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Chapter 527: Holy Light Radiance

Chapter 527: Holy Light Radiance
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The Boss still had a little less than half of his health, but Althea was about to die. Lu Li’s quest was basically hopeless.

Fight the boss alone?

That was only achievable in specific cases and specific conditions.

Currently, his reincarnation couldn’t help him. He couldn’t change the results, even if he was the game designer or the son of the game owner.

If you could kill bosses by yourself all the time, what would be the point of other people playing the game? If people no longer played, what profit could the gaming company make?

The gaming company allowed you to be better than others, but not the only one who was better.

If Althea died, then Mor’Ladim would be able to kill Lu Li within minutes.

When Mor’Ladim had about one third of his health left, Althea was on the verge of death. No matter how much Lu Li tried, and no matter how hard the Night Watchmen fought, they could not stop what was about to unfold.

The disparity in strength between the two sides was too great.

Sarah Ladimore, who Lu Li had high expectations for at the start, finally made a move. She took a step forwards and began to cast a spell. Holy light radiated from her and covered over Althea.

Althea’s health bar began to rise at a visible rate.

She was a healer!

No wonder why Althea didn’t give a damn – there was a healer that stood behind her.

However, a price had to be paid for this. Mor’Ladim’s attention was immediately attracted to Sarah Ladimore.

The game was a world made for players. Players had all kinds of benefits, including a specific aggression system. Most of the time, healers would be ignored by the boss, or else the game would be too hard.

However, this wasn’t the case for Sarah Ladimore; her healing made her a priority threat to Mor’Ladim.

This was probably why Sarah Ladimore didn’t heal from the start. However, the situation had spun out of control too fast and if she continued to remain passive, the Night Watchmen would disappear from the continent.

Although Althea tried her best to interrupt him, Mor’Ladim was determined to kill Sarah Ladimore.

"Sarah, run!" Althea panicked. It seemed that Sarah Ladimore was an important person to her. To stop the Boss, she didn’t even dodge the sword that aimed at her chest.

Sarah Ladimore shook her head and sounded like she was about to cry.

"If this is fate, then let me die with those innocent souls."

Althea was sent flying black, while Mor’Ladim charged in front of her daughter and raised his sword that dripped with blood.

Sarah Ladimore raised her head to look at her father as she wept, "Dad, is it you? Is it really you?"

The blade stopped on top of her head. In the hollow eyes of Mor’Ladim, his world was spinning. Many say that this happened when an Undead felt strong emotions. It was as if the Paladin, husband and father from the past had heard a call from the other side.

That year, when he left home, his young daughter had only begun to learn how to walk. The words barely formed in her mouth, but they spelt out what she wanted – she wanted her father to stay home. The child’s cry echoed in his ears during every cold night.

The image of his wife and daughter had been engraved deep inside him, right into his very core. This was something that even death could not take away from him.

"For you both, I will return." In every near-death situation, this was the thought that kept him going. Mor’Ladim, or rather, Morgan Ladimore, always believed that he would make it back home to his door, even if he died, just to see his wife and daughter one last time.

Men always grew stronger when they were protecting something!

This was also why he had fallen apart entirely when he saw those tombstones.

"Dad, is it you? Is it really you?" Sarah Ladimore couldn’t find the right words to say. Many years had passed, but the father that she waited for had become a demon. She believed in the light, but darkness slowly seeped through into her heart.

Althea climbed up from the floor, but she was afraid to charge forward. She could only wait and watch carefully from the side.

Lu Li watched as Mor’Ladim’s health rapidly regenerated, but he, too, was scared to take any action. He felt sympathetic towards this scene; it was as if Mor’Ladim had become a father in this moment.

"Sa… Sarah, my… good…" Morgan Ladimore seemed like he was trying his best to say something, but it had been too long since he had made such a gentle sound.

"Dad!" In the horrified and worried glance of Althea, Sarah Ladimore pounced onto her father and hugged his rotting corpse tightly.

Was there any wisdom left?

Lu Li didn’t know; he had no clue what would happen next. All he could do was stand there and watch the storyline unfold.

Perhaps everyone had their own story and redemption was the cheapest offer. Only the stronger ones had the right to be sympathetic, but right now, he couldn’t help but let his emotions ride with the storyline.

Following a clear sound, the long sword dropped onto the grass.

Mor’Ladim bent down as he carefully hugged his daughter.

It had been a long time since the Twilight Forest had seen any sunlight. The Night Watchmen were used to carrying a sword in one hand and a torch in the other. Darkness was the only unchanging scene of this map.

At this time, Lu Li saw light.

Light radiated from Mor’Ladim, soft and bright. It was slow, but it was determined to slowly rise.

"Liz, my beloved… do you know our daughter is still alive? I can finally rest in peace. Please accept my most humble blessing. May you rest in happiness alongside the light, and as for me, I will rest in the deep abyss…"

This night, a holy light radiated throughout the entire forest.

Mor’Ladim was cleansed entirely by the light.

After a long time, Sarah Ladimore finally stood up from weeping. She held onto the wedding ring that her father had left her; this was evidence of her parents’ love.

Lu Li looked up to see that the healer had become level 40 and now had 200,000 HP. She was now equivalent to a Boss.

This was probably the only thing that the father had left his daughter.

Althea walked over and held Sarah Ladimore tightly as she tried her best to comfort her.

Morgan Ladimore had already long since passed away; what happened before was the redemption of his soul. It was something that should be celebrated.

Lu Li didn’t know what happened to his quest, and he didn’t really care either. What happened had already happened, and it seemed like there was no hope for him to get the head of Mor’Ladim.

"I’m fine, thank you." After Sarah Ladimore and Althea embraced, she seemed to feel better and walked over to pick up the long sword that her father had left behind.

Lu Li was dumbfounded; he thought that since the boss wasn’t killed, nothing would drop. It was only now that he realized that the long sword was the loot.

A level 40 sword from a super Boss definitely wouldn’t be something average.