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Chapter 532: Clearing Shadowfang Keep

Chapter 532: Clearing Shadowfang Keep
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"Dreamy, come loot the body and see if there is any Gold equipment," Lu Li beckoned.

This elite dropped items that were even better than those from a Boss, but that had to do with the rarity of the monster. A level 35 Boss wasn’t necessarily going to drop a Gold equipment; the current mainstream grade was still Silver.

The moment Remnant Dream heard the phrase ‘Gold equipment’, she immediately became excited.

"Liar! There isn’t even one." After looting it, the little hunter threw the item at Lu Li with contempt.

Lu Li grabbed it and had a look. He then realized that it had dropped a level 35 Steel equipment and frowned speechlessly. "It was just this one thing?"

"That’s it." Remnant Dream shook her head and showed her empty hands.

If it didn’t drop anything then there wasn’t much Lu Li could do. The previous time was probably the first time that this elite monster had been killed, so perhaps dropping Gold equipment wasn’t normal.

They had killed the Son of Arugal so easily, so they couldn’t really say that they were disappointed either.

They stood before the entrance to the Shadowfang Keep and ripped open the Nightmare difficulty Instance Dungeon scroll. A gleaming blue portal appeared before them as Lu Li and the others stepped into the level 25 Instance Dungeon.

The monsters at the start were level 28. Lu Li and the others easily steamrolled through them and quickly reached the first Boss – Prison Guard Rethilgore. He was accompanied by three minions outside the Shadowfang Keep dungeon. The dungeon held a number Horde and Alliance scouts, but they were really just level 30 elite mobs.

"How will we fight them?" Azure Sea Breeze looked at the sharp jaws of the four monsters and maintained his composure.

"We’ll go in directly. Attack!" Lu Li commanded as he gave him a kick. This was a level 33 Boss with level 30 minions; they didn’t need to worry about strategy at all. He had initially come here alone to farm.

Azure Sea Breeze rushed past and cast Trample. Rethilgore was unaffected, but the three minions were stunned.

Lonesome Flower then immediately cast Blizzard. His level 6 Blizzard was quite oppressive; it dealt a lot of damage and caused the monsters’ HP bars to rapidly fall.

The other players didn’t bother with the minions and just targeted the Boss.

After the minions recovered from the stun, Moonlight calmly went up and cast Trample to continue the crowd-control. By the time they had recovered, they had already been killed by Lonesome Flower’s attack.

In two and a half minutes, Rethilgore died.

Even though they were fighting him on Nightmare difficulty, he didn’t drop very good items. He dropped a level 30 Silver item which didn’t have good attributes. The Xin Xin Mercenary Group didn’t even bother with it; Remnant Dream put it directly into her own bag.

"There’s a Horde NPC here." Hachi Chan had seen someone who was locked up and was dumbfounded.

"Open the door and kill him," Lu Li said, immediately deciding the Horde NPC’s fate. When he was clearing this place alone, he didn’t have time to do something like this.

The Horde NPC was a troll that immediately went Berserk the moment it got out.

"Damn Alliance pigs! Accept Walter’s trial and die!"

Without completely understanding the situation, the NPC charged in and started a fight that it would inevitably lose.

Without spending too much effort, Lu Li and the others eventually beat the NPC to death.

Once they had dealt with him, they released the Alliance NPC. The NPC said a few things about helping before opening the door to allow them to continue and disappearing.

"Don’t hesitate to kill any ghosts you notice," Lu Li said.

Azure Sea Breeze, followed by Moonlight, rushed right into the group of monsters and casted Whirlwind. This was followed by Blizzard and other area of effect attacks. Lu Li didn’t have one, so he just hit them casually.

However, it seemed like area of effect attacks were the most effective here. Lu Li watched as the other did the job and was a little envious of them.

Before long, the area was completely cleared out.

These elite monsters also dropped equipment, but most of it was quite average. There were a few Steel and Bronze equips that were kept by whoever wanted them.

If you took this kind of equipment to your stall, some poor players would buy them, but the price wasn’t going to be much more than the official shops. No one there was bored enough to do that, so they didn’t take many items.

"To the stables," Lu Li said as he led the way.

"Hey, can these horses be mounts?" Lonesome Flower asked.

The reason why he cared was because his sister didn’t have a mount. It was currently very difficult for a mount to drop, so only a few players had them.

Even Hachi Chan’s Elf Dragon couldn’t be mounted yet.

Remnant Dream’s Kodo was given to her out of pity by Lu Li because she had been drooling over Hachi Chan’s Elf Dragon for so long. The others didn’t say anything about it at the time.

Cute, well-behaved girls were always well loved.

However, March Rain and Sakura Memories didn’t have mounts yet. In particular, Lonesome Flower had been helping his sister find a good mount. He had even spent a lot of money to buy a junior riding skill book for her.

"There is a chance, but I wouldn’t bet on it," Lu Li said sensibly.

After killing a few horses, only a 16-space bag was dropped. This was a good item as 16-space bags were becoming mainstream. Even so, many players still used 14-space bags, so this could be sold for well over 100 gold.

Everyone wanted it, so they just rolled for it.

Lu Li had the lowest roll – a pitiful 5 points. Everyone ridiculed him for it.

"Treasure Chest!" Azure Sea Breeze’s eyes lit up.

"Move aside; you can’t even open it." Lu Li didn’t have the patience to be polite after what had just happened.

"What’s so great about being able to?" Azure Sea Breeze retorted as he resentfully stepped aside.

Lu Li opened the chest and reached in to loot it. He pulled out two items, one of which was a Skill book for "Critical Strikes" that increased critical hit chance by 10% after using it.

It was a very good skill book, but unfortunately, it was exclusive to Shamans. Lu Li had no choice but to give it to Sakura Memories.

The second was a level 30 Steel equipment with decent attributes and even had a special effect. Lu Li threw it at Azure Sea Breeze and said, "You take it, it suits you."

"Please, how can you give me Steel equipment?" Azure Sea Breeze took a glance and threw it aside.

The next Boss was Razorclaw the Butcher who was in the kitchen. The meat that lined the walls was infested with maggots which filled the room with a stench. Almost everyone was about the vomit, especially the young girls.

Poor Razorclaw the Butcher then became the object of their rage after he died.

Remnant Dream’s lucky hands managed to loot the Butcher’s Boning Knife, which was a level 30 Silver equipment with very good attributes. Warriors would be happy to pay a significant amount of gold coins to buy it.

There was also a rare material – Maggot Meat.

You couldn’t determine its value solely based on its name. There were actually several recipes for cooking that required this weird material. For that reason, Maggot Meat could easily sell for 100-200 gold coins.