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Chapter 526: Got Played?

Chapter 526: Got Played?
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Lu Li could feel cold sweat running down his back. This was a single player’s quest?

He was certain that his defense was no better that that level 38 Night Watchman’s. He felt like the hostess had really played him this time.

Was this revenge for sharing the Assassin League with Water Fairy?

He wondered what quest Water Fairy had received. Hopefully, she would be able to complete it.

Mor’Ladim was level 40 with 500,000 health points and also had an Evil Ring!

Evil Ring – buffs movement speed and health regeneration. This had no effect on the players, but it was useful for the Boss. Most bosses with this effect were very hard to deal with.

Bosses who didn’t summon side-kicks usually came with more health than those that did. However, it was rare for them to have this much health. Even the level 45 Pirate Captain only had 350,000 HP.

Lu Li wanted to turn back and kill the hostess.

To be fair, he still underestimated the seriousness of his actions. Ravenholdt Manor was a secretive association whose members were scattered around the entire continent. Most of the outer members didn’t even know who they were working for, and it was all because of their strict policies.

After the hostess took in two players consecutively, the executives had begun to pay extra attention to them.

There were only ten spots available for all players throughout the entire continent. There were up to a hundred quests in different locations that a player could trigger to join the small faction, and yet, the hostess had two in a row.

From the moment the hostess saw Lu Li and Water Fairy together, the quest had immediately been upgraded to Nightmare mode.

It had nothing to do with the hostess.

While Lu Li raged, Althea’s sword had already sliced into Mor’Ladim’s back, dealing around 800 damage. Her sword was slimmer than the average Paladin’s, but her damage wasn’t any weaker.

It was hard to imagine that the commander had such strong combat skills. Lu Li went into Stealth and snuck beside Mor’Ladim. As Mor’Ladim turned, Lu Li’s dagger dug into his spine.

Cheap Shot had no effect, while Lu Li’s Ambush only dealt around 100 points of damage.

The five-level difference wasn’t too much; 100 damage meant that this was a Boss that Lu Li could deal with. The other level 35 elites did even less damage compared to Lu Li.

Mor’Ladim fought Althea head-on without fear. In terms of strength, Althea was much weaker than Mor’Ladim. As for health points… Lu Li scanned her and was disappointed to discover that Althea only had around 250,000 HP.

However, she had a pack of subordinates to support her. These subordinates were all elite models and two of her best men were semi-bosses. They were well-coordinated in their fighting and kept up with the pace of the battle.

The main damage dealers were the level 40 Althea and the level 38 elite Night Watchmen. As long as the level difference wasn’t greater than three, there would no damage reduction. The level 38 elites dealt slightly more damage than Lu Li.

However, Lu Li had skills. When his combo points reached five, he waved his arm and drove his dagger hard into Mor’Ladim’s back. Not only did he deal more than 200 damage, but he also applied a short paralysis effect.

Ambush was an average skill, so even with a high completion level, it wouldn’t apply any special effects onto the Boss. However, Backhand Backstab was a different story. With a high completion level, there was a chance that the skill would paralyze a Boss for a short amount of time.

The boss paused slightly and turned around to slice his sword down.

Lu Li felt like this slice would be enough to destroy him, so he dropped to the floor without any hesitation and escaped from the attack range of the Boss.

Mor’Ladim didn’t pursue; he was still focused on Althea.

As he turned around to hack at Lu Li, Althea had already stabbed him a few times.

"I... What have I done wrong... Why... Why... Did I end up like this?" the deceased whispered to himself. Everyone could feel his rage and helplessness.

As they were distracted by his question, Mor’Ladim stomped his foot. Black flames rose from the ground as everyone received burning and corruption damage. Two Night Watchmen, who were at low health, immediately lost their lives.

"Die!" Althea saw the death of her subordinates and her eyes flashed red. She jumped and aimed straight for Mor’Ladim’s head from above.

Her blades drove into his helmet, dealing massive damage and also applying an additional stun.

Everyone tried to deal as much damage as they could while those who were injured were brought to the side for bandaging. Mor’Ladim’s high damage left everyone in danger of losing their lives at any moment.

Lu Li had also lost around half his health. However, he could drink potions and he wasn’t the main target of the boss, so his health was bound to recover at some point.

The Evil Ring was a strong effect indeed; Mor’Ladim moved fast like the wind. Just his speed alone was enough to cause great trouble for the Night Watchmen, not to mention the health regeneration.

Lu Li felt like the boss healed himself more than the damage that he dealt.

"Everyone watch out. Prepare to block," Althea warned.

Lu Li used his damage reduction skill. At the same time, everyone saw Mor’Ladim raise his giant sword over two seconds. Countless soldier illusions ran out from behind him in the formation of a fan. These soldiers ran across the entire battleground, and all those who touched them took a great amount of damage.

Fortunately, the boss himself didn’t move; he stood on the spot as casted this skill.

Despite this, three Night Watchmen still lost their battle ability, and their team members quickly carried them out of the fight.

Lu Li used his damage reduction skill and focused intensely on dealing damage to the Mor’Ladim. As a level 35 expert player, his strength impressed Althea once again.

To be fair, poison also played a large role in Lu Li’s DPS.

The poisons that Thieves used were classed under Alchemy. Lu Li’s poisons were all Advanced level; he had a speed buff on his left and critical booster on the right. Sesame Rice Ball had specifically gone around to collect these recipes and had made a few spares for Lu Li.

Of course, he still wasn’t comparable to Althea.

Althea had already lost her cool; she was battling with Mor’Ladim without much care for her own life.

The Night Watchmen weren’t players, so once they died, they would disappear forever. Emotionally, she couldn’t handle the death of the subordinates who followed her.

Althea didn’t bother to dodge Mor’Ladim’s strikes, provided that they wouldn’t be fatal. She focused on attacking, as if she wanted to kill him right on the spot.

When Mor’Ladim’s health dropped to half, Althea had less than 50,000 health!

Was the commander going to die? Lu Li was really panicking this time.