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Chapter 522: Bloodraven Inn

Chapter 522: Bloodraven Inn
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Fat Monkey didn’t care at all about how Moonlight had been polymorphed. Both the badge he was carrying and March Rain’s Dispel could easily remove that sheep crowd-control.

He seemingly rushed straight towards the other pretty Priest.

Most 5 v 5 maps were decided by good focus-fire. Generally, you would kill a Cloth-armored target first, starting with Warlocks, then Priests and Mages. In this match, there wasn’t a Warlock, so they would naturally aim the Priest next.

Both the Shaman and the Priest were standing quite far back. As Fat Monkey approached, he shot an icicle at the Blue Universe’s Priest’s forehead. The priest lost more than 100 HP, but her HP bar only moved slightly.

How scared was this Priest that she would put this many points into Constitution?

Lu Li, who was lurking nearby, cast Sap on the Shaman who was currently channeling Chain Lightning. Of course, the Shaman wasn’t completely dumbfounded and quickly lifted the stun with his own badge.

He then hurriedly tried to put down a totem!

It was in this moment that Fat Monkey turned and casted Polymorph on the Shaman.

The Shaman, who had already used his badge, turned into a little lamb and paced back and forth on the spot.

Shamans had good area-of-effect elemental attacks which dealt particularly high magic damage. Their shortcoming was in their lack of crowd-control skills. Now that they had crowd-controlled the Shaman, Lu Li and Fat Monkey could turn to deal with the Mage.

As for their Priest, she had retreated back to Sakura Memories, their melee Shaman.

Blue Universe’s Mage had only completed half of their objectives. They had turned Moonlight into a sheep, but March Rain was still safe and sound.

As he was about to turn back and targeted Fat Monkey, he found himself being focus-fired. As his Ice Shield broke, he realized that he was in a crisis.

It was after Moonlight removed the Polymorph debuff and casted Mortal Strike directly onto his back that his fate was sealed.

Mortal Strike: A cruel attack that inflicts 175% of weapon damage onto a target. Also applies Lethality to the target, reducing all healing effects by 50% for 10 seconds.

Moonlight, Fat monkey and Lu Li all crowded around Blue Universe’s Mage. Their Shaman was still a sheep, but the Priest quickly removed the crowd-control. They had a Paladin, a Shaman and a Hunter also ganging up on a Mage; they were all focus-firing Fat Monkey.

Now it was a matter of who would die first.

The disparity between their strength was revealed through this situation.

The ones who had acted decisively were Sakura Memories and March Rain. The former cast Bloodlust which improved their overall DPS, while the latter kept Fat Monkey alive with her powerful healing.

The other Priest simply couldn’t sustain their Mage, so the Mage was eventually sent back to base.

The substitute for Blue Universe was a healer. As the map was very small, the substitute could immediately join the fight, which gave their team a double healer composition.

The second target which had been specified by Lu Li was the Hunter. After some scrambling, they also managed to kill him.

At this point, Ruling Sword had already secured their victory against Blue Universe.

To Lu Li, the reason for their loss was because of their composition. It was only after the Paladin Arthas joined Blue Universe, giving them a double Paladin composition, that their team would truly start to grow stronger.

Ruling Sword had managed to defeat Blue Universe, a rising underdog of the competition. However, this naturally didn’t generate much excitement among the players watching.

There wasn’t much interest in this game, but the tickets were worth one silver each. The audience was all more interested in Lu Li’s relationship with the female tycoon. Many players were discussing it while the match was in full swing.

Throughout the match, there were also many players who shouted the names of Water Fairy and Lu Li from the stands.

After competing, Lu Li went to do an Assassin League quest. Although there was a four-day time limit, it was better for his peace of mind to complete it earlier. Who knew what might happen if he waited?

Assassination Order: Mor’ladim!

Quest Description: Go to the Twilight Forest, find Mor’Ladim and kill him.

Number of players: 1

Quest Duration: 4 days.

This was a solo quest, so he couldn’t ask for any help, but Lu Li was quite curious as to whether Water Fairy had received a quest as well.

Lu Li had not done this quest in his previous life, nor had he heard of Mor’Ladim. He was also probably the only one right now that knew about the Twilight Forest.

He transported to the Twilight Forest’s night-colored town.

The Twilight Forest was a chaotic and saddening area. It was officially under the protection of Stormwind, but it was too far away from the mighty fortress and bordered the strong evil Southern and Eastern neighborhoods. As a result, the place was in a perpetual state of fear.

Speaking of the strong evil forces, this place was also quite unlucky.

Ogres had appeared in the South while Worgens had appeared in the north. The Deadwind Pass was to the East and the West was a Ghost Town. The forest was ravaged by natural disasters and even dead souls appeared in the town. The Twilight Forest was currently one of the most dangerous Alliance locations in the region.

The sky had probably also been affected by the magic, as Lu Li saw a thick fog that covered the land when he arrived. The whole scene was rather ghastly. There were gusts of wind blowing from the East that carried the same grimy smell as the air from Deadwind Pass.

In his past life, Lu Li had no reason to set foot in this place. It had low resources, aggressive monsters and aggravatingly low drop rates.

He pulled his cloak close and found the Bloodraven Inn along the chilly streets.

This place was once a farm that supplied the Alliance large quantities of goods, but due to the pollution of the lands, many of these goods could no longer be supplied. Moreover, the economic downturn left many farmers and traders with nothing left to sell. Most of these people just spent their money and days at the Bloodraven Inn.

As a result, the Bloodraven Inn was the busiest place in the entire town. It was also the place with the most people.

Lu Li quite liked the name of this inn. His Crow Transformation that had been given by Medivh was a dark crow that was always bleeding and was otherwise known as a blood raven.

Almost all taverns were the same, filled with the smell of alcohol and noise. However, the noise here wasn’t because of dancing girls or a bard’s happy laugh – it was because of the people’s complaints and sighs.

The arrival of a young adventurer didn’t attract any attention at all.

Only the boss raised his hand and sharply asked, "Hey new guy, what do you want to drink?"

Aoriana Goldtooth was a dwarf, or at least he looked like one. Lu Li couldn’t really properly tell. He was one of the few rich people here and was also a well-informed mercenary.

Through him, a player could have access to a few boring Mercenary Quests, but only those who were bored or had no money to repair their equipment would do these.

"Anything is fine. I just wanted to get out of the damn rain." Lu Li shook his cloak and sat down at the counter. There was an alcoholic who was drunk out of his mind that was sitting next to him.

"I already know you’re not from around here; you have some good habits."

The Dwarf Boss wiped the table with a rag and poured a large glass of orange liquid for Lu Li.

How cruel, he had asked for anything and was given the most expensive stuff they had. Lu Li knew this wine; it belonged to the Goldtooth family who had been brewing wine for generations.