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Chapter 537: Lucky Hands

Chapter 537: Lucky Hands
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Of course, Lu Li wasn’t really going to hurt her, or else he would be able to catch the little liar easily with his movement speed.

"Alright, stop it. This is inappropriate," Wandering said in a lazy tone.

The real reason for this was probably because he wanted to sleep. He had been leveling well lately and was already LV 34 with half an EXP bar. He was a higher level than Hachi Chan and Remnant Dream, so he could afford to slack off again.

He spent time sleeping outside of the game, sleeping inside the game and he liked to sleep in places with beautiful scenery.

It was quite special for him to be able to sleep all day, but still keep his level with the others. Lu Li decided to be nice and let Remnant Dream off this time.

"But…this really is The Book of Ur!" Remnant Dream was speechless.

"Alright, quit playing. Let’s hurry and divide the equipment. We have to compete in the competition tomorrow, so we should all rest up early." The time was getting late and Lu Li planned to visit his sister after he logged off.

"You guys..." Remnant Dream was furious. She pouted her lips as she shared the attributes of the equipment.

The Book of Ur (Gold): All attributes +15, Critical Strike +10%. Special Effect 1: Summon a giant wolf, lasts for five minutes, cooldown 24 hours. Special Effect 2: Worgen Transformation, instant cast, transform into a Worgen, lasts for ten seconds, cooldown 24 hours. Level Requirement 35, Durability 120/120.

There were two rows of small text underneath.

The first row wrote: We’re all real lives. There’s no reason for us to be ignored.

The second row wrote: Upgradable (1/3), number of kills (0/50000 same or higher-level monsters as the owner).

Lu Li stared blankly at the equipment in Remnant Dream’s hands; he didn’t even notice how dumb he looked. After he had been disappointed multiple times, it was hard to describe how he felt when he finally saw the equipment that he wanted.

The Book of Ur wasn’t as great as his Supreme Ring; they were two items on two entirely different levels.

It wasn’t even as good as Archeus. After all, Archeus was a weapon and its attributes were godlike. The Book of Ur was an accessory; it wasn’t one of the main equips.

The five-minute summon of the giant wolf wasn’t much use for average players.

Although players could grow stronger when they transformed into a Worgen, this only lasted for ten seconds. What could you do with such little time? Most players wouldn’t be able to accomplish much with the special effect.

As for the all attributes +15, most players would prefer attributes that actually mattered to them, for example, Agility +20.

It was only the Critical Strike +10% attribute that didn’t make the item look too bad.

"Hmm, Dreamy, this is fifty gold coins. Go and treat yourself." Lu Li finally came back to his senses. He bent his back and patted the little Hunter’s head.

"Hmph, no." Remnant Dream felt like she was being teased.

"Uhm, well, how about I’ll give you a little more? I only have 150 gold with me right now; you can have all of it. Don’t be upset." One hundred and fifty gold coins was actually quite a sum.

Lu Li really valued The Book of Ur, so he was willing to bribe the little girl with 150 gold.

This wasn’t a First Clear, and even in Nightmare mode, the chances of The Book of Ur dropping was no higher than 1 in 100,000 chances. Even in his previous life, he had barely heard anything about The Book of Ur.

Remnant Dream’s hands were very lucky indeed; plenty of the good items from their team had been looted by her.

Should she continue to be upset, or should she accept the "bribe"?

The little hunter hesitated for about three seconds and made up her mind.

"Lu Li, you can’t be mad at me next time."

"Of course not. Extra love to our little lucky hands in the future," Lu Li said, trying to make it up to her.

The Book of Ur wasn’t so important for the others, since none of them enjoyed going on adventures alone. Even Hachi Chan wasn’t interested.

As such, Lu Li distributed the item to himself.

The Book of Ur was easier to level up than Archeus, as it didn’t require Undead or Elite monsters. It even reduced the number of monsters required by half.

This item would only take Lu Li about a dozen days to upgrade.

An upgraded Gold item would become a Dark Gold item. If Dark Gold items were upgraded again, they would become Legendary equipment. All of this was only a matter of time.

Their dungeon trip had ended perfectly; the only let down was that he was still missing his Glutton Shackle. He could only hope that Square Root 3 and Shen Wansan would be able to find it in the markets.

After Lu Li went offline, he returned to his sister’s side.

Even if there was a glass wall between them and he could only watch her quietly, he felt at peace.

In the past, this would be his bed time by now, but he found it hard to sleep well over these past few days. He only rested through the light sleep mode that the gaming device placed him in.

"What are you looking at?" Willow asked as she sat beside Lu Li.

"Xin Xin is sleeping quietly. This means that she’s recovering well, right?" This was the explanation that the doctors had given him. They said that if the patient remained in good condition during the adaption phase, it would be better over the long run.

The compatibility level was high and he had found the best surgeon in the world for her too.

Based on the comments from the experts, this was the most successful surgery performed within the recent few years. If it wasn’t for the fact that the family member was too cautious, Xin Xin could have been moved to the care ward by now.

The price of an isolation ward wasn’t cheap; it was hard to imagine how the poor siblings could afford all this.

"Yup." Willow nodded, then she shook her head and said, "You should go and rest. I’ll keep an eye out; the nurses are here too. Even if the nurses aren’t paying attention, I’ll be here to watch."

People were on watch 24 hours a day in the ward, and even if anything was to happen to the staff, the three female landlords would be watching from outside.

However, Lu Li just couldn’t feel secure about it. Every time he left the game, he would come here to keep an eye out.

During gaming time, players were put to light sleep. Theoretically, playing Dawn could replace a certain portion of one’s sleep time. However, Lu Li wasn’t an average player – he was a competitor and a dungeon commander.

He spent more energy in his gaming time compared to other players.

"I’ll feel better if I sit here and watch; I can’t sleep anyway," Lu Li said as he shook his head.

Willow couldn’t do much about this; she could only call someone to send over some healthy food. Lu Li knew that he had to look after his body, so he didn’t decline the offer.

While they were offline, Square Root 3 had come from Gangnam city. He didn’t enter the ward, but just stood outside and looked at Lu Xin for a bit.

The bubbly girl wasn’t weakly lying on the hospital bed.

He felt more understanding towards Lu Li as he sighed, "The match tomorrow – if you don’t want to participate, then don’t worry about it."

After he arrived, he found that Lu Li actually wasn’t resting well and that he was under a lot of mental pressure.

"It’s fine, you have to believe me," Lu Li said as he smiled calmly, but his eyes never left his sister who rested on the other side of the glass.

"I can’t force you to do anything, but I just hope that you get more rest. It wouldn’t be good if Lu Xin got better and you tired yourself out instead," Square Root 3 said as he patted Lu Li’s shoulders. "I’ve finally realized, the victory of the match doesn’t really matter. What’s most important is our journey from here onwards…"

These words weren’t just words of comfort for himself; they were also to reduce the pressure on Lu Li’s back.

"We’ll win." Lu Li looked at him, his voice soft but determined.