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Chapter 531: Ravaging the Son of Arugal

Chapter 531: Ravaging the Son of Arugal
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"You shouldn’t be so proud; you need to replace some of your gear and not just hoard all of this impractical equipment. No wonder you don’t fight very well – your equipment is so bad," Lu Li said as he angrily hit the back of her head.

This girl’s equipment was all over the place. While it was full of surprises, it made her very bad at doing Instance Dungeons.

"I know! Don’t hit me or I’ll tell my dad," Hachi Chan screamed as she ran away from Lu Li. Lu Li had a habit of hitting a girl’s head when he was annoyed with them; he deserved to spend his whole life single.

There was still a long way to go to get to Shadowfang Keep, and travelers would occasionally bump into Horde players.

After all, this was place was filled with Horde activity as the Undead base camp was here. There were many low-levelled Undead players crawling out of the catacombs and beginning to explore the area.

They never thought that they would have met the hostile faction’s players so soon.

A hostile faction player had a layer of red light surrounding them. Individually, it wasn’t too obvious, but when ten hostile faction players stood together, the red light could clearly be seen. Players called this ‘blood lust’.

The poor Undead player was just dumbly staring at the passing hostile travelers, waiting for his inevitable death.

When these two factions met, the fighting was usually endless. As such, most players had heard of the Horde player 3 Season Rice, the Alliance’s Hogg and the Horde’s Son of Arugal. These were the top three noob killers.

Of course, Lu Li and the others didn’t stoop down to killing noobs. They just kept their eyes forward and moved past them, not regarding them of any importance.

Killing noobs wouldn’t benefit them in any way, so why bother?

Of course, there were also some very passionate noobs. They were surprised for a moment when they saw Lu Li and the others before charging right at them.

One noob hit Azure Sea Breeze in the head for -1 damage which was quickly followed by +1 from his HP regen. This kind of damage to Dawn’s number 1 Main Tank was no big deal.

Azure Sea Breeze casually waved his shield and turned this hothead into a blob of white.

If they didn’t fight back after being attacked, things would be difficult for them. As long as they weren’t the initiators, Lu Li didn’t mind sending these players back to their graves.

After spending an hour walking, they were still on the road.

Private Instance Dungeons were so troublesome. Public Instance Dungeons could be transported to, but this was not the case for Private ones.

Lu Li was getting quite bored when a group of players started running towards them in a stampeded. Were they looking for trouble?

In fact, those players seemed panicked, but they were all Undead players with skulls for faces, so it was difficult to make out their facial expressions. The only way to work it out was the way they were running over.

Lu Li and the others didn’t attack them and just watched.

The few players didn’t attack them either. They just ran around them and shouted as they were leaving, "The Son of Arugal is coming! You guys should run too."

Everyone was just playing the game and didn’t actually know each other in real life. They were just placed in opposing factions, so there wasn’t any real hatred between them.

Lu Li froze for a moment. How was he so lucky to run into the Son of Arugal every time?

Wasn’t it supposed to wander through the entire Silverpine Forest?

In fact, the Son of Arugal wasn’t actually the son of Arugal. They were experimental products of Arugal, and there were similar creatures in the Shadowfang Keep.

As such, there were a couple roaming through the Silverpine Forest. Even so, the fact that Lu Li had encountered it twice was a special stroke of luck. Not every Horde player here had run into it even once yet.

"What do you guys want to do? Do you want to circle around?’ Lu Li asked.

"What are you afraid of? You could kill it alone, so we should be able to achieve the same result as ten players. Maybe it’ll even drop a Gold equipment." Azure Sea Breeze was keen to give it a try.

The others had also heard of the infamous Son of Arugal. Knowing that Lu Li had almost died the first time, they were also quite curious about it.

"That works too. Breezy, you get ready. I’ll give you all numbers, and you’ll interrupt the Son of Arugal’s skills in that order. If you fail to do so, immediately call out so the next person can try," Lu Li instructed, immediately started giving them their roles.

If one person could kill the monster, it would be no problem for ten players.

The Son of Arugal’s skills were so strong that they needed to be able to be interrupted. The Mercenary Group that couldn’t defeat the Son of Arugal was too under-levelled, and their probability of interrupting its skills was too low.

As the Son of Arugal chased another group of players, it appeared within sight of Lu Li and the others.

Azure Sea Breeze shouted and led the charge. He went straight into the players that were running away and was immediately hit.

Azure Sea Breeze immediately put up a big shield and was dealt 40 damage, while Lu Li received 100 damage. This was unsurprising as Azure Sea Breeze had about 3 times Lu Li’s Defence.

"Hahaha, what kind of noob killer is this?" Azure Sea Breeze laughed as he hit the Son of Arugal’s face with his shield.

Those who were running away couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They thought that these players simply weren’t afraid of death. They were actually not running from the Son of Arugal.

However, when the Son of Arugal hit Azure Sea Breeze for a 2-digit value, they knew they were wrong.

The Son of Arugal did extra damage to those who were lower-levelled than it, otherwise, it wouldn’t be called the noob killer.

The average noob was usually killed in a single hit.

The Son of Arugal shook its head and was completely unaffected by Shieldstrike. He shouted, "Mortal, you have enraged me. Now, I will repay my anger."

"Riceball, Interrupt!" Lu Li shouted.

Sesame Rice Ball did not expect for the monster to immediately cast a big skill the moment they engaged and was a little slow to react. However, the moment Lu Li shouted, he subconsciously cast an interrupting skill and successfully interrupted the Boss’ channel.

"It’s not a Boss; you can use crowd-control skills on it. Once you have interrupted it, deal as much damage as you can. We still have an Instance Dungeon to do," Lu Li said.

Although it was an elite monster with tens of thousands of HP, Lu Li’s team, with the lowest member at level 33, managed to put it down in a minute.

The players that were nearby watching were so shocked that they nearly forgot to tell their friends.

"Why are they so strong? Is the Alliance really this strong?" asked a frustrated Horde newbie.

"That can’t be possible. These are just strong players. They were probably all level 30 or higher. We are only level 20, so this monster is unbeatable to us. That’s what being level 30 must look like," a friend quickly comforted.

"Don’t kid yourself – even level 30s will die to that monster unless there is a big group of them." In reality, all they needed to do was frequent to forums to know what had happened.

"That’s the Xin Xin Mercenary Group, the team with the most First Clears in the game. You guys are so ignorant. From now on, you should never talk to me again."

The noobs were just chatting away, with no fear for what might happen if they offended Lu Li and the others.