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Chapter 533: Another Blizzard +1

Chapter 533: Another Blizzard +1
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The drops of Razorclaw were regrettable. This Boss had a chance of dropping the Thief’s ultimate skill ‘Eviscerate’. While there were quite a few other Thieves who already had this skill, Lu Li, despite being a top Theif, still didn’t. There was nothing else to say other than it was unfortunate.

‘Eviscerate’ and ‘Blind’ were skills that Lu Li really needed right now.

When they entered the dining room, everyone became more focused. The monsters here had area-of-effect Fears and they could lose some members if they weren’t cautious.

Since they were paying more attention, the ghost monsters here didn’t post much of a threat to him. It took some time to clear them all out, but eventually, Lu Li and the others came before Baron Silverlaine.

"Why do I not see evil in your eyes, young man? Why did you choose to make such a visit?" The Baron still had the same lines and didn’t seem to remember Lu Li.

Instance Dungeons in Dawn were usually generated only for that run, so most of the plot had no implications for the world.

The fate of these Instance Dungeon monsters was to be constantly spawned, killed and respawned.

"Don’t waste time with him. Breezy, attack!"

The battle kicked off and the Baron felt a little offended, so he cast Shadow Curtain. Compared to Elite difficulty, the Nightmare difficulty version of this skill was much more overpowered.

Not only was the damage significantly increased, but the range of the reduced healing effect was also extended. More than half of them were affected by it.

Moreover, the Baron’s next move was even worse. He started to cast a strong area-of-effect attack, which caused everyone’s HP to start rapidly depleting.

"Everyone take potions. March Rain, heal Breezy. Hachi Chan, heal March Rain and yourself." Lu Li didn’t bother with everyone else. Although he spoke loudly and confidently, he was afraid of his team dying here.

This skill that Baron Silverlaine was using dealt more damage to players with lower HP.

If you had less than half of your HP remaining, you would most likely immediately die.

No Instance Dungeon at Nightmare Difficulty was easy.

After the Boss dropped to half HP, he began to summon Ancient Demon Worgens.

"Wandering, get ready to pull the small mobs. Hachi Chan, get ready to heal him. If you can’t tank it, then use your damage reduction skills," Lu Li immediately called out.

When the Ancient Worgens started spawning, Lu Li directed Sesame Rice Ball and Lonesome Flower to kill them while the others continued to damage the Boss.

Lu Li’s strategy enabled them to successfully deal with Baron Silverlaine’s skills.

When he finally went down, Lu Li immediately looked to Remnant Dream in anticipation.

If he could just drop another Silverlaine’s Family Seal…

This level 30 Silver Ring had a Blizzard +1 special effect. Lu Li had previously received one during his solo run and had placed it in the Guild Warehouse, but Lonesome Flower was currently using it. A level 6 Blizzard dealt significantly more damage than a level 5 Blizzard.

Players could only upgrade their skills to a maximum of level 5. If they wanted to reach level 6, they needed to rely on skills and equipment like this.

"Keke…" Lonesome Flower had a cold expression as usual, but there was some tension in his face. Although he had a Silverlaine’s Family Seal, it didn’t really belong to him.

If one dropped now, he would definitely receive it according to Lu Li’s principles of distribution.

"Why is everyone looking at me?" Remnant Dream had planned to loot the body, but was flustered by everyone’s stares.

"Loot it quickly." Lonesome Flower couldn’t help but speak up.

Remnant Dream dejectedly went over and began to search the corpse. She reached around and pulled out a rare material – Spirit Remnants, which were used for Warlock equipment. Most Ghost Bosses dropped this, so they weren’t worth much money.

There was one more item.

Remnant Dream clutched this mystery equip in her palm and secretly looked at it. She then revealed a cunning smile and said, "Give me 50, no, 100 Gold. Otherwise, I won’t give it to you."

"Here, have it." Lonesome Flower was overjoyed and immediately threw away 100 gold coins.

This little girl actually had the audacity to make such a request, even though everyone already knew what the equip was.

Remnant Dream was entranced by the 100 Gold and handed over the equip. With this much money, she could buy lots of meat for her pets, as well as fruits, mushrooms and even dried fish. She was overjoyed.

The Hunter profession was quite expensive to maintain for someone like Remnant Dream who had a group of pets. It was rather expensive to feed all of them. If the pets weren’t fed, they would become inactive and wouldn’t fight mobs or would they listen to their master.

The church was full of monsters, but that didn’t stop the Xin Xin Mercenary Group at all.

Commander Springvale was a Boss that Lu Li had avoided in his solo run because he had high HP and damage. He also had an invincibility skill, a healing skill and a summoning skill. However, now that he had brought a party, there was no reason to avoid him.

Springvale hit Azure Sea Breeze for only 200 to 300 damage. He had 95,000HP in total, and when he reached 50,000HP, he used his invincibility and healing skills to bring himself back up to 65,000HP. This happened three times.

After the third time, he stopped and eventually dropped to 10,000HP. This was when he started summoning minions.

Lu Li did not ask anyone to focus on clearing the minions this time. Instead, they all just focused on the Boss and finished him off in a matter of seconds. Without the Boss, the minions all disappeared.

Springvale didn’t drop anything good – just two pieces of Silver equipment.

After the Chapel came the city wall. The group swept past it and found themselves in the storage room where there was a Boss made of three monsters. Lu Li didn’t use the bug this time as it was too time-consuming.

Wandering pulled the two smaller monsters aside, while Azure Sea Breeze pulled the big boss for the others to violently attack.

The only danger came when the big Boss let out a howl and increased its attack by 60%. Azure Sea Breeze was almost beaten to death, but survived by casting his damage reduction skills.

After all, he was a level 34 expert player, so the Boss’ high level was not enough to deal bonus damage to him.

After seven minutes, the Boss let out a cry and turned into ashes, dropping two items.

The first was a Silver equip. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Audou’s Magic Staff, but an ordinary piece of Plate armor. The three Plate Armor profession players didn’t even look at it, so Lu Li gave it to Azure Sea Breeze to pay for equipment repairs.

Previously, this Boss had given Lu Li Glutton Shackles.

He was still missing one Glutton Shackles, so he watched Remnant Dream in anticipation.

"Rare Material"

Remnant Dream had actually managed to loot it!

Lu Li was overjoyed, but that was before he found out it was actually a White Wolf Fang.

He already had the two White Wolf Fangs he needed.

The last time he wanted a White Wolf Fang, he had receive a Glutton Shackle. This time, when he wanted a Glutton Shackle, he had received a White Wolf Fang. His luck was such an infuriating thing.

Still, it was better than nothing. White Wolf Fangs were exquisite Rare Materials and could be sold on the market for 350 gold.

The next Boss was Fenrus the Devourer. This was another Boss that also really liked dropping White Wolf Fangs.

"Dreamy, do you want a Wolf pet?" Lu Li asked.

Previously, he was here alone, but he had a team this time. With Remnant Dream here, the dream of getting a Wolf pet could become a reality. An Instance Dungeon Wolf as a pet was very strong; it was one of the Hunter’s best pets.

However, the difficulty of taming a pet wolf in Nightmare Difficulty was much higher than taming it at Elite difficulty.