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Chapter 541: Water Fairy’s Quest

Chapter 541: Water Fairy’s Quest
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After defeating and eliminating Azure Guard, Lu Li did not go back to levelling.

Their last match against Unforgettable Maple was relatively effortless because all he had to do was to execute his plan at the right time. However, this match was much more different; his duel against Floral Paralysis lasted around a minute or two. The time wasted was extremely crucial and could be the difference between a win or a loss.

In a PVP duel between two top-level Thieves, there was no room for mistakes. His recent lack of sleep and anxiety had finally caught up to him during the match, exposing his weaknesses and mistakes.

Lu Li decided to catch up on some sleep in the comfort of his home in Danassus because he had another match in the afternoon. Their opponent had yet to be decided, but if they were up against Peerless City, Lu Li had to ensure that he was at his optimal condition.

Water Fairy was the one that woke him up.

There were settings that allowed close friends to wake him up at any time. Besides his old friends in Ruling Sword, only Square Root Three and Water Fairy had such privileges.

Lu Li felt a slight headache and was considering whether he should ignore her or not.

Do you think good looking people can do whatever they please? What if waking him up affected his condition for the match this afternoon? How would she compensate for this? This would be a problem that could only be resolved by gold.

"Lu Li, are all the quests in Assassin League this hard?" Her voice sounded like she was about to cry. It was very rare for Water Fairy to reveal her vulnerable side, which made it hard to get mad at her.

"Oh yeah, what’s your quest?" Lu Li had just remembered the quests.

"They want me to go solo-kill a level 35 boss called Ripscale, the River Crocodile boss in the Dustwallow Marsh Wetlands. It has to be soloed as well…Why? Why did I receive such a hard quest? I’ve already died twice today because of this. I tried fighting the boss in different terrains, but it makes no difference at all." Water Fairy was usually elegant and graceful, but today, she sounded like an annoying old lady.

Lu Li could almost imagine the expression on her face.

Even though she had asked a healer to hide nearby so that she could be revived as soon as she was killed, she still couldn’t defeat the boss and her EXP had dropped significantly.

"Am I doing this wrong somehow? If an NPC gives out a quest, it must be possible to complete, right?" Water Fairy asked while panting.

"What makes you think that?" As Lu Li lay on his bed, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Oi, a game is designed so that players can progress. How can they create a quest that’s impossible to complete?" Water Fairy yelled. "What are you doing now? Why do I hear weird noises?"

"Uh… I was sleeping before and was woken up by you," Lu Li said, holding back his anger.

He had finally been able to force himself to fall asleep and was abruptly woken up by her after an hour in game. He felt even more tired now.

"Why are you sleeping in broad daylight? What’s your quest by the way?" Water Fairy asked.

"I had to kill a boss as well," Lu Li said, half asleep. Falling asleep to Water Fairy’s nice voice would be quite therapeutic, if only she wasn’t complaining and angry.

"So you haven’t completed it either then? What happens if you don’t complete it?" Water Fairy asked.

Soloing a boss was quite a difficult feat for normal players.

"Who said? I’ve already completed the quest and it was a level 40 boss as well."

Because he was half asleep, he had forgotten that he was trying to stay lowkey.

"That’s impossible!" Water Fairy screamed.

How was it possible that Lu Li had been able to defeat a LV 40 boss while she struggled with a LV 35 one?!

"Stop being so competitive ok? Girls should be well behaved and have good manners." This was Lu Li’s approach to educating his little sister. He was responsible for earning money and taking care of the family, while Lu Xin was responsible for being cute and adorable.

Water Fairy had to breath slowly to restrain herself from killing Lu Li.

The female lion stomped the grasslands in anger when she heard Lu Li’s comment. The Elite groups from Drizzling Court also heard Lu Li and waited for him to experience the wrath of their older sister boss.

This was Lu Li’s lucky day because Water Fairy managed to restrain herself from exploding.

If there was one person in the world that could help her, it was this annoying guy. Without her realising, she had developed a deep sense of trust towards Lu Li.

"Big pro, how did you kill the boss? Can you tell me please?" Water Fairy tried extremely hard to sound gentle and well-mannered.

Since she asked nicely, Lu Li decided to explain to her his experience with the quest step by step.

However, because he was still half-asleep, he left out many details and the explanation was messy and hard to understand. However, her main takeaway was that Lu Li had employed the help of a NPC.

"Where can I find NPCs to help me in Dustwallow Marsh Wetlands? Lu Li, can you help me complete the quest?" Water Fairy asked embarrassingly.

Her voice was soft like a feather, tickling Lu Li’s ears. He felt a sense of numbness in his ears, making him even more sleepy.

Lu Li was about to fall asleep but tried hard to come up with a solution for Water Fairy.

"Send some players to lure some guards from the Northern Output. Remember the one we went to together?"

"Those guards are so weak; I don’t think they can defeat the boss," Water Fairy said.

River Crocodile Ripscale was actually a Lv45 boss. However, it had recently suffered some injuries and dropped to Lv35. This was why the Assassin League had given her a quest called "Hit him while he’s down".

"Yes, I know, but this is part of the quest," Lu Li said, then closed his eyes and continued, "Then go find Azure Sea Breeze and ask for something called a Bloodstained Badge. Take this to the coastlines of Rattan City, head south and you’ll find a little house…’

Water Fairy felt like she was listening to a bedtime story, but she had complete trust in Lu Li.

"If the old mage sees the Bloodstained Badge, then talk to him and ask for a letter of recommendation. This way, Jaina will be more inclined to help you. However, if the old mage isn’t there, then you’ll have to go straight to Jaina and test out your luck. Oh yeah, what’s your quest time limit?"

"Three days. I must complete this by tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise, I fail," Water Fairy said miserably.

"Then go as soon as possible. You can only pray that Jaina helps you, because there is no one strong enough at Dustwallow Marsh Wetlands besides her." Lu Li provided her with as much information as possible. Since it was a solo quest, this was the most he could do to help her.

"What’s your relationship with the old mage?" Water Fairy was curious as to how Lu Li had met such a mysterious Mage.

"Medivh – he taught me the Crow Transformation skill. You should be respectful to him because he’s powerful beyond our imagination." Lu Li reminded her, hoping that she would behave herself when meeting Medivh.

In Dawn, whether she could meet such a legendary character or not was based on pure luck.