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Chapter 543: Everyone Has Their Own Plans

Chapter 543: Everyone Has Their Own Plans
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Lu Li didn’t make meticulous plans like Unforgettable Maple. When he got up, he didn’t know who his opponent was and when he found out, he made a tired gesture.

He was familiar with this player and already knew where his strengths lied.

Unforgettable Maple was very meticulous and liked to take advantage of every opportunity. Sorrowless had suffered at his hands because of this. In the morning that Lu Li worked with Gale Legion, they had relied on this trait of his to win.

From one perspective, this was a strength, but from another, this was also a weakness.

After waking up, he played with his sister who put some make up on him. She added dark circles, disguising him with a tired complexion, and Lu Li almost believed it himself.

However, Unforgettable Maple wasn’t fooled.

These details were a small part of his calculations. After all, victory would stem from true strength.

The map this time was quite fair. It wasn’t too large and the players could see the other side. There wasn’t too much cover in the middle; there was just a river and a bridge over it.

There weren’t many rules for the fight within Dawn; all the players had to do was confirm the match.

Attacks from a higher position dealt more damage while attacks from a lower position were easier to miss.

"Take the bridge area," Lu Li ordered the moment the match began.

Unforgettable Maple instantly understood the features of the map. Both teams were rushing to get to the middle of the map.

However, it was Fat Monkey who got there first as his shoes were very good. Not only did they give him two flashes, but they also provided a speed buff which lasted for quite a long time. The moment he arrived, he immediately climbed onto the bridge.

"Fall back Monkey." Lu Li hadn’t used any speed buffs, so he fell behind, but he was shocked to see that Fat Monkey was so aggressive.

By the time he heard this order, Fat Monkey was trading skills with his opponents. He was standing on the bridge so confidently that he looked like he was going to take them all on. Unfortunately, as the rest of the team started arriving, he had no choice but to fall back.

The two teams stood by the respective ends of the bridge across from each other.

Under the bridge was a river ditch, but no one wanted to go there as it would place them in a lower position.

"Everyone, take a moment to recover. Lighty, cast your damage reduction skills, then a rotation of skills and jump into the river." Lu Li had seen countless matches in his past life, so he knew how to fight on this map.

"Alright." This was Moonlight, a man of few words and one who never questioned his instructions.

"Monkey, you can attack from behind, but never completely cross the bridge. Be ready to retreat if necessary. That goes for you too, March Rain. I will look for an opportunity to cross; you all be careful," Lu Li said.

Moonlight prepared himself for a moment while everyone got into formation behind him.

Unforgettable Maple was immediately cautious and arranged for his players to stand in position, putting a Paladin on the side to intercept Moonlight.

"3, 2, 1…" Lu Li started counting down on the channel.

The moment he finished, he immediately used his shoes’ effect and appeared behind the Paladin before casting Sap.

The Paladin took a while and by the time he had removed the Sap with his badge, Moonlight had already run into them and cast Trample, followed by Whirlwind.

Although the Paladin also had Plate Armor, he still wanted to avoid those attacks and pounced onto Fat Monkey.

This interrupted Fat Monkey’s attack. Of course, he didn’t like that and lifted his Magic Staff to cast Frost Nova. This Paladin had already used his badge and still dared to run at him.

The Paladin was frozen in place, but he quickly freed himself and smashed Fat Monkey on the forehead with a hammer, stunning him.

Lu Li had now gotten to the rear of Majin Temple. His goal was to Cheap Shot their healer and then cast a rotation of his skills.

However, at this level, it was impossible to win with just one rotation of skills.

Lu Li had initially wanted Fat Monkey or Moonlight to help him, but after glancing back at his teammates’ situation, he put that thought out of his mind.

When Moonlight had finished casting Whirlwind, he jumped into the river and didn’t continue attacking his victims. This prompted Fat Monkey to fall back, resulting in the clean retreat of Ruling Sword.

"They’re gone." After being hit by a sudden attack, there was still a lingering fear among the Majin Temple players.

"That’s not necessarily true."

Unforgettable Maple looked at Moonlight climbing out of the ditch on the other side and gave up on his plan to rush through the river. He then turned to look at the miserably beaten up players around him and advised, "Lu Li may not have returned yet, but he is no longer at full HP. Everyone be careful."

Lu Li was hiding behind them, not far away. He only had a bit more than 50% HP.

This wasn’t too critical of a situation. Although he couldn’t take potions because of the tournament rules, there was nothing wrong with entering a state that improved regeneration.

"We both still have so many players…" said the healer who had been previously attacked by Lu Li.

As the chatter subsided, the healer felt a wind behind his head.

"Hey, you’re acting like I don’t exist," Unforgettable Maple called out as he turned and fired an ice bolt at him. As the ice exploded on Lu Li’s body, he casted Gale Steps and vanished.

It hadn’t even been that long and he was attacking again. It was the same target too.

Majin Temple’s players already knew that they were attacking from both sides, so they had been carefully paying attention. This made Lu Li’s attack futile once again.

"What is he doing?" After being attacked again, the healer patted his chest in fear.

There were five players on this side; it was ridiculous for him to think that he could kill someone.

"I’m going to kill him; you guys stay here. If anyone rushes over, immediately attack them. Just make sure you don’t cross."

Unforgettable Maple thought for a moment decided not to let Lu Li harass them.

This kind of harassment was would take a toll on the players.

The team on this side was on high alert, as if they were still fully engaged in a fight. Lu Li just needed to stall until his team’s cooldowns were back up.

He felt like Lu Li was trying to slowly wear them down with one attack after another.

Unforgettable Maple walked out from his own team, planning to fight Lu Li. This would be a Thief’s best chance to attack a Mage.

He and Lu Li had fought a 1v1 before during the Shadow Cup, but because of the difference in equipment and levels, he had lost that time. However, this was different – Lu Li was only on half HP and he seemed to be in a bad way.

Yes, Unforgettable Maple even treated Lu Li’s dark circles as a weakness.

Now that he had finally come out, Lu Li’s efforts had not been in vain. When Lu Li saw him moving, he immediately started tailing him.

The two commentators in the morning had been joking around so much that they had been replaced by two more experienced commentators for this match.

"Actually, Unforgettable Maple doesn’t need to do this alone," one of the commentators said conservatively.

"But he seems quite helpless. Lu Li’s harassment tactics won’t have much of an effect on competitive veterans, but now that he has successfully baited out the boss, they both need to be completely focused," the other commentator analyzed.

"Lu Li’s situation isn’t very good. He is already on half HP, so maybe Unforgettable Maple is taking that opportunity," the commentator responded.

"But then why would Lu Li allow his opponent to think that? If he just attacked Unforgettable Maple now, he would be dead. Both players have their own plans and it’s hard to say who is falling into whose trap," the other commentator disagreed.

In fact, both commentators didn’t dare to push their opinions too hard and just left the audience to decide for themselves.