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Chapter 536: Little Liar

Chapter 536: Little Liar
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"I’m so tired I don’t even want to move." After the fight, Azure Sea Breeze sat onto the dirty ground with a sigh.

The others also felt a similar way; only Remnant Dream went up to loot the body.

The battle had lasted a long time because they had restrained their DPS to avoid being transformed into a Worgen. Although they ultimately didn’t lose anyone, they were all physically and mentally exhausted.

"Do you guys think Arugal was wrong?" Lonesome Flower asked quietly.

Everyone was a little surprised at his question.

Lonesome Flower wasn’t someone who said much; he would usually quietly stand by his sister, looking like a servant.

"Woah, Flower, you actually asked such a deep question!" Azure Sea Breeze laughed.

Lonesome Flower didn’t laugh, but continued asking, "Where is Dalaran? Now that it has been destroyed, are there still Kirin Tor Mages there?"

Some players in the Xin Xin Mercenary Group had developed the habit of reading as Lu Li had attributed all of his extraordinary strategies to these books.

Lonesome Flower was quite an eccentric person; he spent most of his leisure time reading. Many taverns had books to read and with the increasing number of big cities, there was also an increasing pool of books to choose from.

To him, the Kirin Tor Mages were the final authority on magic.

"If you go to the Stormwind library, you can find a book called ‘Roland’s Notes’. That book describes the events you’re talking about," Lu Li recalled before explaining, "Dalaran was the capital of magic, but it was captured by Arthas and Kel’Thuzad. However, the mages did not give up on the city and used powerful magic to make it float into the sky. Now, they continue to hold off foreign enemies from that town."

"Is it a small camp?" Lonesome Flower asked.

"Uh… probably…" Lu Li wasn’t sure. His previous profession was a Druid and he was interested in Thieves, so his memory was selective in what was remembered.

He didn’t know much about the Mage profession.

Dalaran was a mysterious, magical paradise, but Lu Li didn’t know how to get there.

"I have decided to go to the Kirin Tor camp," Lonesome Flower said with a rare look of determination. The magic that these mages wielded gave him a strong interest in finding out more.

Arugal’s insistence had touched Lonesome Flower’s hesitant heart.

He even admired Arugal’s ability to mix monsters of different races. He could imagine Arugal as the servant of some Dalaran Mage a long time ago, perhaps even the servant of the Grand Mage Ur, who was researching Worgens.

He could imagine Arugal holding onto the magical materials he had bought and walking through the alchemy wing of Dalaran. While walking, he could see the spotless portraits of various High Mages which spoke of their numerous achievements. As he did this, Arugal probably made up his mind about no longer living a humble life.

He was going to live life to the fullest, not ignoring any truths!

These were just the thought of an ordinary person. Many others would have had the same ideas that faded away over time. Arugal, on the other hand, was unwilling to live ordinarily, so he persevered and struggled for what he believed in.

"You can go to Theramore in Theramore’s Fall and do the quests there. Gain some reputation there and see if you can contact Jaina," Lu Li suggested. "She is probably the current spokesperson of Kirin Tor."

With regards to Mage NPCs, Lu Li preferred Aegwynn.

Unfortunately, Aegwynn was already dead and her son Medivh was living a rather peculiar life.

"Hey, do you guys not care about the equipment? I’m about to loot it." Remnant Dream had been squatting over the body, drawing circles on the ground.

When the little girl was looting, no one was allowed to talk because she needed to focus. The anticipation that everyone felt while watching also made her feel a great sense of accomplishment.

"Loot away. If you can find something good, I’ll reward you," Lu Li offered as he waited in anticipation.

"Liars are dogs," Remnant Dream said as she looked at Lu Li with some skepticism.

"Who offended you? Dammit, just get on with it." Lu Li wished he had a whip in hand.

"Pressuring children to do things…" Remnant Dream muttered before squatting before the Boss.

She groped around for a moment before taking out an item and saying, "The Book of Ur…"

"Really?" Lu Li immediately jumped up.

"Haha, I got you," Remnant Dream laughed as she triumphantly shook the item in her hand. "It was the ‘Mirror Image’ skill book; it looks pretty similar. Flower big bro, you owe me a prize…"

Lonesome Flower was quite satisfied with this skill and threw her five gold coins.

Remnant Dream was the poorest member of the team. She didn’t like participating in competitions, but she still had to support a large group of pets. These pets ate a lot every day and were a heavy burden, so the other members would often try to support her.

Mirror Image was a Mage ability that at level 1, could summon a clone of the caster. This clone could cast spells and attack, had 20% of the caster’s attack power and lasted for 14 seconds.

It was regarded as a very good skill and was rightly dropped at the Nightmare difficulty of Shadowfang Keep.

However, Lu Li was quite irritated. He couldn’t wait to bully Remnant Dream some more; she was lucky that he didn’t hit girls. For a moment, he actually believed that the Book of Ur had been dropped.

After a bit of laughter, the little hunter continued looting.

"The Book of Ur!" Remnant Dream’s eyes widened as Lu Li glared angrily at her. She then leaned back and laughed, only to reveal that it was just a Rare Material. It wasn’t even the Glutton Shackle that Lu Li had been looking forward to.

Magic Soul Fragments were used to create Mage equipment and were very valuable.

Although Lu Li’s mind was occupied with the Book of Ur, he didn’t look down on this item that was worth 100-200 gold. This little hunter really needed a beating and Lu Li really wanted to be the one to do it.

"Well, it’s the Book of Ur," Remnant Dream called out again for the third time.

Lu Li suddenly stormed over. This girl needed to be disciplined; this was too much. She had heard Lu Li say that this item was exquisite, but she probably didn’t understand how good it really was.

"Hey, what are you doing?" The little hunter saw Lu Li walking towards her and started screaming while hiding behind the others.

"Don’t run, I need to teach you some discipline. It’s not good for a child to lie."

Lu Li chased her while considering what her parents would think if he caught her.

Seeing this cat and mouse situation play out, everyone else thought it was just a joke.