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Chapter 520: Elf Dragon Elegy

Chapter 520: Elf Dragon Elegy
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"Fly a little higher and you’ll get used to it. This skill is very useful." This little girl couldn’t be spoken to too harshly, so Lu Li patiently advised, "If there’s ever a place you can’t reach on foot, you can just fly. Flying is faster than walking anyway…"

Although Hachi Chan was still quite shaky, she was quickly learning as she went.

As long as Lu Li was flying in front, all she needed to do was follow him in a straight line.

"Why aren’t we there yet? How long do we need to fly for?" Hachi Chan, who was still not comfortable in the air, had been complaining all the way.

"Shut up. This is just how flying is. Why do you keep bothering me?" Lu Li was irritated.

"Alright then, I just won’t say anything." Hachi Chan felt bad and resolved to practice flying when she got back.

Lu Li looked down at the earth and oriented himself using the memories of his past life.

Currently, the Whispering Forest couldn’t be entered by anyone as this place was situated in the hills next to the Tirisfal Woodland. Only players who could fly like Lu Li and Hachi Chan could come here.

Lu Li brought Hachi Chan directly into the mountains and entered the Whispering Forest.

He had no idea whether there were any secrets here. This place had not yet been completely explored, even after 3 years.

"What is this place? It’s got a nice scenery; I want to take some pictures." Hachi Chan was thoroughly enjoying herself here. She went back into human form and ran around taking pictures.

"Don’t run too far and don’t fight any monsters," Lu Li quickly urged.

There were monsters here, but they were all neutral with an unknown level. In his previous life, Lu Li had seen a level 45 Druid here accidentally hitting a deer. That deer was instantly killed.

The Whispering Forest wasn’t a big place; it was a little slice of paradise.

Lu Li quickly found what he was looking for – a large ring made up of a circle of mushrooms. The players affectionately called it the mushroom matrix.

In order to explore the secrets of this map, many players had performed detailed studies of it.

In European Legends, the mushroom rings that were formed in forests were left behind by winged elves. Wishes made within these rings would be granted.

As such, countless couples came here to make wishes. More players preferred this over wishing on a meteor; that tradition had long since fallen out of fashion.

Of course, there were some single people who came here to curse others. They would often wish to break up some other couple.

Lu Li wasn’t interested in these mushroom rings; he had come here because this was where Elf Dragons appeared.

Elf Dragons were born in the Emerald Dream, a place that could phase in and out of reality. This protected the Emerald Dream from outside magic.

As such, outside of the Emerald Dream, there were few places where one could see an Elf Dragon.

Moreover, there was no strategy for finding these dragons.

This meant that Hachi Chan just had to be lucky enough to find a mountable Elf Dragon here.

"Is this the place?" Hachi Chan had taken a few photos of the vicinity but dared not venture too far. She was probably aware of her bad sense of direction, and was just looking curiously at the mushroom ring.

"Yep," Lu Li nodded, "Summon your dragon and put it here."

"Nothing bad will happen, right?" Hachi Chan asked as she hugged her baby dragon; she didn’t completely trust Lu Li. Given Lu Li’s attitude so far, he didn’t appear too sure of what was going to happen next either.

"What are you scared of? It won’t disappear; this is a game," Lu Li assured as he patted her head.

Hachi Chan stumbled after she was patted and glared at Lu Li. She stood in the middle of the mushroom matrix and held on to her dragon, unwilling to put it down.

Lu Li helplessly followed her in.

Perhaps it was because of the baby dragon, but after Hachi Chan stood in the center of the ring, Lu Li saw a larger Elf Dragon emerge from the void.

It was actually happening! Hachi Chan didn’t dare to breathe.

This Elf Dragon should have only been a projection made purely out of energy. Yet, Lu Li could still feel the pressure exerted by this creature of a higher order.

The Dragon circled the mushroom matrix but didn’t move in. Then, another one appeared, and another…

A total of seven Elf Dragons appeared. The fact that they had done so on their own made a beautiful scene. They truly deserved the title of being the most beautiful dragons.

"What do I need to do?’ Hachi Chan was still holding the baby dragon. She had been silently standing in the mushroom matrix, feeling overwhelmed and dumbfounded.

"Don’t do anything. If they talk to you, speak the truth." Lu Li had never experienced such a scene before. Now Hachi Chan’s nickname of ‘the System’s Daughter’ made even more sense.

The Elf Dragons didn’t speak to Hachi Chan; they didn’t even look at her.

Once all seven dragons gathered, they spread out and stood in seven different points around the mushroom matrix.

The Elf Dragons’ wings flashed colorfully, shining a gold light into the center of the mushroom matrix. The light was shining where Hachi Chan was holding the baby dragon. A green light then bathed them while ethereal music faintly played in the background. Deer and other small animals gathered nearby and began to worship together.

This was Nature’s Miracle – one of the top-ten most beautiful scenes of Dawn.

Lu Li wasn’t standing too far away, but he stood quietly. In fact, he was also shocked by this scene. He had heard about how beautiful this scene was, but he had never seen it before.

Now that he had seen it with his own eyes, he had to admit that these were sacred grounds.

The baby dragon that was hanging on Hachi Chan’s elbow was staring at the seven dragons of its own kind.

It didn’t seem like it was comfortable or uncomfortable, nor did it seem like it was growing. It was really hard to tell whether this was having an actual effect.

This ‘Elf Dragon Elegy’ would only occur once in a while. Players to whom it had happened reported no ultimate effect.

However, one thing they could be sure about was that the presence of this baby dragon did have an impact.

According to the original reports, you couldn’t determine when the Elf Dragons would come, nor could you determine how long it would take for all 7 to arrive. If you were unlucky, you could wait six hours before you got to witness this stunning scene.

After Lu Li had instructed Hachi Chan to hold the baby dragon in the middle of the mushroom matrix, the first one had appeared in less than ten seconds.

They didn’t need to wait hours for the second or third ether. From when the first one appeared until the last, there was only a span of a few minutes.