and could attack or defend. Shamans were more aggressive while Paladins were more passive.

The healing classes were a great back up support.

What about Hunters? Hunters had an awkward position; they could be thought of as part of the backline. At least, in the current situation, they were mainly used to kill Mages and Thieves.

Now that the opposing team didn’t have any Thieves or Mages, the death of the Hunter from Majin Temple couldn’t even be counted as a loss.