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Chapter 530: Hachi Chan Learns To Feign Death

Chapter 530: Hachi Chan Learns To Feign Death
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As soon as he began feeling frustrated, Azure Sea Breeze brought some good news.

"Lu Li, let’s do a dungeon."

The only thing Main Tanks loved more than levelling up in Dawn was attempting dungeons. Their reliable shields gave them high defence, allowing them to look cool while tanking Bosses.

"If it’s the Scarlet Monastery, go and find someone else like Mu Qiu or Fat Monkey. Oh yeah, how’s Mu Qiu doing?" Lu Li remembered that he had a two-handed sword in his bag that would be perfect for Mu Qiu.

"Mu Qiu should be doing fine. Brother Three designated four Mages to help him level. He’s definitely being treated like a star player," Azure Sea Breeze said enviously.

"If you want, you can experience the same treatment," Lu Li offered calmly.

Azure Sea Breeze declined immediately without giving it a thought. "Nah, it’s ok. I like to solo-level anyway."

"Then don’t be envious of others. Is he fitting in well?" New players would often need time to adjust and fit in with other players when joining a new guild. Although the general atmosphere in Ruling Sword was quite friendly, no one would go out of their way to make someone feel welcomed.

"He’s doing ok I guess. Star players tend to be a bit arrogant. Oh yeah, he got into a fight with Fat Monkey. Guess how it went?" Azure Sea Breeze asked.

"Fat Monkey lost," Lu Li replied instantly.

"Eh, how did you know?" Azure Sea Breeze was slightly surprised. When he first heard about this, he was surprised about the outcome. He thought that Fat Monkey would win since he was a pure DPS Fire Mage, while Mu Qiu was a low DPS and healing Paladin.

"Fat Monkey is too impatient, and lacks strategy and tempo. It was obvious that he would lose," Lu Li explained plainly.

"Anyway, let’s go do an instance dungeon," Azure Sea Breeze said as he sent another party invite to Lu LI.

"I said I’m not doing Scarlet; go and find some other people. You guys can finish Nightmare Mode without me anyway. I’m going to go level." Lu Li declined because he wanted to get to level 40 as soon as possible.

"Unless…Do you want to do Nightmare Shadowfang Keep?" Lu Li asked excitedly.

"Are coming or not?" Azure Sea Breeze smirked.

"Wow, where did you guys find the Nightmare Mode Scroll?" If it was the Nightmare mode Shadowfang Keep then Lu Li was more than happy to go. Even though he had collected enough White Wolf Fangs, he was still missing a Glutton Shackle and was hoping to obtain one from the dungeon.

There were only a few useful items that dropped from Shadowfang Keep, but each one was rare or overpowered.

Lu Li wanted to get his hands on the Book of Ur.

The Book of Ur was a summoning equip that allowed the player to summon an Elite Magic Wolf to fight for them. Alternatively, it could temporarily turn the player into a Werewolf, boosting their stats significantly. It could be equipped by all classes and could be use as a Trump Card in tough situations.

It would be very weird to see a Thief with a battle pet.

However, the pet could be used for levelling up, drawing aggro from monsters, or distracting enemy players when running away.

He happily accepted Azure Sea Breeze’s party invite, said goodbye to the hostess and began heading towards Shadowfang Keep.

Lu Li was level 35 and was almost too high to join the others for this dungeon. There were level restrictions for dungeons under level 30. This prevented stronger, higher-levelled players from helping lower-levelled players with clearing dungeons.

Dawn was all about progressing slowly with other players around a similar level. Levelling too fast in the game would cause players to quickly lose interest once reaching max level.

"Hey, you guys," Hachi Chan said as she held onto her chubby Dragon Pet, "This forest is very dangerous; everyone should be extra careful."

"Oh, how’d you know?" Lu Li asked half-heartedly.

"The last time I was collecting some flowers for a quest, I came across a terrifying Werewolf…" Hachi Chan’s expression was like a little kid listening to a ghost story.

Lu Li believed her and said, "You mean the Son of Arugal?"

"I think so. It was very tall and its body was furry. When I bumped into it, it immediately started attacking me." Hachi Chan was traumatised.

"Hachi Chan, you came here all by yourself? Did you get lost?" Remnant Dream knew her friend well and was more surprised that she didn’t get lost than about her encounter with the Son of Arugal.

"My Dragon Baby knows the way. After the NPC explained the quest, it remembered where to go," Hachi Chan said as she held up her Baby Dragon proudly.

Her sense of direction was worse than an in-game pet.

"Did you die when you got attacked by the Son of Arugal?" When Lu Li killed the Son of Arugal, he had to try really hard and barely managed to finish him.

"No I didn’t; I know how to play dead." Hachi Chan was even more proud of herself now.

The terrifying Werewolf was known as the noob killer. It was rumoured that no one had ever escaped when they took aggro from it.

However, the notoriously stupid Hachi Chan had managed to avoid death. Who was the dumb one now?

"How is that possible…" Lu Li was confused. Playing dead didn’t stop a monster from killing you. Even if you were a little baby, if you managed to aggro the monster, it would attack you no matter the circumstance.

"Look at my new equip," Hachi Chan said as she showed off her new ring.

Bounty Hunter’s Ring (Silver): Agility +10, Intelligence +5, Special Effect: Play Dead, instant cast. Chance for monsters (apart from Boss Grade Monsters) to ignore you. Lasts for 6 minutes, 24-hour cooldown. Level requirement: level 25. Durability 25/25.

"Is this an equip for hunters?" Lu Li was surprised at how terrible this item was

Besides the agility, the intelligence was useless for hunters. Additionally, the single special effect was useless as well, because Hunters had a similar skill called Feign Death.

Feign death was quite useless because it could only trick Elite Monsters, but not Boss-level monsters.

Usually, this special effect would appear on other equips such as body armor. However, if the special effect was on a ring, anyone could use it.

As such, even a Druid could have the ability to use Feign Death.

This was an extremely rare special effect and Lu Li had never seen it in his past life.

No wonder why people called Hachi Chan the Darling of the System.

She always managed to find these rare and bizarre, but useless equips.

Lu Li wasn’t jealous at all because Feign Death didn’t work on bosses. As for normal monsters, he had never found himself in a situation where he had to run away from them because he would always kill them first.