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Chapter 521: Meatball

Chapter 521: Meatball
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Hachi Chan seemed to have gotten tired and simply put the baby dragon onto the ground.

As the golden and green light intertwined, the music got louder. The Elf Baby dragon got up shakily before falling back down.

It also let out a quiet cry that was cute beyond compare.

The entire scene went on for about 10 minutes which was much longer than the 40 seconds that Lu Li remembered. In the last minute, Lu Li thought that it would go on forever.

After ten minutes, the elf dragons became more and more transparent before disappearing completely.

"Is your dragon any bigger?" Lu Li came over and squatted next to the baby dragon. He poked it and the baby dragon grunted unhappily.

"Nope." Hachi Chan measured it with her hands but she was unsure.

"It seems a lot fatter."

Indeed, it was much, much fatter.

Previously, it was like a thin sausage, but now it was more like a meatball.

The baby dragon wasn’t used to its new body either; it tried to get up and ended up rolling back down. Eventually, it managed to wobble its way back to its master.

"Now that it’s like this, it’s even less likely that it’ll fly." Lu Li couldn’t help but sigh as they had achieved the opposite of their goal.

"Don’t say that; my baby dragon will fly one day. Wow, it’s so heavy!" Hachi Chan bent over to pick up the baby dragon and suddenly let go as she was getting up.

The baby dragon fell out of her hands as a result.

Lu Li didn’t panic at all as it was so fat that that there was no way it would die from this.

Just as Lu Li was about to laugh about it, something completely unexpected happened before his eyes. The baby dragon that was about to fall actually spread its wings and started flying.

Although it was a shocking sight, it was flying quite well, which was more than what could be said about its master.

"It flies! Haha, it flies!" Hachi Chan exclaimed excitedly.

"You’re celebrating a little too early. Just because it can fly doesn’t mean you can mount it," Lu Li said, bursting her bubble.

"I can fly too, but I don’t have to carry it now."

Hachi Chan turned into a butterfly as she said those words. She had wanted to fly around the baby dragon, but almost accidentally flew into its mouth. She would probably be the first person in Dawn to be eaten by their pet…

"If it works, you can come back here again on your own. It’s not a dangerous route," Lu Li suggested.

"Uh…" Hachi Chan sheepishly reminded him, "I don’t have a good sense of direction."

"That’s right," Lu Li said helplessly, "You don’t have a bad sense of direction; you just don’t remember what the route is. Forget it; we’ll come again when I’m free. I need to get back; I still have a competition to participate in."

The competition was the most important thing right now; helping this little girl with her quest was really only a quality-of-life improvement.

The battle they had this morning was against Blue Universe. Blue Universe was a branch from Drizzle Court, and was likely funded by Water Fairy.

However, this fact couldn’t be proved as Water Fairy had never publicly acknowledged it, nor had Drizzle Court ever compelled Blue Universe to do anything. They had fought all throughout the Magic Cup with their own strength and didn’t rely on anyone else’s charity.

They were competing against four other top guilds in this competition – Peerless City, Seventh Heaven, Gale Legion and of course, Ruling Sword as well.

However, Ruling Sword had been hurting itself as Lu Li had missed quite a few matches. This placed them 2 points behind everyone else.

Peerless City and Gale Legion were still undefeated and were tied for first place. Seventh Heaven had lost one match to Peerless City and was ranked third. The following teams had all lost 2 matches each: Blood Red War Flag, Ruling Sword, Majin Temple, Blue Universe and Gangnam Royals.

Among these, Blood Red War Flag and Gangnam Royals had sent a new line up, so they didn’t have strong teams.

Blue Universe was the current dark horse of the Magic Cup. Their party leader was Flying Fish Hater, a relatively-skilled, chubby man. Two years ago, he was afflicted by a serious illness and faded from the professional scene, but now, he was making a comeback in Dawn.

It wasn’t like they hadn’t encountered strong teams either. The young team of Gangnam Royals consisted of star players who weren’t much weaker than the main team. The ultimate issue was their coordination which was an opportunity seized by Flying Fish Hater to defeat them.

Although they had lost to Gale Legion, Blue Universe still put up a strong fight. The remaining opposing team was two times the size of theirs, but they managed to drag the match on until they ran out of time.

So of course, when they and Ruling Sword went up against each other, the audience was kept at the edge of their seats.

"Monkey, crowd-control their Shaman. Memories, remember your Bloodlust; we’ll focus fire their Mage." After Lu Li observed their composition, he gave out the instructions.

The map was a large, circular hall with four pillars, but there wasn’t actually that much space and all the players could see each other.

"Why aren’t you attacking the healer?" Fat Monkey asked.

"That immortal priest… have you ever heard of anyone successfully killing her?" Lu Li responded.

Fat Monkey was stunned before he shook his head. "How would I know? I haven’t seen their games. Is this immortal priest actually unkillable? Does such a person exist? "

"You should watch other players’ games if you have time; it’ll be good for you." Lu Li took advantage of the few seconds they had in preparation time to explain, "It’s not that this immortal priest is impossible to kill – it’s just very difficult. She has forgone the Intelligence stat and put all her attributes into Healing and Constitution. The equipment she has also increases her max HP and that’s without mentioning her crowd-control skills…"

"Is that the benefit of being part of a big guild?" Fat Monkey whistled.

"Basically, we can’t make any mistakes. If we can one-shot the Mage, this match will be ours." Lu Li never underestimated his opponent, even if his opponent was the rank 30 Blue Universe.

Blue Universe was also trying to come up with a strategy against Ruling Sword, but the fact that Lu Li had replaced Mu Qiu was a bit of a headache for them.

As long as Lu Li was around, anyone would feel under pressure.

"Who should we attack first?’ someone asked.

Flying Fish Hater hesitated before gritting his teeth and saying, "Kill Fat Monkey first. Mage, you pressure March Rain."

Lu Li was very difficult to kill. If they focused him, they would probably lose at least two to three members. No matter how you looked at it, it was difficult for them. Their only hope was to focus the Priest.

The countdown began and both teams rushed into the hall together.

"March Rain, stand behind a pillar." Lu Li took one look at their Mage and immediately knew what they were trying to do. "Monkey Bro, we’re counting on you. Rush over there with me and make it look like we’re trying to kill the Priest…"

"Sounds good." Fat Monkey smiled, gave himself a shield and rushed ahead.

Seeing that Fat Monkey was heading directly at the Priest, Flying Fish Hater relaxed a little and felt relieved.

As March Rain was behind a pillar, Blue Universe’s Mage had no choice but to Polymorph Moonlight. Although Fat Monkey was always the one to rush to the front, they just couldn’t ignore the godlike Moonlight.

Fat Monkey and Moonlight’s classic combo was an ice ring and a whirlwind.