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Chapter 542: Dark Circles

Chapter 542: Dark Circles
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Water Fairy went about her way merrily and Lu Li went back to sleep.

By the time Square Root Three contacted him, his days of fatigue had disappeared. Before this, his lack of sleep made his body feel slow and unresponsive.

When he woke up, he went into his sister’s room.

There was some makeup on her table that Lu Xin had bought from other players for cosplaying.

Lu Li had an urge to put on some makeup. There had to be someone that liked this look.

"Our next match is Majin Temple; they managed to pull off a massive comeback this morning and defeated Gale Legion," Square Root Three laughed bitterly.

"Tsk, there’s going to be some rivalry between our guilds," Lu Li sighed.

In the Magic Cup alone, Ruling Sword and Majin Temple has faced off three times already. Each match was an important decider match as well.

In the first match, Majin Temple had lost to Ruling Sword, ending their winning streak in this tournament.

In the second match, Majin Temple had lost again and was almost eliminated from the Quarter-Finals.

If they lost the third match, they wouldn’t qualify for the semi-finals.

"Poor guy." Lu Li felt sorry for the famous Unforgettable Maple who had already establish his name as one of the top shot callers. He probably had nightmares about Lu Li at this point.

"Don’t underestimate Majin; all their players are famous star players as well." Square Root Three wasn’t sure whether he should feel happy or sad.

Majin Temple’s only losses were against Ruling Sword. Their team was very formidable, and they had even managed to defeat Gale Legion.

Gale Legion was consisted of Gaze, Cloudy Left, Wendelian and three rookie players. Despite their solid lineup, Unforgettable Maple had an excellent performance, completely outplaying them and killing Gaze right in front of Cloudy Leaf.

"Don’t worry, we can deal with Majin Temple. Oh yeah, who’s up against Peerless City?" Lu Li asked.

"Gangnam Royals…" Square Root Three answered.

"Interesting, a match-up between different generations of top guilds. What was the outcome?" Lu Li laughed.

He despised Gangnam Royals and looked down upon them because of their past differences and disagreements.

"Gangnam Royals lost convincingly and were immediately eliminated from the competition. I predict that Gangnam Royals won’t be able to secure their No.2 ranking and might drop below the Top 5. Heart of War is too arrogant. He managed to ruin such an established guild in a couple of years. I doubt he would be able to stay as the Guild Leader…" Square Root Three rambled on about Heart of War’s incompetence.

Lu Li did not tell him, but he knew that Heart of War would continue to stay as the Guild Leader.

The gaming society wasn’t as simple as it seemed. There were many factors that contributed to Gangnam Royals’ regression. Even though Heart of War was incompetent, he was able to push the blames onto others and convince their sponsors to continue supporting him as their guild leader.

Lu Li knew that Old Man Power was going to carry all the blame this time

This drove him to quit the guild and join Blood Red War Flag.

In order to fit in with his new team, he switched Specializations from a Restoration Druid to a DPS druid. Although he wasn’t the top player in the game, he made a name for himself amongst the Druid community.

Lu Li had played Druid in his past life and read many guides that were written by him.

"How many teams are left?" Lu Li asked.

"We eliminated Azure Guard, Peerless City eliminated Gangnam Royals, Seventh Heaven eliminated Blue Universe and Gale Legion lost to Majin Temple. However, Gale Legion has enough points to prevent them from being eliminated. The remaining teams in order of points collected is currently Peerless City, Gale Legion, Seventh Heaven, Majin Temple and us," Square Root Three explained.

Peerless City had yet to lose a single match, so they ranked first in points. Gale Legion and Seventh Heaven had both lost a single match. Ruling Sword and Majin Temple were the only teams with two losses.

As such, there were five teams that would want to qualify for the semi-finals.

In other words, the match between Ruling Swords and Majin Temple was a must win.

"Everyone’s here already?" When Lu Li had arrived, the other starters were already waiting for him. His chilled and relaxed attitude contrasted with his teammates’ intensity and concentration.

"Sorry, if it weren’t for my screw-ups, we wouldn’t have to play this match," Fat Monkey apologized guiltily.

The champions of the Shadow Cup, having to crawl their way into the semi-finals and barely making it to the quarter finals….

This was quite embarrassing, and many of the Ruling Swords fans were were directing the blame to the rookie Fat Monkey on the community forums.

They thought that it his extreme and risky playstyle that had caused the ‘Lu Li-less Ruling Sword" to fall.

In reality, there were no reasons for them to have lost those matches because their opponents were relatively weak.

"Monkey, what are you talking about?" Lu Li was between laughter and tears, interrupting his self-criticism. He then said in a joking tone, "Do you not know who our opponent is? It’s crazy girl; we completely counter them…"

"Who’s sorry?"

Lu Li turned around to see Unforgettable Maple’s dark face right in front of him and laughed, "Oh, what a coincidence! Are you guys about to enter as well?"

"Look at your dark circles," Unforgettable Maple laughed coldly. "Winning with cunning strategies and cheap shots is unreliable. I’m not as dumb as Floral Paralysis, so don’t think you can trick me so easily."

"Same goes for you. My relationship with Floral Paralysis is pretty good. So what if I tricked him?" Lu Li had a face of innocence.

"How long has it been since you’ve had proper rest? If your performance is going to be as bad as this morning, then I suggest that you come of the bench as a sub," Unforgettable Maple mocked him as he led his teammates into the arena.

As he walked away, he continued to stare at Lu Li.

"Crazy sister…" a confused teammate began to say.

"Sister, sister your ass." Unforgettable Maple was furious and threw a punch towards him. Did they all call him crazy sister behind his back? He even treated them so well.

"Brother Fong, Brother Fong, my bad." The poor guy had made a simple mistake but was beaten up for it.

"Go on, what did you want to ask?" Unforgettable Maple felt refreshed after he punched him a couple times.

"Why do you always stare at Lu Li’s face….? Brother Fong, I’m not trying to suggest anything." The teammate shrivelled up when he received a cold stare from Unforgettable Maple.

"His eyes were really dark," Unforgettable Maple said with a mysterious tone.

The same conversation was happening over within the Xin Xin Mercenary group.

"Big boss, your dark circles are pretty bad," Sakura Memories said worriedly.

"It’s worse than this morning," March Rain agreed. She hesitated but then asked, "Should you sit this match out?"

The others were worried as well. The game had created the perfect facial details for Lu Li – pale face, lifeless eyes and extremely dark eye bags.

"Sh, I’m tricking them," Lu Li laughed with a wink.