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Chapter 544: An Ice Bolt That Slows

Chapter 544: An Ice Bolt That Slows
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Unforgettable Maple walked back 100 yards before stopping.

This was a carefully chosen distance. It wasn’t too close to the bridge, so they could have a proper 1 v 1, but it also wasn’t too far that if Lu Li attacked his teammates, he could go and help them.

He truly was worthy of being called a professional veteran. Lu Li gave up on his plan to attack the four other players and followed Unforgettable Maple into the space.

Unforgettable Maple lifted his hand and summoned a Water Elemental.

Not everyone had the Water Elemental skill, but most professional Ice Mages would.

The Water Elemental stretched out its arms and covered the area that Lu Li was standing on with ice. This Water Elemental had Frost Nova; it was truly luxurious and could only be afforded by Majin Temple.

Most Mages didn’t even have Frost Nova. Not only did Unforgettable Maple have it, but so did the Water Elemental.

As a result, Unforgettable Maple effectively had two Frost Novas.

"The level difference isn’t as big anymore, so it won’t be so one-sided this time," Unforgettable Maple said with a smile. It was hard for him to calm himself; he was glad that he found Lu Li so soon.

"There’s no pressure in playing dead, crazy girl…" Lu Li used Gale Steps before the Frostbolt could hit him.

"Crazy… girl. I hate it when people call me that. You’re dead." Unforgettable Maple’s whole body trembled as he carelessly shot another ice bolt at where Lu Li was just standing.

Of course, this was just bravado. How could a veteran be so easily angered?

In his recent years, so many people had called him crazy girl that he had long since become desensitized to it. His performance was solely to lull Lu Li into a false sense of security. This was part of Unforgettable Maple’s expertise.

It seemed like Lu Li had taken the opportunity.

"I’m not trying to bully you." Unforgettable Maple suddenly spun around and cast Cone of Cold at Lu Li with great precision.

Cone of Cold dealt 130% frost damage to a target in a cone in front of the caster. It also applied a 60% movement speed reduction for 6 seconds.

Not only could it deal a significant amount of damage, but it also significantly reduced the target’s movement.

It didn’t matter how strong any profession was if their movement speed was reduced by more than 50%. Unless you had some way to remove this debuff, you would be at the mercy of Unforgettable Maple.

Unforgettable Maple felt like a cat manipulating a mouse’s fate.

He wanted Lu Li to use up all of his escape skills and would deal the fatal blow once he did.

Lu Li took two more steps with great difficulty before being forced to use Vanish.

Vanish caused a player to disappear and enter Stealth. For the first 3 seconds after Vanish was cast, damage and other effects would not cancel Stealth. It also lifted all movement debuffs.

Another escape skill had been used, and Unforgettable Maple’s lips curled slightly.

He silently calculated where Lu Li had fled to and his initial tense heart began to slowly relax. He could even vaguely sense Lu Li’s position; he was wandering around a short distance behind him.

As Unforgettable Maple became more comfortable, the player representing Ruling Sword continued to let him feel even more comfortable.

What would Lu Li use to lift the next Frost Nova?

In that moment, Lu Li, whom he thought was still far away, appeared right behind him. Unforgettable Maple was startled, but quickly worked out what had happened.

It had to be the effect of his cloak – the Shadow Cloak. Majin Temple had two of those, but they were just level 15 equips.

Unforgettable Maple used Ice Barrier to counter Lu Li’s surprise attack. He looked coldly at Lu Li, who was unable to continue attacking him, then started thinking of ways he could finish him off.

Lu Li must have felt helpless as he backed away, as a Mage with Ice Barrier was invincible.

It looked like he just had to wait until this Ice Barrier expired.

Unforgettable Maple sneered in his heart at how Lu Li kept coming and going. He hoped that Lu Li would stay this time.

He decisively cancelled the Ice Barrier that had not yet expired and chased after Lu Li. There was no time to mess around for much longer; it was time to finish this.

He was in such a bad state and still wanted to be singled out!

Ice appeared at Lu Li’s feet as Unforgettable Maple casted another Frost Nova from his Magic Staff. He then started channeling his ultimate skills, forcing Lu Li to escape with his badge.

Lu Li’s body suddenly shrunk as he became a leopard.

Stampeding Roar!

"Dammit," Unforgettable Maple silently cursed; he had forgotten about this skill. Although the situation was unfortunate, he remained calm. Now, both he and Lu Li had one escape left, which made them evenly matched.

Lu Li then instantly approached Unforgettable Maple with the special effect on his gloves – Sudden Thrust.

Kidney Shot!

He had saved several combo points and was now using them all on Kidney Shot.

Unforgettable Maple had thought that Lu Li wasn’t feeling well. He thought that he had everything under control, until this Sudden Thrust and Kidney Shot.

Fortunately, he was still a proficient player and used the badge the moment Kidney Shot landed.

Completely unaffected by the Stun, Unforgettable Maple laughed coldly before shooting a flame at Lu Li from his left Bracer.

This Frostjet Flame was definitely no ordinary attack. Flame attacks were instant and he was so close that he didn’t have any time to react.

After being hit by the flame, Lu Li’s body went stiff which meant that this was some kind of crowd-control skill or special effect.

After being hit by two ice bolts, Lu Li eventually used his badge to cancel this state. Both players’ crowd-control and crowd-control removals were almost completely exhausted.

"I can just keep kiting you to death." Unforgettable Maple didn’t know what else Lu Li had, but he knew that his instant ice bolts had a slow effect.

The kiting that he was referring to was simply keeping a set distance and attacking from afar.

This was probably his finishing blow. Even if he couldn’t keep up the slows, it was enough to deal with Lu Li, who was already at one-third HP.

Lu Li was silent.

"You’re only asking for backup now. It’s too late, isn’t it?" Unforgettable Maple had received a notification that Ruling Sword was rushing across the bridge. Contrary to being panicked by this information, he was actually relieved.

Lu Li was soon going to be killed by him, which was why they were rushing now. Otherwise, when else would they attack? Surely not after Lu Li was dead?

"You’re so confident that you’ve won?’ Lu Li was speechless.

"Your Gale Steps, and other crowd-control removals are on cooldown. There’s no way that your Shadow Cloak is already up. You’re not even close to me," Unforgettable Maple laughed.

Just because he laughed didn’t mean he was being arrogant; his attacks didn’t stop.

The ice bolts didn’t have a cooldown; they just needed a target for him to hit. They hit their target almost instantly, but dealt less damage. Each hit only did a dozen damage to Lu Li.

Unforgettable Maple thought that he could finish him off with these slowing ice bolts.