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Chapter 517: Master Tactician

Chapter 517: Master Tactician
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Lu Li’s strategy was bold and unpredictable.

Fat Monkey and the Hunter from Majin Temple were killed at the same time, so the two subs were teleported into the arena together simultaneously.

Before the Mage could prepare himself, Lu Li ambushed him immediately.

The Thief from Majin Temple was running back to save the Mage, but Lu Li managed to get there first.

Unforgettable Maple ordered the Thief to stop Lu Li from assassinating their backup Mage at all costs because numbers were the most important thing in a team PVP.

Thanks to his shield, the damage after the 6 second stun from Kidney Strike wasn’t enough to kill the Mage. However, because Lu Li was the best Thief in the game, 6 seconds was more than enough to burst him down to critical HP.

When the stun duration ended, the poor Mage realised he was already at critical HP and almost burst into tears.

He was also afflicted with Lu Li’s Slow Poison, leaving him crippled like an injured animal in the jungle.

The Thief from Majin Temple didn’t even bother going into Stealth. As soon as he saw that his ally Mage was still alive, he recklessly pounced onto Lu Li.

His plan was to crowd-control Lu Li so that he couldn’t touch the Mage anymore.

When the Mage saw that the backup was here, he decided not to run. Firstly, there was no way of out-running Lu Li since he was slowed. Secondly, running away exposed his back, which would allow Lu Li to deal extra damage.

Since it was a 2-on-1, they were both confident that they could take Lu Li down.

When Lu Li saw the Thief, he immediately went into Stealth and casted Sap.

The Thief and Lu Li brushed past one another and he was stunned in place. However, he immediately cleansed the Stun with his badge.

Lu Li turned around and ran towards the Mage again.

The Thief was at full health, so it would be foolish to target him first. The Mage’s HP was regenerating and the duration of Slow Poison debuff was over, so he was able to move freely again.

When he realised Lu Li was still coming after him, all he could do was avoid fighting him head-on since he was low on HP.

The most ideal scenario was to corner Lu Li along with his Thief teammate and stall until Unforgettable Maple and the others arrived for backup. Once the whole team gathered, they could work together to send this scumbag out of the arena.

The Mage zoned out for a split second as he planned his next move in his head.

Before he realised, Lu Li had switched his weapon to a Crossbow.

Crystal Protector’s Crossbow (Dark Gold): Damage 32-42. Agility +20, Strength +8. Special effect 1:

Critical strike +15%. Special effect 2: Ranged attack speed +25%. Special effect 3: Slash 3, certain chance of causing a bleeding effect. Can be stacked 5 times. Level requirement 30, Durability


This weapon was the reward from finishing the Pamela quest series.

When he received this crossbow, he contemplated whether he should give it to Remnant Dream. After careful consideration, he decided that such an overpowered Crossbow would be a waste on Remnant Dream, since she relied on her pets to deal damage.

She needed weapons that increased the DPS of her pets.

Lu Li switched to the Crossbow and relentlessly shot out arrows towards the Mage.

Shoo Shoo Shoo…

Crossbows in real life were slow and inefficient because of their reload time. However, in Dawn, they automatically reloaded, therefore having an extremely fast attack speed and high accuracy.

Even a Thief could use it at close distances. Lu Li was enjoying himself a little too much while chasing the Mage around.

Even though the arrows did less damage, the Mage was already on low HP and continued screaming for help in the team voice chat.

Unforgettable Maple watched from afar as his Mage ran towards him. "It’s two against one! Why are you running?! Turn around and kill him," he scolded.

The bleed effect from the Crystal Protector’s Crossbow dealt a considerable amount of damage over time. A single stack dealt 10 or so HP per tick and could potentially ramp up in damage with more stacks, dealing up to 100 HP per tick.

The Mage watched as Unforgettable Maple ran towards him. However, it was too late and he was teleported out of the arena.

The Thief had been bothering Lu Li this whole time, so he was never able to catch up to the Mage. However, his quick thinking gave his team a huge advantage in numbers.

Lu Li used his wits to slap his haters in the face.

He showed off what it meant to improvise on the spot; his game sense and IQ was through the roof.

He also taught a lot of new players a lesson – melee classes could use ranged weapons as well, and could still deal a decent amount of damage.

After this match, many melee classes would carry a backup Crossbow in their inventory, especially ones that applied slow or bleeding effects. The prices of godly Crossbows skyrocketed, and an exquisite one could sell for hundreds of thousands of gold.

"Don’t run!" Unforgettable Maple was furious as he continued running towards Lu Li.

Majin Temple was now down one player on their team. If he didn’t even out the numbers, it would be almost impossible for him to turn it around, no matter how great of a commander he was.

"I have time to play with you guys," Lu Li mocked and did not try to escape like everyone expected.

The obvious target for Lu Li was Unforgettable Maple. The Thief continued casting his crowd-control on Lu Li but was ignored completely.

"You’re wearing level 35 gear. That’s a bit unfair," Unforgettable Maple bickered as he saw the damage of his Ice Lance on Lu Li.

"How dare you complain about it being unfair when it’s 2 against 1," Lu Li laughed as he cancelled his opponent’s ultimate with his Stun.

"Not just two. In a few seconds, there’ll be two more players for backup," Unforgettable Maple threatened, but he was very unsure. Why was Lu Li staying to fight? It was clear that it was disadvantageous for him. If this continued on, Lu Li would be the first to die for sure.

Lu Li’s expression finally became serious. He began running and kiting them while thinking to himself, "What the hell is Moonlight doing? Does it really take that long to kill a healer?"

"Goddamn, you’re shameless!" Unforgettable Maple shouted as he received the information from his backline.

The players from Ruling Sword had flanked them from behind and ganged up on their healer, who was begging for help in the chat.

Every class had a different Movement Speed, with Priests being the slowest in the game.

While Unforgettable Maple and the Thief were fighting against Lu Li, their other damage dealers were still on the way. The slowest Priest was left behind and was swallowed up by Ruling Sword.

Majin Temple had tunnel-visioned too hard on Lu Li and had forgotten to protect their only healer.

Unforgettable Maple felt completely outplayed by Lu Li and Ruling Sword. The reputation that he had built up for himself had been completely ruined in a single match.