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Chapter 534: Bye Arugal

Chapter 534: Bye Arugal
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There were several ways that a hunter could receive an exquisite pet.

The first was by capturing it, which referred to a Hunter taming a monster in the wild. However, the strength of the pet greatly varied when using this method. Some pets were stronger than Elite monsters, while others couldn’t even compare with regular monsters.

The second method was by completing a quest. Hunter quests had a chance of rewarding exquisite pets, but the odds were usually quite small. A pet that was the same level and strength as an elite monster was already quite difficult to come by.

The last method was through an Instance Dungeon.

When Fenrus the Devourer split into two wolves, a Hunter could capture one of them.

Of course, all the of outcomes were based purely on luck. It was necessarily the case that a Boss would become an exquisite pet. In reality, most pets were more decorative than they were useful. There were also three measurements for determining whether a pet was good.

In Dawn, these measurements were the pet’s Defence, Attack and Skills.

Of course, for the players who really liked cute pets, their three measurements were cuteness, more cuteness and super-duper cuteness!

When Lu Li asked whether she wanted a wolf pet, Remnant Dream shook her head as her eyebrows furled.

"It so ugly; I would be ashamed to take it outside."

"Psht," Lu Li snorted as he rubbed her head, "You can just summon it if someone is trying to kill you. It has a strong area-of-effect skill called Everyone Hit Me. It forces everyone to attack it instead of you, giving you time to run away."

On that same vein, Hunters could have multiple pets, but could only summon one at a time. The speed at which a hunter swapped pets depended on their skill.

"Okay, that sounds good," the petty little hunter reluctantly agreed.

The Devourer wasn’t difficult to kill and with everyone here, it was really just a joke. Even its strongest bleed skill didn’t help.

In the second phase when it split into two wolves, Lu Li told everyone to slow their damage output.

The two wolves that it split into were its two sons – the mythical Hati and Skoll. Hati was a small white wolf that chased the moon, while Skoll was a small golden wolf that chased the sun.

Remnant Dream hesitated for a moment before decisively choosing the more adorable Hati.

Skoll’s attack was higher, but Lu Li didn’t stop her. Everyone had their own way of playing games and from a cuteness point of view, Hati was the one to go for.

Remnant Dream cast Tame Beast onto Hati again and again.

Hachi Chan stood as far away as she could; she was going insane as she watched the skill being used.

Players couldn’t be captured as a pet, but in a virtual environment, it still made a Non-Human-form Druid feel drowsy.

Eventually, the Tame Beast succeeded and Hati turned white and vanished.

The orphaned Skoll didn’t last much longer. After losing a certain amount of HP, it transformed into back into the Giant Wolf state. However, as Fenrus had lost one half of itself, it was significantly weaker and was quickly killed.

It dropped a level 30 Silver equipment that had average attributes, but it wasn’t suitable for anyone.

The other item it dropped was a Rare Material. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a White Wolf Fang and wasn’t worth much money.

The next Boss was another wolf – Wolf Master Nandos. It was much stronger than Fenrus but it didn’t have as many attack patterns. As such, it couldn’t escape the hands of Lu Li and the others.

When this Boss fell, it dropped a level 30 Silver Wolf Master Cloak. It was quite similar to what Lu Li had, so it was given to March Rain.

After defeating the Wolf Master, they finally arrived at Arugal.

Lu Li and the others had placed all of their expectations about the Shadowfang Keep onto this guy.

The Rare Material, Glutton Shackle, had a certain probability of dropping from Arugal. This probability was likely increased due to the Nightmare difficulty.

There was also the Book of Ur; this upgradeable item was almost legendary. Lu Li didn’t have much hope in obtaining, but he couldn’t help but wait in anticipation.

If he had the Book of Ur, he would be safer when exploring more dangerous places.

The Book of Ur could summon three Giant Wolves. One was a high-attack wolf that only had 1000HP. It had a heinously low Defence, but its attacks were not much weaker than that of an ordinary Boss.

There was also a high-defense wolf which was extremely tanky. Even Lu Li’s group of ten players couldn’t hope to defeat it in less than half an hour.

Conversely, this one didn’t have much combat-effectiveness.

The last one was more balanced, with decent attack and defense. It was a useful help to solo players, but could only be summoned once a day. It also only lasted for 5 minutes at a time, but it could still be very effective.

Additionally, the Book of Ur could also transform him into a Worgen.

This was not a simple transformation, but it gave him other bonuses like Attack, Defence, HP and Speed, based on his own attributes.

Even if it only lasted for 10 seconds, it was more than enough time for Lu Li to defeat anyone.

Of course, the probability of the Book of Ur dropping was very low, even with Arugal on Nightmare difficulty. He was a level 35 monster with 160,000HP, which was an unusually high amount for a Mage Boss.

"How are we gonna fight it?" Azure Sea Breeze asked.

"Main Tank pulls it, Healer heals and everyone else deals damage," Lu Li said as he rolled his eyes. They really thought that he knew everything.

Although Arugal was only generated for this Instance Dungeon, he was a famous figure in Dawn’s history. There was no good strategy to deal with him and even in Lu Li’s past life, there were few players who could beat it.

Private Instance Dungeons weren’t like Public Instance Dungeons where you could keep trying.

After failing three times, the Instance Dungeon scroll would vanish and you wouldn’t be able to revisit it.

Azure Sea Breeze looked solemn but still charged ahead. Lu Li not having a special strategy was a testament to the fact that this was going to be a difficult Boss.

"Sniff… I can smell strangers," Arugal muttered as he lowered a test tube and turned around.

He had a creepy laugh that was typical of a villain.

"Smell yourself!" Azure Sea Breeze yelled as he smashed him with his shield and rudely began the battle with the final Boss of Shadowfang Keep.

"Ignorant mortals. Soon, you will be crawling before my feet and I will turn you into little baby wolves – the most perfect creatures in the world." Arugal was just spouting nonsense as he fought.

Lu Li jumped up and kicked him in the abdomen.

The skill that he was channeling was suddenly cancelled and exploded. Lu Li was definitely pleased with himself when this happened. Arugal was a high-level monster with high-level skills, but this made interrupting them even more effective.